Metal wallpaper: how to choose and paste


  1. Advantages of metal wallpapers
  2. Disadvantages of metal wallpaper
  3. How to choose metal wallpaper?
  4. How to paste metal wallpaper?
  5. Finally

Metal wallpaper has recently appeared on the market of building materials, but already enjoy a well-deserved demand. They are incredibly beautiful, cast in silver, gold or bronze, can have absolutely any pattern or embossing. They bring additional light into the room, visually expand the space, and they have a lot of positive operational qualities.What are the advantages of metal wallpaper, how to choose and glue them correctly?

Metal wallpaper, or metallized, consist offrom two layers of material: the first - paper or nonwoven, the second - aluminum foil. The foil can be either smooth or have some kind of pattern, embossing, a certain color, etc.

Advantages of metal wallpapers

Metal wallpapers have a huge number of advantages, thanks to which they are becoming more popular and in demand:

  1. unique appearance, which immediately distinguishes this finishing material from the mass of others. These wallpapers perfectly fit into the interior in any style: from high-tech to classics. Moreover, due to their reflective properties, such wallpaper can slightly increase the space, which is important for small rooms;
  2. resistance to ultraviolet rays: under the sunlight metal wallpaper does not fade and does not lose its original appearance;
  3. such coverage is sufficienteasy to care for: it can simply be washed regularly to make it beautiful and shiny;
  4. metal wallpaper - beautifulacoustic isolator, so the apartment will be a little quieter;
  5. This type of coating due to the presence of aluminum foil protects household membersfrom the negative impact of power lines;
  6. in the installation this type of coating is also quite simple, and the principle of gluing does not differ from the installation of paper or non-woven wallpaper;
  7. metal wallpaper completelydo not be afraid of moisture, so they can be washed with a damp sponge, and used in rooms with high humidity;
  8. coatingnot afraid of fungus, mold, the influence of other pests, and therefore, will serve you for many years;
  9. durabilitysuch wallpaper is 10-15 years.

Disadvantages of metal wallpaper

Like any other finishing material, metal wallpaper has some drawbacks:

  1. high price- the main minus. It is worth a similar coating is more expensive than paper or vinyl wallpaper, but also its appearance is special, and durability at altitude, so the price is fully justified;
  2. need to carefully level the surfaceunder the application of such wallpaper, because the coating itself is very thin, and every hole and crack on the wall will be clearly visible;
  3. due to its structuremetal wallpaper does not breathe, so condensation can form on the walls. To prevent this, it is necessary to ventilate rooms more often or to organize a powerful ventilation system;
  4. thin layer of foilis subject to mechanical damage, so in apartments where young children and animals live, it is undesirable to use such a coating.

How to choose metal wallpaper?

As already mentioned above, metal wallpaper is a two-layer material, based on which can lie:

  • paper;
  • flesilin.

Naturally, wallpaper based on non-woven fabric is more preferable, because they are easier to install and perform better in operation, they are more durable and have higher adhesion to the wall surface.

The outer metal layer can have a specific color, which is applied in one of the following ways:

  • industrial staining, and in this case, you can get almost any desired shade;
  • oxidation- oxidation of an artificial surface of the foil due to the action of certain reagents. As a result, the coating receives additional protection against corrosion.

After the dyeing process, wallpaper can be exposeddecorative processing, during which a pattern is applied to the surface, stamping is performed, or some interesting elements, such as imitation forged products, etc. In addition, at this stage it can also go throughblackening or platingto eventually get a wallpaper with a unique appearance. Everyone can choose the most suitable option from the many presented, so that the finish fits in with the interior and meets the design idea.


The peculiarity of metal wallpapers is that theysuccessfully fit into almost any interior. So, for hi-tech, a smoother wallpaper with a silvery tint will fit, and in the classics - a relief wallpaper with a golden hue.

When choosing, pay attention not only to the appearance of the product, but also to theits packaging. It must be airtight and complete, and the material itself should not be exposed to the effects of surrounding objects, as it can easily be damaged. Metal wallpaper is sold in rolls, like all other wallpapers, but here the thickness of the material is about 1 mm, so the finish requires the utmost care.

Also pay attention to allcertificates of quality and safety, to be sure that the material will last you for many years, and at the same time it will not damage the health of any of the household members.

Metal wallpaper can be usedpractically in any room, but are best suited for the living room, where they emphasize style and luxury. Designers still do not recommend gluing all the walls with such wallpaper: they can be mounted on one wall or used as part of the decoration on each wall.Combining metal wallpapers with other types of finishesit is also advisable to create a favorable microclimate, because the metallized coating does not allow air to pass through. Such wallpaper is perfectly combined with other natural types of wall decoration: stone, cork, masonry, etc.

Do not forget that it is important not only to choose the right metal wallpaper, but also to choose the appropriate place for them. So, if the goal is to visually expand the space, then they can be pasted on the wall opposite to the source of light (a window or a lamp).

Metal wallpaper - quite expensive, because their production is labor-intensive. Do not buy too cheap a cover, as it is unlikely to be of high quality. Better pay attention to the productssuch well-known manufacturers asTekko andArte.

How to paste metal wallpaper?

After selecting and buying the material, you must immediately proceedsurface preparation. Metal wallpaper is thin enough, therefore it is not able to disguise even the most minor wall defects. That is why you will have to carefully level the surface. It will be necessary to remove all the remains of the old coating, carefully putty or plaster the wall. If the alignment process seems too time-consuming, then you can make it easier for yourself to use sheets of gypsum cardboard or plywood for wall covering. Non-woven wallpaper is even thinner than paper wallpaper, and requires a more careful approach.

As for theglue, then it is selected depending on what material was used in the basis: paper or non-woven fabric. Wallpaper on paper basis is greased with glue, and then mounted on the walls. If a non-woven base is used, then glue the surface of the walls with glue. The process of gluing in no waydoes not differ from the installation of paper or non-woven wallpaper.

Beginning the installation, do not forgetto de-energize the apartment, because metal wallpaper is excellent conduct electricity. Switch on the appliance until the wallpaper is dry, not recommended for safety reasons.

Wallpaper Cuttingtaking into account the measured height of the walls. In addition, you must not forget about the allowance, as well as the need to compare the picture, if such is present.On the wall you can make markup: from the angle lay the width of the first roll, draw with a laser level a vertical line. Then a piece of the same width is laid off from it, again a line is drawn. In the future, they will help you correctly and smoothly paste the wallpaper.

The first strip is glued very neatly, from the top down, smoothing the roller. The second lanebutt glue, comparing the figure. Excess glue is gently wiped with a sponge.


Metal wallpaper - a unique kind of decoration that can decorate any room. They give luxury, visually increase space, have good performance and are easy to care for. Choose them easily: for sale, there are wallpapers with a variety of patterns and colors. In the gluing they are also simple, and the process is almost no different from the installation of paper or non-woven wallpaper, so almost everyone will be able to cope with this task.

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