Full description and characteristics of tomato Aphrodite

For lovers of early and medium-sized tomatoes, breeders bred a wide variety of different hybrids. Some are distinguished by high yields, but rather fastidious enough in care, others can only grow in a certain soil, even for some special fertilizers are needed. The tomato Aphrodite differs from them in many points, the description of the characteristics of the variety will help you to deal with all the nuances.

Contents80 to 100 days. Sam shtamb medium height. The maximum can reach one and a half meters in height.

The shrub has abundant vegetation, there are many leaves on it and they are often located. The inflorescences consist of 4-6 fruits, there are enough of them on the plant. Tomatoes have a bright red color when ripe, each fruit weighs at least 100 g and has 3 seed chambers. An important distinction of the variety is the lack of a yellow-green spot on the stem of the mature fruit.

Tomato Aphrodite

Cultivate a hybrid both in open ground and in greenhouses. Some gardeners claim that the plant grows well and develops on the balconies.

Tomato has a high immunity against various diseases and pests, has several F1 hybrids.

The yield of the variety is high, up to 17 kg of fruits of excellent quality can be obtained from a square meter in the open space, this indicator is slightly lower in the greenhouse.

Under greenhouse and greenhouse conditions, booms are grown only in areas with a very short summer. Under other weather conditions, tomatoes will have time to ripen naturally.

History of

breeding Tomato Aphrodite and other F1 hybrids are the brainchild of domestic breeders. The variety was bred by Ural biologists, it was officially registered in 2010. A relatively young tomato was quickly able to witness the disposition of gardeners all over the country, he immediately fell in love with southerners and more northern agronomists.

Regions of Tomato Growth

The hybrid is quite picky about weather conditions, but it has been learned to successfully grow gardeners in almost all regions:

  • Crimea, the Caucasus, Belgorod, Voronezh and Astrakhan regions cultivate Aphrodite in the open ground;
  • middle band provides for the periodic covering of beds with tomatoes of a given variety in the spring period with a film;
  • northern regions practice agricultural technology in greenhouse conditions, which is no less effective.
Seeds of Aphrodite
It is worth remembering that the plant is light-requiring, for planting it is worth choosing sunny places without shading.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Tomato Aphrodite, like other vegetables, has its advantages, these include:

  1. Fast and consistent fruiting.
  2. Approximately the same size and weight of fruits on one brush.
  3. Good storage and transportation of ripened tomatoes.
  4. Good immunity to various diseases of this plant species.
  5. Excellent taste.
  6. Variety resistance to cracking overripe fruit.
  7. Good yield.

    Tomato fruits Aphrodite

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  1. The need for garter adult plants.
  2. Regular hinge bust.
  3. Special requirements for temperature conditions.
  4. The need to regularly apply subcortex and fertilizer.
Despite the fact that the tomato Aphrodite is a fairly common variety, it is grown even on balconies.

Planting Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes of this variety is not much different from growing others. It is characterized by such steps:

  1. First of all seedlings are sprouting seedlings. For this, nutrient primer and containers are prepared in advance. A universal substrate from a flower shop, mixed with peat in a ratio of 1:10, is perfect. As containers use plastic or wooden boxes of arbitrary sizes.

The procedure itself begins with warming up the soil and soaking the seeds. To do this, pour the substrate into the selected containers and hold it at room temperature for at least 5-6 hours.

Germinated seeds

Soaking grains should be taken responsibly, the degree of germination depends on this. The best method is pretreatment of seeds with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, which disinfects the seeds and nourishes it with necessary moisture. The procedure should last at least 12 hours, and if you place the seed container under the freezer, it will also harden them.

After this, the seeds are sown on the surface of the soil and covered with a layer of 1 cm of the same substrate. Abundantly watered and sent to a warm and bright place. Subject to all the nuances of seedlings will seem in a week.

  1. After the appearance of the second pair of true leaves, the seedlings need to dive. This is best done in separate containers for each plant. Soil is taken the same, in the process of transplanting it is worth a little to pinch off the central root of each trunk. Watering will accelerate the engraftment of tomatoes. And they can be planted in open ground after the threat of frost has passed in the region.
  2. Planting in open ground is no different from planting other tomato varieties. It is better to do it in a transshipment way in order to minimally injure the rhizome. The holes should be the size of a lump of earth with a stem. Abundant watering is only a couple of times after the landing, it is desirable to slightly shade the stem for a few days after the procedure.

After this, the plant begins to grow and develop on its own, but in order to get a decent harvest for every bush of tomatoes, Aphrodite needs care. Carry it out like this:

  • regularly feed and mineral fertilizers;
  • tie up a bush to pre-installed supports;
  • pinch excess leaves and shoots, forming two or three main stems;
  • intermittently loosen the soil and remove weeds;
  • sometimes need mulch sawdust.
Best of all, the plant develops and bears fruit on neutral soils; on acidic, the yield drops.
Planting in the open ground

Diseases and pests

Tomato Aphrodite has strong immunity to most diseases that can affect tomatoes. But a couple of sprays Bordeaux mixture does not place.

As for pests. That shtamb especially to the taste of the Colorado potato beetle. It is necessary to fight this, otherwise you can lose both the stumps and the harvest. For this you need:

  1. To plant the plants away from the beds with potatoes.
  2. Regularly inspect the stumps for the presence of a pest.
  3. Periodically spray drugs against this pest.

This will help to save the plants and get a rich harvest.

Colorado potato beetle

Peculiarities of fruiting

The variety Aphrodite is classified as high-yielding, but this is not always the case. High performance will be achieved with:

  • sufficient heat and light;
  • moderate watering;
  • proper soil property;
  • no pests.

If you do not follow these rules, then you will not be able to get a decent reward for your work.

Tomato shrub with ripening fruits

The tomato Aphrodite fully corresponds to its name, the stem is a bit capricious, like the goddess herself, but the beauty and great taste of the early fruits completely compensate for this.

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