Characteristics and description of the determinant variety of tomatoes evangelism

Variety of tomato Blagovest was bred for growing in greenhouse conditions. Gardeners liked the for its rapidness and high yields. In this review you will be able to get acquainted with the description and characteristics of this variety tomato.


  • Tomato Blagovest
    • varieties Characteristics
    • Description
    • Benefits
    • Disadvantages
    • What distinguishes Blagovest and evangelism F1
    • Why is it one of the best greenhouse varieties
  • Growing tall tomato
    • Differences growing in a greenhouse and open field
    • Agrotechnics
    • How to incrementally grow seedlings
  • Rules for the care of tomato Blagovest
    • Watering
    • Top dressing
    • Forming a bush
    • Secrets to increase the yield of tomato

Tomato Blagovest

This variety with fast fruit ripening is very appreciated by people, since the period from the first shoots of seedlings to the first crop of tasty tomatoes is only 100 days .

Characteristics of the

variety Although the tomato is Blagovest and belongs to the determinant type, the growth of the bush sometimes approaches the 2 m mark.

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It is necessary to correctly form a bush in the 2 of the stem .Tomato bushes are actively growing and require constant garters to the supports.

Tomato Blagovest

8 tomatoes are formed on one tomato brush, the weight of an individual tomato is up to 200 turns out that the whole brush weighs about one and a half kilograms.

Recommended for planting on 1 square meter only 3 bushes. Requires constant staking .Tomato during budding and flowering requires a lot of water when watering.

Many gardeners argue that tying up requires not only powerful stems, but also large brushes with ripening tomatoes.


On a high branched bush, there are leafy plates of tomato type, but with a gray-green color.

Indicator Description
Shrub Very branchy and high
Maturation 100-105 days.
The yield of is 6 kg from one bush.
Fetus form Round with weak ribbing.
Tomato color Red.
The average weight of the berries 180-200 gr.
Peel Dense and glossy.
Flesh Sugar.
Transportation Excellent.
Storage Up to a month after harvesting.

When transporting, tomatoes retain their good product quality. For all its qualities, its is used in salads and preserved , as the variety is fully universal. Its well-pronounced tomato flavor is preserved even in conservation.


With proper care of the bushes of tomato Blagovest, you can get a high yield
  • Increased yield ;
  • Good disease resistance ;
  • Seeds have good germination; ;
  • Long-term storage of fruit plucked.


  • Large crop is formed only in greenhouse conditions ;
  • Mandatory garter of bushes and brushes with ripening fruits.
This variety has much more advantages than disadvantages and they are not significant, therefore it is very popular among gardeners.

What distinguishes Blagovest and Blagovest F1

The hybrid has its advantages in yield, since the first brush is laid over the 7th sheet plate and consists of 10 flowers, on which fruits later form. Yield hybrid to 6.5 kg from one bush. Terms of fruit ripening 95 days.

Hybrid variety of tomato Blagovest F1
The fact that the variety has a significant advantage in relation to the hybrid, the variety transmits its genetic data through its seeds, and the hybrid seeds will need to be purchased in specialized stores annually for growing seedlings.

Why is it one of the best greenhouse varieties

This is one of the excellent greenhouse varieties, because has a cohesive yield of large crops and is well resistant to for a number of tomato diseases. Therefore, there are no losses from the dead bushes. Also, having a good transportability, the harvest can be taken to retail outlets without loss of presentation of fruits.

It turns out a large crop with almost no losses sold to the buyer.

Growing tall tomatoes

In order to get a good crop of tomatoes in August, you first need to take care of growing healthy seedlings.

Differences of cultivation in the greenhouse and in the open field

When growing tomato Blagovest in the greenhouse, you can get up to 5 kg of tomato

in a greenhouse Differences will be in the yield of the bushes. In a greenhouse, the temperature is practically constant without changes. While the in the open field harvest depends on the temperature of the air and the amount of precipitation.

The variety is bred only for growing in greenhouses, the crop in the open field will be minimal, and the berry will not reveal its taste.


First of all, this variety needs constant feeding and irrigation of , which cannot be ignored. It is necessary to follow all the rules, ranging from growing seedlings and ending with watering and fertilizing until the fruit ripens.

How to grow seedlings

  • step by step To grow in the middle of March to start growing ;
  • Check the seeds for germination of in saline, those that surfaced, withdrawn and discarded;
Verification of tomato seeds for germination
  • In containers filled with nutritious soil, close up the seeds with 1.5 cm in 5 cm increments. Between seeds;
  • Cover crops with glass;
  • With the emergence of seedlings, the glass is removed and, when two true leaves are formed, the seedlings swoop in separate containers of 500 g each;
  • Further care consists of watering and monitoring seedlings;
  • At the age of 45 days, is hardened by , and transplanted into a greenhouse.
Observing these rules will result in a healthy, stocky seedling with 8 leaf plates.

Tomato care rules Blagovest


Bushes need timely and frequent watering, as many tomatoes are formed on powerful bushes. Watering in large quantities is required:

  • During bloom ;
  • Formation of ovaries;
  • Ripening fruit.
Watering and fertilizing is crucial in active growth and yield of tomato Blagovest

Watering is not often, but plenty of once every 14 days with warm water. After watering, loosening and removing weed grass and airing the greenhouse is required so that it does not have high humidity.

Loosening is carried out carefully, as the root system is closely located to the surface of the soil.


Top dressing is applied three times during the season of tomato growing season. They consist of complete mineral fertilizers.

Top dressing to bring only the irrigation field, so as not to burn the root system of the bush.

Formation of the bush

Shrubs form into one two stalks, removing, all stepchildren.

Scheme of formation of tomato bushes Blagovest in the greenhouse
In the northern regions of Russia at a height of 2 m. The top of the stem is cut off, thus stopping its growth. In the southern regions, the top of the head is turned and allowed to grow on the roof of the greenhouse.

Secrets of increasing yields of tomato

Yield secrets:

  1. Planting in a greenhouse.
  2. Watering.
  3. Fertilizers.

If you plant this sort of tomato according to all the rules of , then you will get a big harvest of commercial tomatoes with a characteristic tomato flavor. Nobody will remain indifferent, because the salads from it are simply unique.

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