Which is better to buy a refrigerator

We recommend to take NoFrost refrigerators with a single evaporator for the price of 12 - 15 thousand rubles. Often (for example, in El Dorado) may receive a discount on the shares. For example, at night the goods cost less, and for bringing the old appliances give a discount on a new one. Let's talk today how a refrigerator is better to buy and where. Prices manages to significantly reduce, if you come at the right time.

What good is a refrigerator NoFrost

It is said in the refrigerator NoFrost zavetrivayutsya products. Cheese dries... Now think about it. Not allowed to sell food without plastic wrappers. A certain percentage of moisture in the air is deposited on the evaporator.

Refrigerator NoFrost

Refrigerator NoFrost

In the freezer fish, meat quickly covered with a crust of ice, the evaporation is no question. The smell, of course, is present. We learn the main features of the system NoFrost:

  1. Air is forced convection cooled. If a typical refrigerator the evaporator is behind the rear wall of the chamber and the department in case NoFrost coil (radiator) is located in a separate compartment.
  2. NoFrost refrigerator chamber together branched duct system. The number, shape and location of the quality of the work depends.
  3. working compartment fan blows air through the evaporator chamber. And for the freezer section of more, because to survive lower temperatures.

We will understand why the system dries the air. In winter, it misted window, representing the coldest place in the room. The moisture content of warm air is greater than in frosty. The difference falls in the form of condensation on the glass. This happens in NoFrost refrigerator. Moisture accumulates frost, the evaporator temperature is well below zero. At intervals until resting compressor, a special spiral defrosts working compartment. Iney into water and flows into the collector.

Due to this state of affairs the air inside the refrigerator gradually loses moisture. The freezer is not to cause appreciable harm, as shown above, and dryness prevails among the products. Conclusion: The victuals are stored on a plastic container, wrapped in packages, use banks.

The second catch is associated with the first closely. The air mixed in the working compartment, due to the phenomenon fish spirit capable impregnate, for example, bread. See above answer: drink containers.

The system of freshness in the refrigerator

The system of freshness in the refrigerator

Persistent odor can vestsya a wall of the refrigerator and withdraw would be difficult even with detergents. The situation emphasize the best manufacturers of refrigerators. They put two evaporators, one for each compartment. This solves the problem of odor.

cost of the refrigerator NoFrost

Let's try to find the right type to Yandex Market. The answer lies in two options:

  • Defrosting the refrigerator compartment.
  • Defrost the freezer.

Install two rooks on NoFrost. This means that we choose a refrigerator in which the combined chamber through the working chamber, as described above (with the proviso that the compressor only). Permissible to elect other schemes: NoFrost exclusively in the freezer or refrigerator. Why meat and fish translate into forced convection, can not say. Do know is that a simple refrigerator Atlanta for 10000 rubles does not accumulate frost and ice, with the entire device with a drip (for freezer - manual) defrost system. The choice of the refrigerator is now the cause of independence.

As for NoFrost for everyday products, vegetables and fruits, it seems a good idea can be extremely accurately withstand temperatures in zone freshness. At zero degrees products are stored for longer than 5 under standard. The number presented on Yandex-market models it is clear that manufacturers fully share the opinion of the authors! It is difficult to buy a refrigerator with freezer NoFrost exclusively. Output? Buy fridge with NoFrost refrigeration chamber.

Dear refrigerator NoFrost

Dear refrigerator NoFrost

It is better, the smell will not penetrate from fish to other food. Go a long debate, a number of compressors is preferable, the answer is simple: a model with two more expensive on the market of small units. Better to take one compressor. What's the catch? For remote version manufacturer takes more: a full NoFrost costs 15,000 rubles (inexpensive models), for refrigeration chambers - is 20,000 rubles. So confirmed the correctness of our reasoning!

How to choose a budget refrigerator

Suffering from lack of money is recommended to take the Belarusian Atlanta. If you're buying the right to test the device, when you make a deal to fill out a warranty check, difficulties are anticipated. Typical trouble, subtract Online: XXXX have refrigerator, and the device supports among the products +10 degrees, the service does not undertake to do... Counter-question - trying to change the regime? If the state does not change, does not fall below + 10, the thermostat is defective (by the way, some models may customize). Check the machine (the process described in the study section), remove the video, if the dealer does not want to change, please send in the Federal Service and other organizations. There is a chance to get to court, but we strongly recommend pre-show video specialist, so as not to make a mistake.

Again: if the money is not enough, no need to split hairs, take a simple refrigerator.

capacity refrigerator

Today on sale there inverter refrigerators. In their consumption power is adjusted flexibly, and full device work only during the first start or arrival a large amount of fresh food. Power consumption of refrigerators is conveniently keep track of the big label (sticker), which the store is decorated with any appliances. Anything that starts with the letter A, take without a doubt. Often models contain stickers A +, etc. up to three digits after the letters. According to the authors, not so expensive energy in Russia, to lay out extra money for savings. And the cost models A +++ bites.

How to select the best models of refrigerators with inverter? On Yandex-market look at the options. Find "checkbox" with the name of "inverter compressor". Put Yes. The inverter is good - fridge produces little noise.

Noise characteristics of the refrigerator

Gone are the days when the parameters of refrigerators were so rude that the owner woke up at night when the kitchen iron friend. The quietest coolers inaudible in the room with the windows closed. This noise level is within 40 dB. Now buy a refrigerator Atlant - not to suffer permanent discomfort. Even cheap models offer decent performance.

quiet refrigerator

quiet refrigerator

On noise, pay attention when the refrigerator is placed near. For example, in the room.

Useful volume refrigerator

We recommend review the parameters specified above, rather than on the useful volume of the refrigerator. Model Side-by-side the majority of Russians are invited to leave until better times.

The exterior of the refrigerator

If the situation in the kitchen chic, all couched in the same style, there is a sense to buy a refrigerator under the beige color of the headset. Fortunately, today, manufacturers offer select. And on Yandex-market to facilitate the search is set to Color. Check the checkbox next to the appropriate field and enjoy an abundance of choice.

As for the people easier, be sure to buy fridge magnets and never mind design tricks. After all, by definition, the white color provides a minimal exchange with the environment energy. So, it is logical to buy a white refrigerator.

How to determine the size of the refrigerator

If earlier it was decided to put a fridge television, today the wall serves as a haven for the screen. In some cases it is necessary to sustain the dimensions exactly. For example, if the refrigerator will be supplied under the hanging closet. To choose the right size, use the options Yandex-market height, width and depth.

Yandex-market - a convenient directory on the Internet to assess the spectrum of proposals. Sometimes it is possible to discover interesting stocks. We hope that helped in the selection of the refrigerator.

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