Description of a variety of ordinary mountain ash

Common Ashberry is loved by Russian gardeners. In the old days, was planted near houses to protect her from the evil eye. This tall, beautiful tree retains its decorative effect in all seasons of the year. It is not only decorative, but has healing properties, as well as rowan berries are used to make pastilles, jams, jams, liqueurs and tinctures. A detailed description of the characteristics of this variety of mountain ash can be found below.


  • Description ordinary rowan
  • How to grow a tree and get the fruit
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Description ordinary rowan

Rowan - a tree height of 5 meters and above. Sometimes it can reach heights of up to 20 meters. In an adult tree, the crown is 6 meters wide. It has a perfectly even trunk. Therefore, rowan wood is very often used in the joinery business .The trunk and branches are smooth, grayish shade.

Ashberry Ordinary

The beautiful leaves of the mountain ash are oblong and have an elongated shape. Single-pinnate, alternate. Thanks to the leaves, rowan is so popular in landscape design.

Rowan inflorescence - whisk. The flowers are white or gently pink. Do not have a fragrant smell.

Enters fructification for 5-7 years after planting. Stable yields from 30 years of age. Abundantly fruits every 3 years. It blooms in late May, early June. Berries appear in September. When ripe, they are red or black. The color of the berries depends on the variety of rowan .Berries are round, usually with bitterness. There are varieties of mountain ash with a sweet taste. Despite the fact that they are inferior in taste to other berries, they are useful. Due to its beneficial properties, it has been successfully used in traditional medicine.

How to grow a tree and get the fruits of


Rowan grows and develops on any soil, so growing a tree will not be difficult. It is better if the soil is wet, but not swampy. Does not like sour soil, so before planting, you need to proizvodkovkovat.

2-3 year old saplings are suitable for planting. The best season for planting is mid-autumn in warm areas. In the cold mid-September. Possible landing in the spring.

Rowan is best planted in the fall

For planting you will need:

  1. Shovel.
  2. Peg.
  3. Watering bucket.
  4. Twine.

Land for landing to prepare in advance .Dig and clean from weeds. If planting is several trees, then the distance between them is 4-5 m.

Dig a hole 80 cm deep and 50 cm wide. If the seedling has a strong root system, then the planting hole should be larger. Such that the roots fit freely in it.

To the soil that was taken out while digging the hole, add:

  1. Superphosphate 600 grams.
  2. Humus 12 kg.
  3. Potassium salt 130 grams.

Mix all components thoroughly with the ground.

Pour drainage layer at the bottom of the pit. Pebbles or coarse sand are suitable as drainage. On the drainage pour a mound of cooked land. Put a rowan sapling on it. In the center to drive a peg. Straighten the roots and cover with soil. Trample it around the stem. Water abundantly. The soil around the tree should be mulched with humus. Tie it with a string to a peg.

The root collar, after precipitation of the earth, must be at ground level.

Tree care

  1. Mountain ash is unpretentious in the care of .He likes abundant watering. Lack of moisture will retard the growth and development of the tree.
  2. Regular loosening of the soil around the stem. .Rowan gives abundant basal growth, which must be removed to avoid shrub. There is no need to leave hemp.
Breeding rowan must be removed
  1. For a better growth and development of rowan need feeding. In the spring need nitrogen fertilizers:
  • Mullein 1 kg.
  • Urea 10 grams.
  • Ammonium nitrate 15 grams.

Components diluted in 10 liters of water.

Phosphorus-potassium deposits are introduced in the autumn.

  • Nitroammofosk 20 grams.
  1. Former varieties of mountain ash require forming pruning .In the spring cut dry branches. The cut is made at an angle of 45 degrees.

Berry picking

With the gathering of the fruits of mountain ash should not be delayed. First, it is pecked by birds. Secondly, it becomes tasteless. Therefore, harvesting occurs at the end of August, beginning of September .

How Rowan Breeds

Over time, every gardener has a desire to propagate a rowan bush. After all, this decorative tree is not only beautiful, but also useful. Mountain Ash can multiply in several ways:

  1. Seeds.
  2. Buddy.
  3. Vaccination.
  4. Layering.

Seed reproduction

The most popular and simple breeding of mountain ash is seeds. For this method, the collected seeds in order for them to ascend must undergo a stratification of 3-6 months.

Seeds of mountain ash

To prepare seeds for planting , pick a handful of ripe berries from the mountain ash. Gently rub the berries, and thoroughly wash the seeds with running water. After that, pereshat with peat. Place the mixture in a container, and put in a cool place at a temperature of 1 degree.

The most suitable room for stratification of seeds is the basement.

If there is no basement, put the seed container on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Do not forget to moisturize. After the time the seeds must turn on. Now take out the tank with the seeds in the air. Dig in the snow. In the spring to plant seeds in open ground.

For planting seeds, dig up the plot .The soil should be loose and fertile. Free it from weeds. Add humus, superphosphate and potash fertilizers. Planting seeds is carried out in the grooves with a distance of 25 cm from each other. The depth of embedding into the soil is 2-3 cm. Fill it with light soil( mix humus or peat with the ground).

Thickened shoots will need to thin out. Leave 8 cm between plants.

. Further care of plants consists of:

  1. Loosening.
  2. Weeding.
  3. Feeding.
The first dressing is given to young hazel trees with the appearance of 2-3 true leaves. Make a solution of urea or ammonium nitrate. Approximately in a month the dressing should be repeated.


Sprouts ordinary rowan

Reproduction shoots are not a difficult method of reproduction. For a good result, you must follow the rules:

  1. For breeding, young growth is taken 2-3 years of life.
  2. Carefully separate it from the mother tree.
  3. Leave the seedling in place to grow.
  4. After two years, the grown bush should be transplanted to a permanent place.

layering To get good layouts for breeding, the two-year is used.

Breeding scheme of mountain ash with horizontal layouts

The mother bush must be folded up. Be sure to fertilize with humus. Dig the ground shallowly. Remove collection grass.

From the adult bush to dig the grooves .Depth of 10 cm. Lay growth in the grooves. Strengthen it with forked hooks. In order for the shoots to take root better, make small cuts on the bark. A rowan stalk to tie up to a peg. Two years later, if a good root system has developed, the graft is transplanted to a permanent place.


This breeding method is complex and is used for breeding varietal rowan trees.

For a stock, take the seedlings of a simple mountain ash .Since the bark of her plastic, so it is easily separated, and provides a good engraftment.

Stakes budding simple rowan

Budding rowan engaged in early August. The process is the same as apple trees, pears and other fruit trees. The difference is the cultivation of rowan seedlings.

Read more about reproduction of fruit trees and plants:

  • . Proper reproduction of raspberries.
  • . Methods of reproduction of cherries at home.
  • . 4 ways of reproduction of plums.

.The height will be approximately 28 cm. On it remove all the kidneys. An escape that grew out of a grafted kidney must be tied to a thorn.

A year later, begin to form a crown. The top part of a sapling is removed. Where the buds are close together. The cut is made at an acute angle to the trunk.

For planting in parks and alleys, a tree is formed high, for gardens, the crown is cut so that it is not tall .Usually 3 skeletal branches are laid in the first tier.

Since the mountain ash starts to get up very early in growth, landing should be carried out in the autumn. Fertile, light soils are recommended for planting. Organic, phosphate and potash fertilizers are applied as feed. The trees are planted according to the 6 * 4 or 6 * 3 m scheme. The holes are prepared with a depth of 60 cm and a width of 80 cm. A layer of drainage is placed at the bottom of 10-15 cm. A pair of humus buckets is placed on it. As well as superphosphate 250 grams, potash salt in the amount of 100. Top cover with soil and plant seedlings.

When planting budded seedlings, note that the root neck at the beginning should be about 5 cm above ground level. After the earth settles it will be at ground level.

The seedlings are watered regularly during the growing season. Weed. To prevent the earth from drying out under them, the near-stem circle mulches with peat, humus or straw.

In the autumn you need to whiten the trunks to protect against sunburn in the spring of .So that the young trees do not freeze out, in the winter they need to be tucked up to a height of 30 cm.

Mountain ash ordinary in winter

Fertilizers for mountain ash are applied once every 4 years. When planting it is shortened. In subsequent years, carry out the removal of sick, damaged branches. It is recommended to thin the crown once every 5 years. .Older trees need rejuvenating pruning. In this case, the main branches are shortened by ⅓ length. After the rejuvenating pruning, be sure to make a top dressing. Organic and mineral fertilizers are applied under the near-stem circle of mountain ash.

Rowan for its decorativeness is perhaps the first place among the trees. She is beautiful at all times of the year. In winter, it is decorated with red beads of berries. From spring to autumn there is a riot of foliage colors. Moreover, rowan is not only an ornamental tree, but it is also a very useful .It is successfully used in folk medicine for diseases. Therefore, it is desirable to plant a beautiful mountain ash in your garden.

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