Popular mushrooms not growing trees

Various types of fungi often appear on tree trunks and stumps. Their live or dead wood becomes a nutrient substrate for representatives of various fungal species.

Some fungi are parasites. They live at the expense of the tree - the donor, gradually expanding destroy the living tissue .Others, settling on dead wood, benefit nature: they process biological material, serve as food for birds and animals, and heal people.

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  • Which mushrooms grow on trees?
  • Blackberry coral and its features
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    • matures Similar species
    • Healing properties of blackberry coral
    • How do they eat a mushroom?

Which mushrooms grow on trees?

Microscopic and cap representatives of the biological kingdom of fungi settle on living and dead trunks and deadwood.

Mold on the trunk of a fruit tree indicates poor care and the appearance of mushrooms.

Overgrowths, molds, basal formations on the trunk or branches of the tree indicate that

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has settled on it. Among them are parasites and symbiotes. The first live at the expense of the tree-donor, destroying wood. Others create a symbiosis with a tree, receiving vital substances from it and giving the necessary ones to the tree.

The appearance of fungi on garden trees suggests poor gardening plant care. In such cases, measures must be taken to save the fruit plantations.

Wood mushrooms that live in forests, of course, destroy trees. But many of them are edible, good for human and animal health, and can be used for household needs.

The most famous of tree fungi, affecting the garden :

  • tinderbirds and their predecessors - blue-green algae on the north-western side of the trunk, the cause - thickening, poor light;
  • false tinder , "lives" on fruit trees, manifested by white heart rot;signs of damage to the stone rocks - dark streaks, dark gray and brown growths on the trunks;
  • heartwood brown rot Cherry, pear, and other fruit causes a tinder sulfur-yellow.

Some tinder are edible in the stage of milk maturity, but require preliminary heat treatment.

In addition to them, polyporous cellular and winter winter, and include:

  • oyster mushrooms;
  • plums deer;
  • row yellow-red;
  • Volvariella silky;
  • winter mushroom.
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