Why the refrigerator is flowing and how to fix it

Why the refrigerator is flowing and how to fix it


Why does the refrigerator run? Where in the blink of an eye can a huge puddle appear inside and under the fridge? Why is the mysterious "snow coat" growing within the refrigerator for several days? Such questions were often asked by each person throughout his life, because no one is insured against failures. And it does not matter how much money you gave for your refrigerator, and what it year of release - even the most modern novelty can go out of order.

There are many reasons for the accumulation and flow of water from the camera. Do not immediately call an expensive master and panic, it is possible that the solution is directly in front of you and will not require any costs.


The problem can be very prosaic - for example, your refrigerator is defrosted and flows after an unplanned outage, or the plug does not fit snugly to the outlet, and the contact is broken.


Only after you are convinced of the absence of these household factors, you can proceed to determine the "diagnosis" of the breakdown.

As is known, today, in addition to the old-style refrigerators, modern devices with the No system Frost (Know Frost), the principle of which is significantly different from traditional units with a crying system evaporator.

No Frost produces a so-called "dry" cold, without frost inside and other side effects. This review will outline what to do in each of these two cases.


  • 1The drainage hole of the refrigerating chamber is clogged
  • 2The drain hole of the freezer compartment is clogged
  • 3Crack in a liquid container
  • 4Problems with the drain pipe
  • 5Problems with tightness
  • 6Breakage of thermostat
  • 7No Frost System
  • 8General Operation Tips

The drainage hole of the refrigerating chamber is clogged


The most common problem in this area. Determine that the problem is precisely the clogged drainage sink, it is easy enough. In this case, the refrigerator flows literally from all the slots-the water accumulates not only inside the chamber, but also flows outward, flooding the floor.

If you saw a flooded kitchen floor, and the refrigerator is tearing water out, it's definitely in the drainage sink. What if I do not have time to call the wizard?


You can solve the problem on your own, without the intervention of specialists. You will only need a syringe with a large volume or a small syringe, which must be filled with warm water. Attach the tool to the drain hole, press down, and a powerful head will quickly remove the blockage.

Why are there such problems? Usually, blockages occur due to the ingress of food particles into the hole. To avoid this, you should do some preventive maintenance, carefully monitor what you are doing with the evaporator, and put the food at some distance from the refrigerator wall. If you follow the instructions, you will not have any problems.

The drain hole of the freezer compartment is clogged

In this case, everything is a bit more complicated. When you have a refrigerator running from the inside, and water comes directly from the freezer, the problem is already in the drainage sink of the freezer. The consequence of such a breakdown can be not only the appearance of moisture, but also the appearance of ice along the contour of the door.

In this case, it is better to trust the specialists, otherwise you risk only aggravate the situation. The fact that the drain hole is located inside the case, and to reach it is very problematic. In working with such a complex device as a freezer, you do not need to rely on your own skills - in the end, you can stay at a loss.

Crack in a liquid container

When the water flows only from the bottom of the refrigerator, and inside the chamber is dry, the problem lies in the liquid reservoir. When a crack appears in it, water will inevitably begin to pour on the floor.


It is quite easy to notice this damage, but it is not always possible to eliminate it yourself.

Some people try to cover the crack with a waterproof sealant, but this is only a temporary solution to the problem. You will need to contact the service and change the tank.

Problems with the drain pipe

Symptoms of this problem can be confused with a cracked tank - the water flows only from below, under the refrigerator, and in the cell itself it is dry. The problem lies in the drainage drain pipe. If she moves, the ode will start to pour on the floor and fill the entire kitchen. To fix the situation quite easily, you just need to turn the refrigerator and fix the drain pipe.

Problems with tightness

Sooner or later the door of the refrigerator and freezer compartment will not fit as tightly as before. Usually it's a worn seal, which eventually loses its old condition and goes out of order. As a result of such a malfunction the camera collects moisture, ice and frost, so the refrigerator flows.


Nothing complicated here, you just need to buy a new seal and replace it. This method is suitable for both the drop system and the No Frost system.

Breakage of thermostat

In this case, the refrigerator completely fails, and the only solution to the problem is just the help of a specialized service. The service always has spare parts for all models, and the malfunction will be eliminated as soon as possible. You can not solve the problem independently - the result will be additional losses.


No Frost System

If the No Frost system fails, the problem is the evaporator heater. The consequences of the failure of the No Frost system will be accumulated water near the refrigerator and ice in the refrigerator. Only the repair team of the specialized service No Frost can cope with the replacement of the heater - you do not solve this issue yourself.

General Operation Tips

In the event of any breakdown in the refrigerator, the main thing is not to panic, but with a cold head to begin to eliminate it. Very often the problem does not even exist. For example, quite often people with refrigerators of the old model complain about the appearance of a "snow coat" inside the camera. Why is this happening? The answer is simple - these are just the features of the operation of older generation units, and no repairs are needed here.

If you are faced with a problem that requires the intervention of professionals, do not repair yourself - you risk getting an electric shock or a fire hazard. Especially it concerns the refrigerator Know Frost, which is characterized by complex technological processes.

In the failure of NoFrost refrigerators, the freezing of the freezer compartment, when replacing the thermostat and the tank - call a specialist, and you will be able to solve the problem in a short time and at a minimal cost.

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