Mini washing machines under the sink: the top 5 models + tips on choosing

Bathrooms in some homes are so small that is difficult to find a place for household appliances in them. For such cases, invented mini washing machines under the sink. The installation of these compact units can free up usable space without breaking the integrity of the interior.

The content of the article:

  • Types of washing machines under the sink
  • Popular model mini stiralok
    • Model №1: Bosch WLG 24260
    • Model №2: LG F12U2HDS1
    • Model №3: SIEMENS WS12T440
    • Model №4: ELECTROLUX EWC 1350
    • Model № 5: Eurosoba 600
    • Model №6: Zanussi FCS 825 C
    • Model №7: Candy Aqua 2d1040-07
  • Rules for choosing a suitable shell
  • Furniture in the bathroom under the stiralku
  • Subtleties of installation and connection
  • Installation of sinks and furniture
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Types of washing machines under the sink

Washing machines designed to be installed under the sink, in the place of accommodation is divided into 3 types:

  • mounted directly under the sink;
  • combined with a sink;
  • mounted under the table top.

The first group of machines differs modest parameters. Their height ranges from 0.5 to 0.65 m, depth is also pretty small - up to 0.5 m.

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Download to such a machine can be a maximum of 3.5 kg of laundry. Charging port is always located in a horizontal plane and located on the front panel.

The limited capacity of the mini stiralok

Miniature washing machines, installed under the sink, designed for small bathrooms

Depth limitation due to the corresponding parameter shell, and it is a maximum of 0.6 m. It is necessary to subtract the distance between the machine and the wall -. 0.1 m Shell of this size is not suitable for families with small children - it will be difficult to open crane. In this case the optimum solution would be 50 cm sink and washing machine suitable dimensions.

It has its limits, and the height of the machine. Choose it from the following considerations: the sink is attached at a height of 0.9 m of them from 0.1 to 0.2 m holds. he plumbing fixtures plus for him siphon -. 0.1 m on the machine itself is given very little space. To load some laundry have to stoop very low.

Mini stiralka

The machine under the sink significantly save space, but you need to bear in mind that you have to separately purchase and install a siphon custom design

To save space, the designers have a drain and feed pipes are mainly behind, but there are mechanisms with a lateral placement of these elements. This drain has an unusual location - the usual horizontal instead of vertical. Because of this, it is often water.

Other options to consider are not even worth it - from the discharge pipe located vertically come into contact with a washing machine, and it is unacceptable for security reasons. We should not forget about the vibration that occurs when the spin is activated due to the unbalanced distribution of laundry in the drum, it can withdraw from the system outlets.

Drain the sink above the washing machine

On the washing machine can only be mounted sink with a horizontal type of release that excludes contact stiralki housing with sewerage system components

To install over a mini washing machine best suited sink "water lilies", with a flat bottom. They are shallow - no more than 200 mm. Buy them separately, but there is a sale and kits which sink or washing machine water lily and perfectly adjusted to each other.

The front panel does not fall spray. This sink is convenient both at startup and during unloading. The amount laid out for such a machine is lower than if you had to buy a car and a bowl separately.

Combining stiralki and sinks

Design, combining a washing machine and sink in one case, easier to use, easier to install. It is less nodes, creating a threat of leaks

Unlike previous, washing machine, combined with a sink, it shares a common housing. This constructive solution allows to raise the charging port on the standard height and make a mini-car more comfortable to use.

In another scheme, and there is supply and drain water - there does not need any new connections because connect the machine to the existing common pipeline.

Potential buyers of washing machines should be aware not only of the benefits of compact equipment, but also on the shortcomings:

image gallery

Photo of

Washing machine with a small drum

Stiralka Mini naturally inferior to the capacity of full-fledged washing technique. The largest of them wash 4 kg of linen

Location of water over the container technology

Even the high-quality shell tend to come at the unsuitability. Juxtaposition of the washing machine is undesirable in principle

Possibility Bay stiralki

Due to low upstands shells installed on machines, and specifically arranged spouts with water siphons probability bay art always high

Limited reception hygiene

Admission hygiene procedures on a small size sink significantly limited. One should always be wary of splashing and falling detrimental to electronics to water stiralku

Narrow small-sized washing machine

Optimal variant tandem stiralka / sink involves placing water feed hose and the drain pipe behind the rear wall of the machine

Fixes inspection and maintenance of the system

In small bathrooms and lavatories access for inspection and maintenance of the machine to connect to the communications nodes will always be overly problematic

Sink shifted water receiving tank

If you can, it's worth prefer shell-shifted with respect to the machine water intake capacity

Washing machine zoned under sink

Installing the washing machine at a free shelf sink rather than under the water intake capacity is a possibility of the Gulf, to the same technique protects against accidental splashes

Washing machine with a small drum

Washing machine with a small drum

Location of water over the container technology

Location of water over the container technology

Possibility Bay stiralki

Possibility Bay stiralki

Limited reception hygiene

Limited reception hygiene

Narrow small-sized washing machine

Narrow small-sized washing machine

Fixes inspection and maintenance of the system

Fixes inspection and maintenance of the system

Sink shifted water receiving tank

Sink shifted water receiving tank

Washing machine zoned under sink

Washing machine zoned under sink

Popular model mini stiralok

Small washing machines are popular in our country. Focusing on the demand, we are mainly deployed and the production of many well-known companies. Build them a little not as flawless as that podlennikov, but still the quality of their good.

Model №1: Bosch WLG 24260

Like all appliances manufactured by this company, Bosch WLG 24260 is not cheap. Machine roomy in it, as in the full-length washing machine can be downloaded to 5 kg. Its height is 0.85 meters, so use the sink placed on it is not very convenient. But the model has a range of modes of washing - only 14, so it can be washed any clothes.

Such a narrow washing machine Bosch fits comfortably under the sink, and free up space in the bathroom. Luc it opens on 180⁰ that allows you to freely carry out loading and unloading.

Valuable and the time that the machine automatically searches for ways to reduce vibration, redistributing the laundry on a drum or reducing the speed of rotation. Unit weight - 65 kg, with a depth of 0.4 m and a width of 0.6 m While wash over highly placed will sink and not very comfortable, but it is an option quite suitable for large families..

Model №2: LG F12U2HDS1

Such as tall model as the previous one -. 0.85 m In the same width and a lesser weight assembly drum deeper - 450 mm and puts up to 7 kg load.

Mini stiralka offers an extensive selection of programs - a total of 14 independently controls the vibration, automatically determines the weight of the laundry loaded into the drum.

Productive unit differs quiet washing, high reliability. It has a great menu, located on the front panel. Despite the high price, the model is in demand.

Model №3: SIEMENS WS12T440

SIEMENS - quality proven over the years of operation. It runs quietly, has a full set of standard conditions for washing plus 2 - Speed ​​Perfect and "impregnation". The first makes it possible to reduce the washing time by half, and the second - to wash clothes designed for sport.

Model High - 0.848 m and a width and a depth of 0.598 m Max 0.446 mass loaded linen -. 7 kg. It overcomes almost to dryness at a maximum speed of 1200 rev. / Min.

Model №4: ELECTROLUX EWC 1350

For economical and compact models relates ELECTROLUX EWC 1350. Compact and easy to use geometry parameters of the machine allows to put it under a bowl. Its height is 0.67 m, width -. 0.5 m, depth of -0.51 m in the drum can be downloaded up to 3 kg.

The unit independently distributes underwear, working in spinning mode, which ensures quiet operation. The set of programs includes a short wash (0.5 h.), Re-rinse, wash delicate fabrics in a special mode. It is possible to defer the start of a maximum of 6 hours.

Model № 5: Eurosoba 600

Eurosoba company supplies the Russian market washing machines complete with sinks "Messenger". Model 600 is ergonomic Eurosoba small mass. At the height it occupies 0.68 m, and 0.46 and 0.46 m in width and depth, respectively.

A characteristic feature of the mini car washing Eurosoba 600 - minimalism combined with a high quality. It laid down a set of necessary programs. There are eco-valve that saves detergent.

The unit is equipped with a function of automatic weighing laundry and stain removal mode, having a biological origin. Spinning at a low level - total 600 rev / min. but the noise is minimal during this process. Maximum capacity of drum - 3.5 kg.

Model №6: Zanussi FCS 825 C

The main advantage of this unit is expressed in the fact that it can be placed under the sink without changing the trap because of its small height -. 0.67 m Width Zanussi FCS 825 C 0.51 m, depth -. 0.51 m With these parameters can be loaded into the drum 3 maximum kg.

Machine weight 54 kg. It is equipped with 4 modes of extraction and makes a maximum of 800 rev / min., Which corresponds to the average level. The list of features includes a preliminary, delicate and high-speed modes of washing and ironing easy.

The machine is reliable, durable, and it justifies its relatively high cost - at the level of units with higher loading of 2 times. Intelligent control eliminates the possibility of overheating and the overflow water, and its full cycle of the washing machine consumed 39 liters.

Model №7: Candy Aqua 2d1040-07

The model combines great functionality and compact size. Its height is 0.7 m and a width of 0.51 m allows good entry into the space under the sink. At a depth of 0.46 m drum 4 kg puts laundry in the dry state.

The main advantage of the model - 15 modes of washing, including Allergy. It is equipped with a reliable security system and the function of automatic weighing linen. Consumes wash 32 l of water.

Provided this model and modern design, whereby it fits well into any interior. The maximum number of revolutions per minute - 1000 lingerie outlet getting wet, but the noise level is much lower than that of models underwear to squeeze almost to dryness.

Rules for choosing a suitable shell

There are several types of shells under the washing machine:

  • lilies;
  • overhead;
  • recessed;
  • together with the top;
  • built-in furniture.

These plumbing fixtures can be of various shapes - found shell oval, rectangular and irregular shapes. As a material used for the manufacture of ceramics, stainless steel, acrylic, stone, glass, composite.

waybill sink

Waybill sink above the washing machine looks stylish and blends harmoniously into any environment. With the right choice, it can be a bright interior accent

Basically, the sink, under which will install washing machines, there is no drain in the middle. It is placed against the wall, so as not to interfere with the washing machine.

A large percentage of the washing machine has a width of about 0.6 m. Therefore, the width of the shell, and choose from the top. It should match or exceed this parameter it is 2 times, if provided having two washes.

Sink in the worktop

Sink with countertop space transforms. Buying shell of some form, should take into account not only the size of the washing machine, but also that it should not look like something foreign in the interior

The first case - a sink and space for washing machine nearby. In the embodiment with two shells, one of them may be special, and a second routine. This is a good solution, but its implementation requires a certain space. In this case, it is easier to perform the installation of the washing machine and its further maintenance.

Furniture in the bathroom under the stiralku

Uniform style in the bathroom creates a special furniture for adjustment of the washing machine with a sink. It is a suspended or floor. Also commercially available kits include separate elements which easily form different compositions.

Lotos series

Furniture in the bathroom Lotos series has a wide range of sizes and is designed for installation in cramped bathroom, and spacious bathrooms

In the salons plumbing have both thumbs with a sink for washing machines, and these elements separately. An example of such a composition may serve as a series Lotos Russian manufacture. It includes a sink with countertop and cabinet. Its dimensions are different, and the choice depends on the availability of free space.

Subtleties of installation and connection

Before installing the washing machine drum should be released from the mounting bolts. It is fixed in order to avoid damage during shipping. The resulting hole is plugged, available in the kit.

dismantling of bolts

Bolts removed during the preparation of the washing machine to the setup you want to save, otherwise, if the situation arises that it is necessary to return back without fixing it will not be accepted

The machine must be installed on a flat surface, the maximum deviation from the horizontal should not exceed 2⁰. Otherwise, there will be a excessive vibration, incorrect operation of the automation. To put the unit as straight as possible, carry out the adjustment feet.

If the connection to the place of the washing machine connected to communications, the connection is carried out using standard fittings. An important aspect is the correct installation of the siphon. If at the time of its installation to make a mistake, the water may be on the floor when it is drained from the machine. To avoid this drain the machine is connected via a branch at an angle through the use of an oblique tee.

Installing the washing machine under the sink

If you connect a washing machine to have a cast-iron pipe, the siphon dismantle and install a special adapter and a plastic scythe tee is inserted into it. The removal of the latter is inserted into the machine the drain hose. When performing a connection to plastic pipes, use exactly the same tee, but without going over

If the drain plug directly to the siphon, when it clogged the water will accumulate in the sink. Inclusion in the system with the angle tee 45⁰ help to avoid such a situation, since structurally it is made in such a way that it never stays dirt.

The water in the machine should flow through the filter. You need to take care of the easy access to it because it will have to be cleaned periodically. When installing the machine, it is necessary to adhere strictly to the instructions, because violating it, you can lose the guarantee.

Installation of sinks and furniture

After placing the unit carry out the installation of the sink. The task is easier when the sink is built into the machine, then it all comes down to the final installation.

If the sink is purchased separately, inserting a few rules must be observed:

  1. Read the instruction. Different models may have their own characteristics.
  2. Avoid contact with the machine parts of the basin. It will thus be reduced to zero the probability of a short circuit and reduced the detrimental effects of vibration.
  3. Make it so that the cup has performed over the machine 35 centimeters, otherwise water can get to the surface of the unit.
  4. Leave a gap of 20 - 30 mm between the top and aggregate.
  5. Screws for fixing the brackets that hold the sink, do not tighten all the way to further align the countertop can be horizontal.
  6. Make sure that the electrical part of the machine in perfect order, and the wires are well insulated. Because of the close proximity to the water, there is always the chance of contact.
  7. Check quality so formed sealing compounds.

When the planned installation of furniture, after placing it on the selected location need to adjust the height of the legs.

Rules concerning the position of mini washing machines under the sink

The width of the shell should be greater than 580 mm, if the output of the drains located on the wall behind it and 500 mm in the absence of such O

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

About miracle technology in the bathroom under the sink. User Reviews:

On the types of shells, mounted above the washing machine:

For small bathrooms no better solution than a mini washing machine with the installation under the sink. For a large range of this technique is required to find a perfectly suitable. And installation, in the presence of a minimum set of tools and little experience, easy to perform on their own.

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