"Pozis" Refrigerators (Pozis): Top 5 of the best models, reviews, tips on choosing

Domestic brand «Pozis» for more than half a century, produces popular brands of refrigeration equipment. The Russian consumer refrigerator Pozis established itself as a reliable household appliances, which for years could properly serve their owners.

Previously known models of this brand, as well as the latest generation of development have their own "flavor" in technical equipment, operation and functionality.

The content of the article:

  • On the production of the Russian manufacturer POZIS
  • The principal features of the entire range of
  • Overview of the 5 most popular models of the brand
    • Refrigerator # 1: Pozis RS-411-Bg
    • Refrigerator # 2: Pozis RK FNF-172 W
    • Refrigerator # 3: Pozis World 244-1 Bg
    • Refrigerator # 4: Pozis RK-102 Gf
    • Refrigerator # 5: Pozis RK FNF-172 S +
  • Typical failure Pozis equipment
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

On the production of the Russian manufacturer POZIS

Since the release of their very first models of refrigerators, Pozis plant laid in their design the most advanced at that time working units and equipment. Its developers have used modern materials for the housing and internal contents of the household appliance.

Russian manufacturer of refrigerators POZIS

Reliability refrigeration Rozis confirm the Russian and European standards, quality of products meets the requirements of the Technical Regulation, issued by the Customs Union

It should be noted that today Pozis fridge - this unit is in demand in Russia, which may afford the buyer of any income level. The only difference in the models and in the degree of refrigerator equipment innovative solutions as well as design complexity and volume filling its chambers.

Refrigeration equipment is manufactured on the basis of isobutane R600a refrigerant, which is recognized worldwide as an environmentally safe for humans and nature. It is able to reduce the number of times of freon in the cooling system, in comparison with analogues.

Russian refrigerators Pozis exhibition

The company produces aggregates of varying degrees of technical complexity. In the development of each and every model takes into account the principles of environmental safety and ergonomics

Now everyone knows that a good, time-tested model of refrigerator not only preserves the health of the products and the household, but also is indicative of an attribute of the interior.

Company «Pozis», based on years of experience of manufacturing various refrigeration equipment, claims that their products are able to compete with the world's leading brands.

Zone fresh in the refrigerating compartment

Pozis plant produced machines with a different arrangement of "freshness zones" identified in the coolers. These limits are set a special microclimate for the conservation of nutrients and beneficial properties of fresh products

The big plus Rozis refrigerators is the fact that they had previously sold under the name "Sviyaga", which is not hearsay familiar to many Russians, and perhaps still the Soviet "veterans" are working properly in our homes compatriots.

Spare parts for the brand can be found without problems: they are now being implemented in the public domain, and at a fairly affordable price. What's more important - a five-year warranty on the equipment premier models that not all Europeans can offer to consumers.

Refrigeration equipment for medical POZIS

Supply of high-tech cold stores from Rozis in budgetary health care institutions is unequivocal support Russian manufacturer and encouraging employees to produce a modern and multi-functional equipment

In addition to household goods, POZIS company launched production of industrial refrigeration equipment for medical facilities, restaurants, shops, food industry, such as:

  • one- and two-chamber refrigerators;
  • freezers and display cases;
  • freezers;
  • wine coolers;
  • bags, thermoses.

Reviews about this brand refrigerators quite ambiguous, so there is reason to consider more Pozis most popular models in terms of functional advantages and disadvantages in operation.

Professional refrigeration equipment

In addition to household appliances the company produces a wide range of professional refrigeration equipment for the arrangement of a cafe, convenience stores, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants

The principal features of the entire range of

In the modern production of refrigerators Pozis brand developers have long abandoned the outdated technologies and materials. These include the bulb: installed in their place efficient LED devices.

And if you think that the antibacterial coating - this is a purely European innovation, used exclusively in the technique of «Bosch» and «Siemens», the wrong: in Pozis brand refrigerators cameras today also present deposition, preventing the spread of germs, mold and unpleasant odors.

cooling chamber panel with info-stickers

Icons in the form of symbols on the panel "talk" about the original function, which is equipped with a specific modification of a refrigerator, for example, Pozis RK FNF-172

We list the basic characteristics, which accompany each model Pozis refrigerators regardless of modification:

  • low noise level - less than 40 dB .;
  • climate class N - suitable for exploitation in rooms with an air temperature of 16 to 32 degrees;
  • A class of energy - the input circuit of refrigerators produced with galvanic protection, power surges in the network will not affect the stable operation of the unit;
  • all dual-chamber models are usually equipped with areas of freshness, maintained at zero temperature and system Full No Frost, protecting the inner walls of the product build-up of frost and snow; defrost refrigerators are required only 1-2 times a year.

If we consider Pozis refrigeration equipment as a whole, it is, as a rule, budgetary refrigerators on the cheap, but quite easy to use and repair. A good option for those users who want to save money and ensure your purchase support domestic producers.

Budget refrigerators from Pozis

Russian producer supplies the market and high-tech refrigerators, and budget single-chamber units, which attract the buyer reliability and more than affordable price

The model line Premier, which is also produced by the Pozis, energy efficiency this technique achieves the highest class "A +", and the manufacturer warranty defined 5 years. Shelves in such refrigerators are very strong: tempered glass can bear loads up to 40 kg.

Energy efficiency of refrigerators by Pozis

The company produces household refrigeration equipment with high energy efficiency class. Improved models is assigned to class A + (+)

Overview of the 5 most popular models of the brand

Choosing the best model, we focused on sales, real consultants and users, as well as a variety of functionality and the ability to repair.

Refrigerator # 1: Pozis RS-411-Bg

This is a budget one-door model, made in a beige color. 54h55h85sm modest size and low weight of 34 kg allows owners of this model in the refrigerator to set the standard small kitchen, office, hotel room or hostel. Minimum freezer for freezing -12 degrees.

Practical budget refrigerator's price, copes well with pre-programmed functions, a great option for a small kitchen.

The refrigerator has the following characteristics:

  • constant electrician + class "A" for energy consumption;
  • freezers with manual defrost, the volume of 14L;
  • freezer with dropping defrosting system;
  • shelves made of metal.

Average price: around or slightly above 10,000 rubles.

Members recommend to get this model for cottages and rooms in student dormitories. Of the negative aspects noted the rapid freezing of snow in the freezer, for which you need to follow.

Refrigerator # 2: Pozis RK FNF-172 W

Made in white body (you can choose to body color caps on pens) freezer is in the bottom location. The model is equipped with the usual for most refrigerators Pozis electromechanical type control. Electronic still a rarity. Into two chambers, refrigerating and freezing, a compressor motor is installed.

Dimensions 60h64h186 cm, weight 73 kg. The freezer can be frozen up to 10 kg per 24 hours. Full No Frost is, subzero temperature starts immediately with minus 18 degrees. The volume of 94l.

Members in response to a product speak of simple design and affordable price, combined with a fairly impressive volume of the working chamber, which can put a lot of raw and cooked food + praised the built-in refrigerator samorazmorozki system, for which the necessary time look after. Everyone also liked roller system drawers in the freezer compartment.

In case of interruptions to the light refrigerator capable of maintaining cold for 14 hours, which is very good, according to the owners of the art.

It shows little negative. Basically, write about hands-free operation of the refrigerator: according to the manufacturer 40 dB of noise are actually fairly high rate of noise. There are reviews and information on over-inflated compressor performance as if it is because of her refrigerant in the tubes is very noisy.

Nodes compressors are mounted with a special solder, the starting material is a solder which is enriched in high-grade silver. This provides resistance to corrosion and a largely exclude a possible leakage of refrigerant from the system.

According to the technical characteristics specified in the memo for customers, domestic producer sets his technique crank-rocker compressors that well with the maintenance of a predetermined temperature mode.

Price refrigerator, on average varies between 19 600 - 23 400 rubles.

Refrigerator # 3: Pozis World 244-1 Bg

The dual-chamber two-door refrigerating unit is formed in a pleasing beige color. Casing height 168.4 cm takes 60.2 cm kitchen space in width and 61.5 cm in depth. The total model displacement 290 l allocated to the freezer 60 l.

Freezer and refrigerator compartment are cooled by dropping, so-called weeping, system. This option is not "dry up" products, but often makes defrost unit. Defrosting is done manually, but it far exceeds the availability of equipment prices as well as quality indicators stored in the refrigerator nevyanuschey fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits.

electromechanical control - not too convenient and innovative, but very rarely cause trouble failures and breakdowns. The minimum temperature in the freezer component - 18º C, freezes it to 3 kg of meat per day.

In case of power failure unit will maintain the cold chambers 9 more hours. According to the results of testing on the power model is assigned to class A.

Retail price model World 244-1 Bg quite democratic: about 17 000 rubles.

Refrigerator # 4: Pozis RK-102 Gf

Model RK-102 Gf production Pozis strictly dark tonality light silvery sheen. In the body height 162 cm, a width of 60 cm and a depth of 63 cm is disposed Useful hosts for refrigerated space 285 liters displacement. freezer located at the bottom is occupied by 80 liters.

Cooling both the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment is made drip system. Those. technology owners will have to manually defrost it regularly to remove the ice build-up and get rid of the frost. But if stored products will not lose natural moisture. Drip models are smaller than the units "frost free", and consume less energy.

Managed refrigerator electromechanical system. In the case of interruption of energy supplies will regularly freeze another 13 hours. The lower temperature limit of the freezer - 18º C, it easily day 4 kg of frozen products. By the power consumption of the data model has a class A +.

The cost for the two-chamber unit rather modest, about 17 000 rubles.

Refrigerator # 5: Pozis RK FNF-172 S +

Large capacity refrigerator Pozis RK FNF-172 S + in an elegant silver. Housing its height 202.5 cm width covers 60 cm, depth 67.5 cm model. Their potential owners unit provides 344 l useful volume, of which are allocated to the freezer 124 l.

Cooling both the freezer and refrigerator compartment is performed by No Frost technology. So, both cameras do not require a forced defrost, because they do not have condensation and ice emerging from it. You can defrost a couple of times a year to wash corny equipment, which stores various kinds of products.

Refrigerator controlled electromechanical device. At day able to freeze up to 10 kg. Minimum temperature in the freezer section - 18º C. Unit energy consumption was class A.

The interior is very well equipped. On the surface coated with an antibacterial coating that prevents settling of microorganisms. Cost model 25 000 - 26 000 rubles.

Typical failure Pozis equipment

First of all, it should be noted that the manufacturer is expanding its network of service centers: POZIS warranty studios are already working in many cities around the country. Therefore, any problems with the service equipment will not. Still, the consumer should be aware of the most common breakdowns:

  • not disabled compressor;
  • a sealing elastic ice appears refrigerators and freezer freezes a thick layer of snow, because of which requires frequent defrosting compartment;
  • breaks down the thermostat and FFW (puskozaschitnoy relay);
  • loud audible clicks when the compressor is off.

Design advantages of refrigerators "Pozis" can be regarded as their compact size and relatively high freezing power products, cost-effective and energy-intensive operation. Pozis produces models with 2 motor-compressor, which is the best functional solution manufacturer.

There are shortcomings in the work, they need to know and write about them in otzovikah to seriously and does the fact help other users deal with a particular problem that arose in the operation of the refrigerator or freezer.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The video tells of updates POZIS plant, we are talking about product lines Premier, Classic and Full Nou Frost:

We recommend to draw your attention to a very interesting and illustrative video overview presented by ordinary Russian housewife who talks about the purchase of a freezer cabinet Pozis:

Price refrigerators Pozis remains fundamental to potential buyers in the market of modern refrigeration. Availability of spare parts and expendable equipment, proximity services - is another plus in the treasury budget models.

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