Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Chocolate miracle

Each gardener wishes to grow unusual, beautiful, and at the same time tasty fruits on his personal plot. Tomatoes are a very common vegetable and are present in almost all household farms. One of the selection of new products is considered to be a variety of tomato Chocolate. Next, try to figure out how to grow tomatoes of this variety in your garden, and also consider a detailed description and description.


  • description and characterization of the tomato Chocolate
  • merits and varieties disadvantages
  • Rules sowing
    • When sow
    • Prepare seeds and soil
    • As sow
    • Care seedlings
    • transplanting
  • Care grade after landing
    • Watering
    • Feeding
    • Weeding
    • garter bushes
  • Diseases and their prevention
  • Reviews of vegetable growers about tomato Chocolate

Description and characteristics of tomato Chocolate

This crop was bred by breeders in21st century. Fruits of a plant differ in an exotic color, and also high flavoring qualities.

Description of bushes:

  • Medium size, reach a height of 120-150cm .
  • Root system: powerful with horizontal forks.
  • Stems are strong, require garters for high yields.
  • Leaves: green color, medium size.
  • Inflorescence: intermediate type.
Approximately 5 fruits form on one hand.

Description of fruits:

  • fruits are rounded, slightly flattened;
  • weight on average 200-400 grams ;
  • color tomato: red-brown chocolate color;
  • pulp: fleshy, juicy.
Fruit Tomato Fruit Weight - 200-400 grams

fruits are not intended for long-term storage of and are used in salads, sauces, vegetable snacks, and preservation in cooking.

By type of growth, this hybrid is a non-standard semi-determinant culture. This is a mid-season variety and the first crop ripens in about 3 months. The average yield per season is 10-15 kg / m2.

Tomatoes of this variety can be grown both in greenhouses and in open areas of .

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main difference between black fruit varieties and other tomatoes is their taste. Chocolate is endowed with high sugar content and because of the special ratio of sugar-acid index has a pleasant taste.

The main advantages of the bottom variety:

  1. Unpretentiousness in cultivation.
  2. Ease of cultivation.
  3. Medium sized bushes.
  4. Disease Resistance .
  5. High Tastes .
  6. An interesting type of fruit.
Fruits cannot be preserved for a long time and they are usually consumed fresh
This variety does not have any special deficiencies, the main feature is the impossibility of prolonged storage of fruits.

Sowing rules

As already mentioned, tomatoes of this variety can be grown in greenhouse conditions or on open soils.

When sowing

Seeds should be sown approximately 2 months prior to transplanting. To plant seeds in a greenhouse need to be 10 days earlier.

Calculating tomato sowing time, it is necessary to analyze the weather forecast so that the plant does not slow down in growth and gives a rich harvest.

Preparing seeds and soil

Since Chocolate is a hybrid variety, its seeds do not need to be disinfected, soaked and hardened .

At first they are sown in deep and larger containers, pre-filled with earth mixture. The latter can be purchased in stores or independently prepare.

Chocolate Tomato Variety Seeds

To prepare an earthy mixture:

  • mix equal quantities peat, humus, and turf ;
  • add 1 tbsp to the bucket of the mixture obtained.a spoonful of ash;
  • add 1 teaspoon of potash and phosphate fertilizer.

The mixture must be disinfected. To do this, it is calcined at a temperature of 200 degrees in the oven for several minutes. In addition, for disinfection the soil can be watered with a solution of potassium permanganate.

How to sow

Immediately on the day of sowing, the earth mixture is spread tightly in containers, to make shallow recesses. The interval between the grooves on average is 2 fingers. Seeds are thrown into these pits and then fall asleep.

Care for seedlings

Seedlings in containers should be kept in a well-lit place with air temperature from +18 +25 degrees .

After emergence of seedlings, seedlings should be stored in a well-lit place
Control the humidity of the mixture every day and spray it if necessary.

When sprouts appear in warm weather, containers need to be carried outside. On the first day, take out for 5 minutes, and then every day, increase the time the seedlings stay in the open air for 5 minutes.

In addition, sprouts need to be fed .Feed the plant can be 1 time in 2 weeks.

After about 10 days, 2 leaflets appear on the sprouts. During this period it is necessary to pick the pickup and plant the seedlings from a large tank into small tanks. These can be pots or plastic cups. Planted seedlings carefully, along with the ground.

Planting of seedlings

After a few weeks flower brushes appear on seedlings, and it is time to plant them in open areas. For high yield, this crop should be planted in light soils with a neutral acid-base medium .

Soil preparation before planting seedlings:

  1. Soil loosening to the height of a shovel.
  2. Cover the place where the landing will be carried out, with black film, to warm the ground to +15 degrees.
  3. Add fertilizer in the proportion of 3 kg per square meter.
Tomato seedlings are planted in the ground around mid-May.

Tomato seedlings are planted in open ground approximately at the end of May .Usually 3 bushes are planted per square meter.

Planting seedlings should be in quiet, not windy and not sunny weather.

Care of the variety after planting

After planting the tomato Chocolate is undemanding in the care. The main care is watering, feeding, weeding, garter.

In order to collect large fruits, it is necessary to follow the formation of the bush: tie up in time, and also remove unnecessary ovaries.


This crop is unpretentious in care, but needs periodic watering. The soil should not dry .The acclimatization of seedlings takes place in the first week and during this period the seedlings should not be watered.

Watering a plant requires between rows or under roots .It is best to conduct watering in the early morning or late evening. Ash water is suitable for the procedure.

Top dressing

The plant is recommended to feed three times per season .You can feed once every two weeks until the fruit ripens. For fertilizing fit all fertilizers with a low content of nitrates.

Young bushes need magnesium for growth and development, and boron is necessary for bushes during flowering. With a shortage of calcium, it is necessary to make preparations containing this element.

When adding mineral fertilizers, the agrochemical composition of the soil must be taken into account. Begin feeding on day 10 after transplanting. The second time to feed tomatoes is recommended for 20 days.


Flower beds with tomatoes should be weeded regularly, as well as loosened the soil for a rich harvest. Weeds need to be actively controlled against weeds, as they take in nutrients and moisture, and also create shade.

Garter Bushes

Chocolate Shrubs Be sure to tie up

Tomato bushes must be tied up so that they do not break from their own weight. To make the bushes rooted for the garter, they use pegs with a length of 1.2–1.5 m. is used for the garter immediately at the disembarkation field.

The pegs are driven into the ground on the north side of the plant. From the stem indent by 10 cm.

In addition, it is necessary to conduct with beadding, removing unnecessary side shoots. It is recommended to do this in the morning.

Diseases and their prevention

The variety of tomatoes Chocolate is characterized by good immunity. However, there is no need to relax and not carry out prevention of diseases, since the risk of infection still exists.

Basic recommendations for prevention of infection:

  • adding ash or bone meal to ;
  • daily alternating spraying of greenery with ash decoction, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, copper sulphate and other inorganic fungicides.
To prevent infections, it is recommended to add bone meal to the soil.

As well as using pest control it is necessary to fight pests: aphids, mites and cicadas.

Reviews of vegetable growers about tomato Chocolate

Reviews of tomatoes of this variety are mostly positive. All praise the unusual taste of the fruit and high yields.

Valentina, Tatarstan

Cultivated tomatoes in the open field. Just a wonderful variety. Fruits juicy, sweet, meaty .Got an average harvest.

Alexander, Omsk

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse. Miracle seeds acquired by chance. During this period, already planted another tomato seedlings. Collected very early crop and rich of all the planted varieties. Recomend for everybody. I will plant this variety constantly.

Tatiana, Gornozavodsk in the Perm Territory

Cultivated tomatoes in an open area. Alas disappointed in this variety. The yield on 4 points from 5. But by taste the fruits were sour, watery and absolutely tasteless .Part of the fruit near the stem remained green. However, I will try to plant chocolate tomatoes again next year.

Marina, Kiev

Cultivated tomatoes in open field. I was pleased. Fruits collected juicy and sweet. Perfect for fresh use. also prepared juice and adjika juice.

Nadezhda, St. Petersburg

Grown in Striped Chocolate Greenhouse. Because of the rainy weather, the fruits were sour, watery .It was not noticed gray rot and phytophtora. Gathered the seeds because the store bought badly sprouted. I will try to plant next season.

Tomato Chocolate is a mid-season variety. It is not intended for prolonged storage. In addition, green fruit can not be left on ripening. However, despite this, this variety is unclaimed to care and has good taste. At observance of all recommendations this grade will please with a rich harvest.

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