Repair of the pump "water jet" with his own hands: frequent breakdown, disassembly and reassembly

Owners of country houses and cottages have to organize their own water supply of its own land. Agree, this is a very difficult task. And without a well pump, it becomes simply unsolvable. Many homeowners, having examined the proposals on the market, opt for centrifugal borehole pumps "water jet" production "JEELEX" Russian company.

These devices are well cope with the feed water of various structures, but they are periodically still broken. The quickest solution to the problem - water jet pump to repair their own hands. This task can not be called simple, but a lot of home craftsmen cope with it more than satisfactorily.

We will talk about how the water jet pump and how it works. Also, we will focus on the most common equipment failure and their causes. The material contains themed videos that help to repair the pump by hand.

The content of the article:

  • How it is up and running "water jet"?
  • How to Disassemble "water jet"?
    • Process reassembly
  • Characteristic malfunctions and repair
  • Popular causes of breakdowns
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How it is up and running "water jet"?

Centrifugal pump assembly "water cannon"A little more complicated than that of the vibrating"baby" or "stream”. In the lower part of the unit is sealed oil-filled motor, the shaft of which distinctive wearing glasses - floating elements with the working wheels.

Depending on the pump power such glasses may be more or less. The upper pump cover presses all these elements and keeps them in the correct position. From this comes the cover an electrical cable, water inlet to the water main and eyelet for hanging the pump.


"Water jet" pump - reliable technology with high efficiency. Its design allows you to perform many repairs at home

Floating impellers - "highlight" of this unit. At the very beginning of the design they lapped by grinding plastic bead. As a result, between the static and moving elements of the device minimum clearance is formed. This design provides a high pump efficiency.

Another advantage of floating pump wheel - the ability to pass sand particles falling into the well by natural processes zapesochivaniya. pump model type "A water jet" are arranged in a similar manner.

They are supplied with a float switch, which is designed to disconnect the device in case of emergency. For example, if the source dried up for some reason the water (low debit, flooding, etc.).

Installing the water jet pump according to the rules

If the installation and operation of water jet pump made in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, the need for premature repairs will not arise

Well pump "water jet", despite the absence of such protection, it works perfectly fine, but it is very important to install it in the hole. It can be switched on / off every three minutes without sacrificing structural integrity.

By selecting an appropriate model, to hang it at the correct height, etc. To prevent the situation with the emergence of "dry run", which is detrimental for any pump

An additional element extends the life of the device, but it requires additional space to accommodate. For this reason, water jet A "is not usually used in boreholes and wells. But this model has to be repaired in a similar fashion as the well pump.

Another feature of the submersible pump "water jet" - a lower water intake. The design allows the use of the pump in semisubmerged condition. If you want to completely empty the container, "water jet" perfectly cope with the task.

But in a filter pump is well positioned in this manner is not always useful. The device will always take with sand bottom. This adversely affects the quality of water, and the condition of the working devices wheels.

To prevent a problem of this nature, on the lower part of the pump wear homemade tips that prevent the penetration of sand into the device.

Positioning downhole unit need so to develop between the bottom and the bottom of the pump was not less than 1 m. Immerse the water jet can be such that between the water surface and the top of the device was no more than 30 m.

Water jet is designed to pump water at a temperature between +1 and +35 ° C. It is not recommended to break a temperature mode for proper operation. And you can not turn on the unit more than 20 times per day.

In order to prevent premature wear and tear, it is impossible to water jet working without water. The device must be grounded. The network must enable the RCD tripping device with leakage current more than 30 mA.

How to Disassemble "water jet"?

The pump assembly "water jet" is not completely straightforward. Before starting the disassembly is recommended as you can learn more about the features of its design. Do not interfere to fix the correct position of each element: write, take photos, take video, etc.

It should also pay attention to the correct position of each part in relation to the terms "top" and "bottom". If the wheels after repairs have been installed incorrectly, the pump will still work, but not very effective.

Problems can arise when the motor rewind. Not all owners pumps remember the correct location of the contacts.

Remover the oil filter

To gently remove the pump cover "water jet", it is possible to use so-called remover oil filter or its analogue soft - twisting of tissue (ropes) with a lever

Before you start disassembling the pump, of course, must be disconnected from the power supply and removed from the borehole. To facilitate the work, it is better to disconnect the water supply pipe from the pipe and remove the metal cable.

When the pump is in the operating position, it is washed by the engine in the upper part and the pumping part, consisting of vane wheels and cups with lids at the bottom. But when disassembling the pump easier to keep it "upside down" ie, engine down.

The first step in the disassembly of the pump - unscrewing the lower cover. Perform this operation with the help of quite a long screwdriver into the threaded eyelets for hanging rope. You need to unscrew counterclockwise.

Perhaps it is more convenient to use other tools, such as a pipe wrench number three. Suitable device for removal of the oil filter cover is familiar to motorists, or an analogue of a strip of durable fabric with a lever for twisting it.

Thereafter, the pump body must be carefully removed from the chamber lids, cups and the vane wheel. cup lids are numbered from 1 to 3. Typically, the shaft is first put on all the glasses with the number "1", then - with the number "2", then - with the number "3".

When disassembling the water jet pump, these elements will be removed in reverse order. It is better to burn the numbering glasses to avoid mistakes during assembly.

Disassembly pumping part

This photograph shows the pump portion of the apparatus in disassembled form. Elements laid out in the order of assembly. Should immediately remember which side - the top (click for larger version)

Do not interfere immediately to clarify the direction of movement of the shaft. To do this, the pump with the wheels removed just for a few seconds. The wheel must be such that water sucked from below through the middle and the water came up to the outside of the ring.

In the correct position the ring with the blades should be set wider part towards the engine, i.e. lug down and smooth side up.

pump motor

It looks like the pump motor "water jet" taken out of the device body. The shaft is secured with two clips that you want to hold a pair of pliers to remove it

The pump shaft is not twisted as in similar models, and two fixed clips. If it is necessary to remove, you should pinch clips with pliers and pull out the shaft. When the cups are removed from the impellers, it may be necessary also to remove the electric motor. This will require some effort, because it is pressed into the body tight enough.

Not to bend the shaft, should be placed on the pump housing support with a hole into which you can insert the shaft. This is followed by gently knock engine from the casing with a hammer and plank. Hammer hit the end, and the plate acts as a shock absorber.

When the position of the engine in case changes need to be removed first annular gasket retainer. It is necessary to turn inside the body 90 degrees, a little squeeze and pull so as not to damage the internal thread of the housing. You can immediately draw attention to the position of the pads.

disassembled engine

In the picture elements are shown disassembled pump motor "water jet": 1 - the hydraulic part of the shaft; 2 - omentum spring 3 - caul 4 - front cover; 5 - membrane; 6 - Front flange; 7 - Rotor

It should be turned to the engine with the side which blunted. Thereafter, the housing can be removed from the engine. It is closed the upper cover of the pump, which is fixed by means of two O-solid gum.

To remove the cover, you need to put the engine on its side. Then gently knock the cover of the motor housing, banging her broad screwdriver and a rubber mallet. To do this, you can use other suitable tools. Under the hood is a capacitor. Sometimes this element fails, but it is not difficult to replace.

Performing manipulation of the pump casing, caution should be exercised. Sometimes it is necessary to fix the device in the vice. First wrap body is recommended to place damping material fixation. The effort should be moderate so as not to deform the product.

image gallery

Photo of

A common problem with the pump

One of the common errors of independent repairers are illiterate reassembly. To avoid errors, cleaning items to be numbered and spread given by their installation

Assembling mechanical pump

Mechanical part consists of a pump impeller of the movable and stationary white plastic cup dark polymer. Striped impeller and glasses worn by sequentially engine hexagonal shaft

Fastening the fixed glass washer

Inside fixed stationary glass set whirling impeller. Between it and the glass should be flat to items in contact and do not wear

Arrangement of parts in the assembly

When assembling the mechanical parts of the pump bottom of the glass should be directed to the engine, it is directed to each knuckle plastic impeller

A common problem with the pump

A common problem with the pump

Assembling mechanical pump

Assembling mechanical pump

Fastening the fixed glass washer

Fastening the fixed glass washer

Arrangement of parts in the assembly

Arrangement of parts in the assembly

Process reassembly

Once the repair is made, it is necessary to assemble the pump correctly. If you make a mistake at this point, the device will need another renovation.

The following steps must be performed when performing reassembly:

  1. Install the condenser into place.
  2. Carefully tuck the wires inside the motor housing.
  3. Drive upper pump cover.
  4. Insert the motor in the pump housing.
  5. Drive motor is assembled in such a way as to ensure its entry into the dense edge.
  6. Insert annular gasket retainer, push it back using a suitable tool.
  7. Wear on the impeller shaft white smooth side to the engine, i.e., way down.
  8. Wear on white pad shaft, and then assembled with the cover glass "down" (i.e., this cover) downward.
  9. Wear blue washer.
  10. Reinstall the impeller washer white, glass, blue washer.
  11. Repeat as long until you have installed all the elements.
  12. Cover stack cup lid and gently tighten it with pipe wrench or other tool.

To facilitate the pressing-in of the engine housing during reassembly, the edge of the housing can be treated with silicone grease. During the installation, you must pay attention to the numbering of the glasses and strictly observe the sequence of installation. Set top dolly.

pump part

Blue-ring pump "water jet" wear out quickly, especially if water is pumped, abundantly contaminated sand. Replace these items is not difficult, it is important to disassemble and then reassemble the pump of the device

In order to prevent further damage is recommended in patients with severe wear replace this element of the new gasket. Typically, a new gasket can be purchased from the manufacturer or to pick up in specialized outlets. After repair of the pump is completed, you need to check his work.

It can be immersed in a container of water, for example in a bucket to ensure that the device is switched on and able to pump water. But the idea of ​​how well the pressure will provide a pump in the system, so it is impossible.

Check the pump pressure can be made in the service center, but again it is better to clarify whether there is such an opportunity.

Another option verification is possible, if the disposal of the owner of the pump has a large volume capacity. Of course, you can check the characteristics of the repaired pump directly into the hole, but if you show up during the inspection problems, the device will have to get a large enough depth. This will help to avoid pre-screening on the surface.

Characteristic malfunctions and repair

If the pump "water jet" is on the warranty, the easiest way to solve all the problems in the service center. But when deadlines have passed, the owners usually prefer to save money and perform repair work yourself. Some operations, such as the replacement of worn-out working rings, perform simple.

But if you need a fast engine, better outsource it to specialists. As for the spare parts and components, they can be purchased without any problems and at very reasonable price.

Company "JEELEX" willingly sells spare parts for its products. They are sold in specialized stores and service centers. You can contact directly to the manufacturer.

A deformed pump capacitor

Here is the result of the penetration of water into the engine compartment, if the case for some reason poorly sealed - the capacitor is broken, it should be replaced

According to the nature of device failure can roughly judge exactly what repairs are needed.

Here is a list of typical problems faced by owners of pumps "water jet":

  • The device is not activated.
  • The pump housing is beating current.
  • Water pressure in the system dropped considerably.
  • The pump does not run smoothly, making uncharacteristic for a normal functioning of the sounds.

Here is a list of faults, which are characteristic of these symptoms and ways to overcome them:

  • Burned motor winding. It will have to be completely replaced.
  • Interrupted or stepped contact wire. It is necessary to open the motor housing, to reconnect with the contacts and / or electric cable integrity.
  • The integrity of the motor casing is broken. As a result, the capacitor was soaked, it should be replaced with a new counterpart.
  • Impeller wear. It is necessary to disassemble the pump and replace them with new elements.

Of course, if it is removed from the well pump for repair, it makes sense to carry out a complete diagnosis of the unit. The pump is dismantled, inspected gaskets, washers, glasses, impellers and other elements. If traces of wear, care must be taken immediately to replace these items.

Then it makes sense to disassemble the engine, test the condition of the contacts and the supply wires. If necessary, find a place of damage of cable and reconnect. Sometimes it is necessary to completely replace the power cord.

Problems with damp condenser is usually apparent even in appearance. Solder the new capacitor is usually not difficult, but during reassembly should be removed and the cause of the problem, ie, ensure sufficient tightness of the motor housing.

Burnt motor winding, as already mentioned, to perform properly in the home will be difficult. This operation can be ordered from the factory, and all the rest of the work done independently. So repair is cheaper. In some cases it is easier and safer to replace the engine the new device.

When the engine depressurization observed situation, which experts describe the word "emulsion". This means that the motor housing is exposed to water and mixed with oil, turning it into an emulsion. The oil must be drained and completely replaced.

In any case it is impossible to replace the liquid in some conventional motor oil. The only suitable lubrication pumps for "water jet" - pure glycerin. The fact is that in the case of a breakdown the oil can get into the well and significantly spoil the quality of water. Get rid of this pollution is very difficult.

Popular causes of breakdowns

The main reasons for breakdowns of pumps "water jet" are only two mistakes made during device manufacture and difficult conditions of use. Affect the situation of the first owner of the pump is powerless.

If we were not so lucky that got a defective unit, you need to tune in to a long partnership with the service center within the warranty.

The winding of the pump motor

If spoiled motor winding, pump just does not turn on. Correctly restore the winding in a home workshop is not just, it is better to turn to the factory

Sloppy handling of the device or improper installation are quite common. You should not pull the pump by the electric cable, is the weak point of the pump. Rough handling at the point of entry into the motor housing can be formed small cracks, so it is important to get out of the hole equipment.

Over time, they expand, penetrate into the body moisture and the engine comes into disrepair. In the same manner it may be interrupted contact. cable breaks may be caused when installing the pump, when folded over a wire or accidentally interrupted.

Pump immersion depth

Proper suspension depth - an important factor in the smooth operation of the pump. If the device is too deep and constantly running at high load, it quickly breaks down

Wear of impellers can be caused by prolonged contact with water contaminated with sand. The manufacturer, of course, does not recommend the jet pump with water inclusion and sand clay slurry to two kilograms per cubic meter of water in the well.

However, the manual does not say how much water may be contaminated, and how long it can take place without prejudice to its transport to the pump design.

Practice shows that the "water jet" pumps may only be used in any one capacity. Or for supplying water to the water or to remove sand from the well.

Bleed the zapesochennoe building, the owner of the pump watched in amazement irregular pump operation. The reason is simple - impellers are worn and require replacement.


Nontrivial pump protection option "water jet" from zapesochivaniya suspending at too low. If you can not hang the pump at the desired height, you can use a protective tip

Rectify the situation difficult, but to pump contaminated well shake or after drilling it can be more efficient manner: using a submersible pump vibration type "Babe" or "trickle". This technique and is cheaper and easier to repair it.

Another reason for breakdowns pump "water jet" - an incorrect suspension of the pump. If the devices immersion depth exceeds the number specified by the manufacturer, the device operates at high loads for which it is not designed. Often in these situations, there is decompression engine.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The following material is very clearly shown how to properly disassemble pump water cannon, as well as the reverse process of assembling one of the models:

Disassembly and repair of pumps "water jet" require attention to detail and some skill. Over time, the task becomes quite feasible and familiar. Many handyman service and repair these pumps, while achieving complete success.

There were questions about the topic of the article, we find inaccuracies or have any information that you would like to share with our visitors? Please leave your comments in the box located below.

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