Characteristics and description of the medium early variety of tomato grandee

Already from the name it becomes clear that this tomato is from a noble family of Siberians! He is loved and respected by gardeners for the beautiful appearance of fruit, resistance to adverse conditions and taste. The description and characteristics of the tomato variety Velmozha are given below.


  • Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato grandee
    • quality features
    • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Growing tomatoes
    • Agrotechnics hybrid-Siberian
    • transplant to a permanent place
    • Care grade
    • Fighting against diseases and pests
    • tomatoes Storage grandee
    • Features of cultivation in the greenhouse
  • Conclusion

Characterization and description of a tomato variety Velzhmozha

Hybrid is one of the most popular varieties among gardeners of the breeding of SibNIIRS and zregisingly in the State Register in 2004. It was bred specifically for cultivation in regions with cold summer .Its large juicy fruits are considered to be salad and are suitable for the production of tomato paste and juice. Because of the impressive dimensions are almost not used for canning.

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Varietal features

The grandee can be attributed to the mid-early varieties of maturation. It can be used for cultivation in an open ground and greenhouses. The vegetation period lasts 105-120 days .

Tomato Velhozhma

Shrub depending on growing conditions can reach a height of 55-70 in open ground and up to 150 cm in the greenhouse. Leaves are pinnate, light green pubescent. Brush inflorescences appear after the formation of the bush of 7-8 leaves, from which the ovaries are formed. When mature, these are fleshy, large, heart-shaped, slightly elongated .The weight of a tomato can reach 400 grams. Depending on the growing conditions, the color of the fruit can vary from dark pink to raspberry red.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The advantages of this variety are great:

  • High-yielding;
  • Relatively unpretentious;
  • frost hardy;
  • Resistant to diseases;
  • Excellently established itself in the regions of the Urals and western Siberia.
The grandee has a good yield.

. The grandees of the Grandees, you can say no, except that by the nature of noble origin it can be noted that the plant:

  • Demanding on the composition of the soil;
  • . Its productivity directly depends on regular fertilizing;
  • For full life, the roots must "breathe."It is necessary to loosen the soil;
  • Need a pasynkovaniya.

Cultivation of tomato

This hybrid is simply created for cultivation in the conditions of a midland, Eastern and Western Siberia. Good results in the Urals and the Far East. Provided forced irrigation pleases abundant crops in the southern regions.

Agrotechnika of the hybrid-Siberian

Seeds are sown in a light, free-flowing air wet soil at the end of March .Suitable peat mixture or just soft soil. The container is covered with glass or transparent film and put in the heat for germination. Landing on demand from time to time watered. After germination of the seedlings, the shelter can be removed and the pots moved to the bright window.

The first seedlings of tomato seeds Velimozh

It is better if the indoor temperature fluctuates within 14-17 degrees .This will slow down the stormy vegetation and prevent the stretching of the seedlings. To increase the daylight hours above the tomatoes install additional lighting.

pick picks into individual pots when one or two true leaves appear on the plant.

When growing seedlings, it is important to remember that regular, but not abundant watering is a guarantee of health. Otherwise, the roots may rot, and the plant will die.

Another mandatory requirement of this hybrid is lack of drafts .

If plants are grown on a sunny window, in order to avoid burns, it is necessary to follow so that the leaves are not pressed against the glass .

Transplantation to a permanent place.

. Depending on the climatic conditions and the availability of heating, transplants to greenhouses are carried out in May by .After frosts end, it is possible to land the grown up seedling and in an open ground.

To increase the speed of seedling survival and its growth in the hole before planting young plants, you need to apply

fertilizer. You can add last year's compost to the well prepared for planting. Due to the fact that the bush grows strongly, plants are planted on 3-4 bush on 1 square meter .In order to increase yields, pasynkovanie carried out twice during the growing season, and to increase the size of the fruit should be left on a bush no more than 5 flowers per branch.

Grade care

As a true nobleman, the variety has its own requirements:

  • Watering is very important for him, especially during the formation of ovaries and fruits. Drying of the soil is unacceptable.
  • Gratefully responds to feeding with potash and phosphate fertilizers. With adequate nutrition, the fruits become sugary and tasty.
For good growth and fruit formation, regular feeding and proper watering of
  • are required. should be regularly loosened by the soil and free from weeds. During the formation of ovaries, it is recommended to increase watering.
  • Lighting is also important. We can not allow the bushes to create a shadow over each other.
  • Hybrid Siberian are not afraid of a cold snap up to +14 degrees .At lower temperatures, the plant freezes.

Fighting Diseases and Pests

In open ground , spider mite is often attempted on the succulent leaves. As a treatment procedure, leaf wiping with a soap solution is used.

Brown Spot is a frequent guest of unventilated greenhouses. Prevent the occurrence of the disease will be eliminating excess moisture and spraying garlic tincture.

Storing tomatoes Grandee

Tomatoes of this variety have a good keeping quality and transportability of fruits.

Peculiarities of growing in the greenhouse

The most suitable environment has been created in the greenhouse for tomatoes, so they grow well above their counterparts who have settled in open ground.

Nobleman Tomatoes grown in the greenhouse
To keep the branches with heavy fruit brushes from breaking, they are best tied.

Despite the fact that the nobleman loves moisture, it is necessary to monitor the general microclimate in the greenhouse, to regularly air and ensure the correct light mode. Otherwise, the leaves of this hybrid in conditions of high humidity may be affected by brown spot.


You can make friends with the Grandee if create favorable conditions for the growth of , and his gratitude in the form of juicy fleshy fruits will not take long to wait! All the efforts of summer residents will be rewarded with a generous harvest.

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