10 tips for choosing a puncher for home and work: types, manufacturers


  1. 1.Ponjatie "punch" and features of its design
  2. 2. Types of punchers
  3. 3. Kinds of perforators by the number of operating modes
  4. 4. Type of drive type
  5. 5. Kinds of perforators in power
  6. 6. Kinds of perforators by type of cartridge
  7. 7. By the location of the electric motor
  8. 8. Recommended manufacturers of punchers
  9. 9.Terms of Use
  10. 10. Tips for choosing a puncher

Surely, each of you has faced a situation where it is necessarycarry outfastening, for example, a kitchen cabinet to a concrete wall. Not only thatmaterialhighlylastingand the usual drill is not under force, so even the fastening element must be screwed into the dowel for greater reliability. In this situation, you can not do without a puncher. howselect a punchfor home or more professional needs this article will tell.

1.Ponjatie "punch" and features of its design

Hammer drillIs a working tool that, in addition toshockmovements provides androtatorymoment. Its use makes it possible to quickly and easily make a hole, both in soft and very hard materials, such as stone, concrete or brick. Also, punchers can be used to dismantle hard coatings or channel laying. There are different models of punchers, which differ from each other by the presence or absence of certain functions. But all of them have in structure of the design

essential elements, without which their work is impossible. The most important knots of a puncher are hisengine, reducer, shockmechanismandcartridge. The impact mechanism, which performs the basic function of this device, can beelectropneumaticorcrank. The first type works by the principle of converting the torque of the engine gear to the piston, which creates an oscillating moment and squeezes the air space between himself and the ram, causing him to repeat the fluctuations, and he, in turn, strikes at hog. Such a mechanism is equipped with a functionauto shutdown, which occurs when the tool does not touch the surface.

Unlike the first type,crank-and-crank mechanismdoes not convert the rotational moment into an oscillatory one, but immediately transfers a blow to the piston, which in turn compresses the air space between itself and the ram and strikes the striker.

Reducerplays the role of the transmitter of the torque of the gear of the engine to the cartridge, thereby activating the impact mechanism. It consists of a set of different gears - conical, cylindrical and worm gears and, in most cases, has a constant number of transmission torque.CartridgeThe perforator has a significant difference from the drill chuck. You know that the part of the drill bit that is inserted into the cartridge is in the shape of a cylinder, which allows the drill to be scrolled with little resistance. The cartridge for the perforator is designed in such a way that the drill need not only be inserted into the chuck, but also cranked into special grooves. This ensures reliable fixation even at high forces.Many punchers are additionally equipped withsafety clutch, which serves to preserve the integrity of the instrument and protect the person doing the work. For example, if the puncher jammed during operation, the clutch will stop the rotation of the cartridge, thereby preventing the engine from burning out.


Another useful function isantivibration system, which is a counterweight with a spring that takes on a significant part of the vibration and extinguishes it most.HousingThe perforator is made of metal or impact resistant plastic. But most of all, these two materials combine. With prolonged operation, the case gets very hot, and the metal dissipates the heat better and prevents the instrument from overheating, while the plastic inserts on the handle protect against burns.

2. Types of punchers

All the variety of punchers can be divided into two main groups:

  • Household. Are intended for performance of simple tasks and work, both with soft, and with firm materials. For convenient operation of such a tool as a home helper, it is sufficient that it has a power of 500 - 800 W, impact force, J, was equipped with a special regulator of the switching speed, had a protective clutch, included a minimum of two, or better three modes work.Usefuladditionalfunctionsthere will be a replaceable cartridge for switching to conventional drills so that you can use the tool as a conventional drill, and a set of special keys for changing the drill.
  • Professional. If you are building or repairing, then you can not do without a reliable tool. A professional puncher must have a power of at least 900 W, the impact force of such a tool should be from 8 to 15 J, the frequency impact and rotation should be large enough, but not more than 1500 rpm, otherwise such a tool will quickly wear out, be three-mode.

When you have decided which punch to choose, you can more in detail consider the main characteristics, which include both groups. There are usually three types of punchers, but tothe exact choice, we selectfive.

3. Kinds of perforators by the number of operating modes

The number of modes is one of thedefining characteristics, on which performance and efficiency depend. Depending on the number of modes, all perforators are divided into three groups:

  • Single-mode

The simplest form of this tool and the least productive. It is intended only for drilling relatively soft materials, for example, wood, drywall or thin sheet metal.

  • Dual-mode

Includes not only the drilling mode, but also drilling with impact. It is used for more solid materials, including concrete and brick. This is the best option for domestic use.

  • Three-mode

The most productive and widespread kind. Includes the drilling, drilling and impact mode and the impact mode without rotation, which makes it possible to use it as a jackhammer.

4. Type of drive type

There are four main types of drives, each of which has its advantages. The choice of the drive must be carried out depending on the features of the work performed.

  • Gasolinedrive will be irreplaceable if you perform repairsroadway, or work in an open area where there is no access to electricity. In such punchers an internal combustion engine is installed, they have a verygreat impact force, and low fuel consumption allows you to carry out work for two hours from the time of refilling the tank. Along with the advantages they have a number ofshortcomings: you will need a stock of fuel, you can not adjust the force of impact, from which unwanted destruction can occur, they have a very high weight, dimensions and a very high price.
  • ElectricPerforators are the most used in repair and construction work. The constant availability of a power source makes the running time unlimited, they havegood performanceand sufficientpower, additionally equipped with an anti-vibration system, which greatly facilitates their use, mainly includethreeregimework, have a speed control and affordable price.disadvantages, unfortunately, there is also this type: the radius of your movements will be limited by the length of the power cord, of course there is an output in the form of an extension cable, but still if the voltage in network is unstable, then the productivity of the tool will be unstable, the wear of the chuck during prolonged operation and the extra spending for purchase new.
  • RechargeablePunchers are very comfortable in places wherenoaccess toelectricityor when repairing the facades of the building, where you can hardly get with the power tool. They havelow weightand a compact body, which makes them veryconvenientin use. Despite the use of a battery, they haveconstantfrequencyrotation, which can be adjusted, and sufficient power, which allows drilling even concrete. TOshortcomingsIt is possible to carry the limited time of work which directly depends on capacity of the accumulator, necessity of additional charge which demands long time, which means that you can not use the tool immediately after it is discharged and stagnation forms work. Sometimes buying a new battery can be a daunting task, and if you accidentally drop such a tool, it will also fail.
  • Pneumaticperforators are mainly used in explosive areas, since the principle of their operation is based on the conversion of compressed air. They have low weight, high enough speed of rotation and power of impact. The drawbacks of such a tool are significant: for continuous operation you will need a compressor that will supply air. The displacement area will be limited by the length of the hose connecting the compressor and the punch, and most importantly - the high cost of such a tool.

5. Kinds of perforators in power

The impact force of a perforator depends directly oncapacityhimthe engine. This figure determines how much effort the drill or drill will go into the required material. The higher this index, the higher the speed of the work performed.

  • Easythe instrument has a weight of up to 4 kg, the impact force of such a perforator reaches a maximum of 3 J, power up to, kW. Such equipment is used exclusively for domestic purposes and only for drilling not too hard materials.
  • Averagethe apparatus has a weight of up to 8 kg, the impact force reaches 9 J, and the power is within, kW. Used for making holes in reinforced structures or in materials with a high degree of hardness.
  • HeavyThe puncher has a weight of more than 8 kg, the force of their impact reaches more than 17 kJ, and the power is more, kW. Such a tool is used in professional activities and has, in practice, unlimited possibilities.

Before making a final choice, it is necessary to understand that not only strength, but also on the frequency of impacts dependsperformanceinstrument andspeedwork. Even if the impact force is high, but its frequency will be small, you will slowly move forward and spend a lot of time.Optimumfrequencyblows for the domestic perforator lies in the range of 3-4 thousand ppm, and for professional should reach an indicator of about 5000 thousand ppm.

6. Kinds of perforators by type of cartridge

We have already said that the cartridge of the perforator differs significantly from the cartridge of the drill due to a special method of clamping. These cartridges are called SDS, which is an abbreviation and is literally translated as "insert, rotate, clamp". This kind of patron invented, known to all, the company Bosch in the late 70's. There are five types of such cartridges:

  • SDSThe chuck allows you to insert the drill bit or drill bit withtwo grooves, is calculated on a shank in diameter of 10 mm which on depth 40 mm enters into a cartridge. It is 100% compatible with the SDS + cartridge.
  • SDS +The most common type of cartridge used for light and medium-sized punchers weighing from 2 to 4 kg. He has2closed + 2 open grooves. The diameter of the shanks for such a cartridge is 10 mm, and the depth of approach is 40 mm. Capable of drill a hole up to 26 mm.
  • SDS topfairlyrarely, since it is intended for a shank with a diameter of 14 mm and a depth of approach of 70 mm. Used for middle class tools weighing 4 kg and is designed for drill diameters from 4 to 32 mm.
  • SDSmaxIt has3 openand2 closedgroove. It is designed for shanks with a diameter of 18 mm and a depth of approach of 90 mm. Designed for professional perforators weighing from 5 kg. It is able to drill holes with a diameter of up to 20 mm.
  • SDSquickAs fasteners, it is not slots that are used, but special onesprotuberances, which allows you to insert into the cartridge bits and drills with a hexagonal shank ¼ inch.
  • SDShexis used exclusively forjackhammersand is designed to use the peak and bits.

7. By the location of the electric motor

First of all, the location of the motor on the puncher, can tell you what is in front of you for a tool - household or professional. There are only two options:

  • FROMhorizontallocation to the axis. In most cases, this is a household puncher. Such a tool has small dimensions with elongated and narrowed forms. This allows you to use it in tight and uncomfortable places. The power of such devices is not too high - up to, kW, but they are very light and easy to use. These models are most convenient for use in home repair and installation in horizontal planes, and the price they have more than affordable.The disadvantageis low power and difficult cooling of the engine, which leads to overheating. To avoid this, it is necessary to make frequent breaks in work.
  • FROMverticalthe location of the motor is most often produced by professional perforators. They have large dimensions and significant weight, respectively, and the power they produce is much greater. In addition, the vertical orientation promotes rapid cooling of the engine, which significantly reduces the load on the device and protects it from overheating. Such a puncher will not be equal when working in a vertical direction, besides, it is capable of withstanding significant loads for a long time. TOshortcomingsit is possible to carry the big weight of the instrument and the high price, which is explained by the belonging of this type of instrument to the category of professional and very powerful.

8. Recommended manufacturers of punchers

To ensure that the chosen tool was reliable, justified its value and declared characteristics, special attention should be paid to the manufacturer. Analyzing the feedback of ordinary consumers and specialized workers, weidentified five major manufacturers, which have proven to be reliable and proven:

  • Makita. This Japanese concern has won the market of America, Europe and Asia due to the highest quality of products. For its tools, the company uses only high-quality materials, the assembly of devices is always performed without any complaints. This manufacturer produces a light and heavy type of punchers. The price policy starts from130$.
  • Bosch. We are all used to the fact that when Bosch is spoken, the quality of the products is beyond doubt. It is not surprising that this company was in the top three, because it is thanks to e, the winders have such a convenient and reliable form of fixation of drillers in the cartridge, like SDS. This German company is the leader in the production of power tools. The price policy starts from about150$.
  • Hilti. This is a Ukrainian trademark, which has proved its products well enough. Affordable price policy, a variety of models of both light and heavy tools will please many consumers. Reviews of Hilti perforators are only positive, the quality of the assembly and the materials used are also excellent. A unique service of this brand is warranty service throughout the life of the product. Price policy from150$.
  • DeWaltis a Czech manufacturer that has proven its tools as high-quality professional equipment. In its production, the company uses powerful electric motors, reliable materials for impact mechanisms and high-end electronics. The price of their instrument starts from140$.
  • Hitachiis a Japanese corporation that constantly strives for perfection. Their equipment is designed to work with solid materials, such as concrete and stone. They are distinguished by high reliability, ease of use, quality materials and a wide range. The price for Hitachi rotary hammers starts from 110 $.

9.Terms of Use

On how muchcorrectlyyou use a puncher, it will directly depend on itperformanceandtermservices. First of all it is desirable to use only "native" components, which is suitable for this model. After completing any work, be sure to makecleaning and lubricationtool. Once in a certain period of time, which depends on the intensity of operation, it is better to produce and internal cleaning in specialized service centers. Continuous ingress of dust into the instrument over time will result in the failure of the power button or other mechanisms.

When performing large amounts of work,take regular breaksto allow the tool to cool down, otherwise you risk exposing the engine to overheating. If the task is to drill a deep hole, betterwork in multiple approaches, constantly removing the drill from the hole. So you can both clean the hole and let the puncher rest.

Notcosts too muchcrushon the tool at work, so you will achieve only a premature exit of their structure of the impact mechanism or overheating of the motor armature. The hardest for the tool mode is the chiseling mode, apply onshort time intervals, doing regular breaks in a few minutes or switching the punch to the rotation mode. This will not only cool the tool, but will also allow evenly distributed lubricant.

Boot and brushesmust be replaced immediately, as soon as this need arises. Do not forget aboutmeans of protectionWhen working with a puncher for yourself - always use safety glasses when working with hard surfaces and do not forget about the respirator. Take care of your tool and then, being in the able hands, it will serve youlong years.

10. Tips for choosing a puncher

The most important thing to do before choosing a puncher is to decidefor what purposeyou will use it. Depending on the frequency of operation and the amount of work to be done, you must understand whether this is a household, or already a professional puncher. We wrote about engine power, impact force and speed for these two groups above. In addition to these basic characteristics, there are a number ofadditional functions, which are equipped with some punchers and which can significantly improve the usability.

For example,presence of reverse. This function is not necessary, but very convenient, especially when pulling the drill out of deep holes. Availabilityspeed selector switchmake the work with the tool more controllable. To avoid a jerk when turning on the instrument and involuntary touching the surface, there is a systemsmooth start. With an uneven load on the tool and the speed of the revolutions will be different to settle this figure, there isstabilization system. So that when drilling walls dust does not fly into your eyes and does not worsen visibility, there are specialdust collectors, which have different sizes and configurations.Remember that the more features a tool is equipped with, the more convenient it is to work with it, and soabove its cost. Before choosing the puncher with the most functions, think about whether you will use them at all. Maybe, it is for you in them and there is no need. And one morehighlight- do not buy a cheap tool, even if you need a household puncher with only one drilling mode, it's best to choosetrusted trademark, than in the future to pay for regular repairs.

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