We use potato juice, the benefits and harms of which are well studied.

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Potato is an indispensable plant product, an essential product that can be used as an essential product. Fresh potato juice, the benefit and harm of which depends on the quality of the source material, is a medicinal drink. His reception is due to some limitations on health, dosage and duration of the course.

Proper preparation and composition of potato juice

The raw material for the therapeutic drink is potatoes. It is important to find tubers that grow with a minimum of dressings and treatments during the growing season. Potato, like a sponge, absorbs from the ground, absorbs from the air the entire periodic table. Therefore it is important to use an environmentally friendly product.

The source can be your own summer cottage. For medicinal purposes, medium-sized potatoes are picked from healthy bushes. It should not have a green patina on the skin. Use potatoes starting from 2 August. This is the day of the first treat with young potatoes. In February, even in a cold cellar, potatoes lose their beneficial properties for treatment.

To ensure that potato juice does not bring harm instead of benefit, only household products are bought from summer residents on the market. In large areas, the cultivation technology is based on intensive dressings.

Why an untested product is dangerous can be understood from the chemical composition of the juice. It includes 30 elements, many of which are found in other cultivated plants extremely rarely. A complete vitamin set for group B, the presence of vitamins C, E and PP makes it possible to strengthen the body's enzyme series.

Present in:

  • amino acids;
  • potato protein tuberin;
  • phenolic substances;
  • pectins.

No single product represents such a rich composition. Elements are included in the set of easy for the assimilation of organic compounds. However, it is the complex chemical composition of potato juice that can be beneficial, and harm if used improperly.

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When cooked, some of the nutrients decompose, some go into solution or change. Therefore, the quicker the fresh juice is drunk, the more nutrients will enter the body. Another prerequisite is limited drink consumption. Substances that are beneficial to the body in small quantities, when uncontrolled use can be a poison.

It is impossible to prepare juice from frozen potatoes, from tubers with greenish skin. The cellular composition of this product contains a lot of solanine, a toxic substance. Sprouted tubers are also not suitable.

Juice for a long time is unacceptable. Juice has a harmful effect on the pancreas, possibly an imbalance of processes in the body.

The effect of potato juice on the human body.

There is no taste for raw potatoes and there is little benefit from it. Juice from the raw product is used in folk and official medicine. The use of potato juice is confirmed by official studies.

The physiological effect of the healing drink on the body is based on a large amount of starch. With problems of the gastrointestinal tract, it envelops the walls of the organs and blocks the mucous membrane from the pepsin of the gastric juice. It should be aware that the drink lowers the acidity in the digestive system.

When gastritis on the background of low acidity, you cannot take potato juice. The drink has an alkaline form, neutralizes the acid, which is not enough.

Potato juice helps with various ailments:

  • associated with various inflammatory diseases:
  • to cleanse the liver.kidney, digestive tract;
  • neutralizes toxic substances and removes from the body;
  • helps to saturate the body with minerals and vitamins.

For the treatment of potato juice, the body is prepared in advance. For 3 days you should exclude from the menu protein foods not of plant origin. The longer the term of the vegetarian diet, the more effective the result. Spicy food is incompatible with the intake of juice. Before treatment, clean the gastrointestinal tract twice with an enema. They prepare the body in the same way, and the schedule for taking the healing drink depends on the reason that prompted the use of the drink.

Before using potato juice for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to consult a doctor. There are contraindications for use, especially for patients with diabetes, problems with the function of the pancreas.

Acceptance of potato juice for various ailments

For various diseases, it is the healer who decides how to drink potato juice. He prescribes the course and the amount of drink, which is measured not by glasses, tablespoons.

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If a patient suffers from a duodenal ulcer, he is prescribed 2 courses of 10 days. Half an hour before meals you need to drink 10 tablespoons of juice. During the day, juice is used 2-3 times. During this time, the composition will create a protective film on the walls that promotes healing of the wound.2 courses are held with a break of 10 days. More juice should not be taken throughout the year.

Potato juice for pancreatitis is used in the form of a cocktail. The composition is prepared by taking 12 tablespoons of carrot and potato juice. Drinking a mixture of juices is necessary only in the morning on an empty stomach. The treatment lasts 2 courses for ten days, the rest is a decade. Secondary treatment can be repeated no earlier than after 3 months in consultation with the doctor.

Patients with hypertension receiving a healing drink is shown in the morning on an empty stomach, after waking up, for 10 days. The result will be noticeable in a few days. The body is saturated with potassium and magnesium, strengthens the heart muscle. But you can repeat the reception of juice only after 20 days, so as not to overload the other organs. Standard dosage - 10-12 spoons at a time.

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potatoes Potato juice during gastritis reduces heartburn. Lowering the acidity reduces the aggressive properties of gastric juice. Starch enveloping the walls of the esophagus and the stomach is sewn up the inflamed walls.

Juice reduces toxicosis in pregnant women. In the first trimester, it helps to cope with nausea, in the second - with heartburn, and is always a remedy for constipation. Take the juice in the morning and evening, for 7 days with a break. If the result is achieved from the first time, no need to abuse.

Juice promotes the healing and mitigation of hemorrhoids. The napkins moistened with juice are applied to the problem area for up to 3 weeks. Cracks are tightened, painful manifestations decrease.

Freshly cooked potato juice has long been the traditional healer to treat trophic ulcers and burns on the body. Potatoes are passed through a juicer or rubbed, squeezed out juice, a liquid is applied to an open wound with a swab, and a potato gruel is placed on top. The pain subsides, wounds heal quickly.

Cleanse and strengthen the body with the help of juice therapy - the decision of a person who monitors their health. It is enough once a year for 10 days in the morning on an empty stomach to drink 12 tablespoons of juice, and the effect will be noticeable on the face.

A bit of history

Potatoes, as a product, entered the culture 14 thousand years ago. The vegetable came to Europe in 1565, to Russia - in 1698.Potatoes were introduced in Russia by force, right up to riots. At first, people were poisoned by inedible balabolks, eating them. Peasants learned to use tubers only at the end of the 18th century.

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