Samsung fridge error codes, malfunctions

Errors of the Samsung refrigerator indicate a malfunction that has arisen in the system. The control module has a self-diagnostic function that detects and displays the error code on the display. In the instruction there is a decoding of all symbols. So you can quickly find the cause of the problem.

Faults in the Samsung refrigerator

Unfortunately, the Samsung refrigerator with Know Frost does not always give a mistake. Often when the sensor breaks down the technician continues to work, and only after disconnection from the network is a malfunction on the scoreboard. You can turn on the device in the test mode, then the system independently determines the cause of the failure.

If the error code appeared on the display, you need to find the decryption. First of all, restart the refrigerator, perhaps this is a system failure:

  • Disconnect the machine from the mains.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes.
  • Please reconnect.

The characters again appeared on the screen? Then proceed to the decoding in our table. The value may vary depending on the model of technology.

Troubleshooting code Value How to correct yourself
01 The ice maker does not work. If in your Samsung model there is an ice maker and 01 is displayed, check that it is connected correctly. After that, the sensor is diagnosed and replaced.
02 The refrigerator sensor does not work properly. Inspect the part in the compartment, check for service. Tighten the connections, inspect the wiring at the time of the fumes. In case of malfunction, replace.
03 Error 3 indicates that the defrost sensor is broken. It is necessary to check the sensor connection, the wiring harness. Replace the wiring if it is burnt, and install a new part.
04 The fan in the compartment does not work. In the refrigerators with Noe Frost the fan accelerates the air through the chamber. When it breaks, you may notice a rise in temperature in the compartment. It is necessary to remove the rear wall, inspect the connection and connections of the fan.
05 Problems with the operation of the ice maker. The device that aligns and pushes the ice does not work. If the device does not work more than three times, then the component is diagnosed and replaced.


The sensor in the Cool Select Zone does not work. Diagnosis and replacement.
07 The temperature sensor in the chamber broke. In electronic models, the sensor measures the temperature in the compartment and sends information to the control module. If it does not work, then the module does not shut off the compressor, which is running on wear. You must install a new item.
08 The sensor of the freezer temperature does not give a signal. See the value 07.
09 The defrost sensor in the freezer compartment does not function. Diagnosis with a multimeter is in progress. The non-working element is replaced with a working part.
10 Incorrect operation of the fan in the freezer. Look, maybe the blades are overgrown with ice, so they rotate poorly. Also inspect the wiring and the tightness of the connection. When ice should unfrozen technique.
11 The condenser fan is out of order. It may be clogged with dust if the capacitor is located outside. Check the contacts and connections.

In other models of Samsung refrigerators of various types, including Side-by-Side, the code can be displayed like this:

  • R5 or 02 - the refrigerator compartment sensor has failed. It is necessary to check the contacts for a short, to diagnose the part and install a new element.
  • D5 or 09 - the temperature sensor does not send a message. There is no contact between him and the control board. The module does not receive data on the temperature in the chamber. Perform diagnostics and replacement of the faulty element: sensor, wiring, repair of contacts.
  • F5 or 08 - the sensor does not work in the freezer. The solution is similar to the previous case.
  • E5 or 07 - the ambient temperature sensor does not work. In some models, similar developments are built in. The sensor, by measuring the indicators outside, helps to automatically adjust the climate inside the camera.
  • RD - air damper does not work properly. Inspection and repair are necessary.
  • DD is a problem with wiring in the refrigerator. You need to inspect the train for fumes and repair work.

To start the refrigerator in test mode, you need to press a certain key combination. How to do it, you can see the instructions. If a control panel is attached, you can run the test with it.

  • Simultaneously press the two buttons "Free Temp" and "Rel. Temp. "

Important! The test mode is not intended to display a fault code on the display panel. It only allows you to verify the performance of a particular part.

If the sensor fails, the corresponding indicator will flash on the panel, an audible signal may be heard. To cancel the command, hold the "Super Frost" and "Super Cooling" keys for 8 seconds.

To start the self-test in the normal mode, hold the same keys, which can also be called "Quick cooling" and "Quick freeze". Different LEDs will light up, see the instructions in the manual. After 30 seconds, the refrigerator will return to normal operation.

In the test mode, the display may appear as FF or Fd. These are not error codes.The FF symbols indicate that the fan and motor are being checked. You can see for yourself whether the part rotates or does not work. Fd indicates the diagnosis of the evaporator heater and air damper.

Using the test, you can quickly detect and repair the failure. Video on the topic will help to conduct self-diagnosis:

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