How to make pegs for tomato do it yourself

Tomato is one of the most popular types of vegetable plants grown on the territory of our country today. The tomato has gained wide popularity due to its nutritional and dietary properties, a huge variety of species and varieties, and high yield in various climatic conditions. However, to get a good harvest requires proper care of a tomato, which includes a garter to the pegs.

  • ContentsMethods of growing tomatoes

    Tomato is grown in the open air and in greenhouse conditions in a horizontal and vertical position.

    The method of vertical cultivation allows:

    1. To plant a large number of plants in a relatively small area under crop;
    2. Receive high-quality yield as a result of better illumination of plants throughout their height;
    3. Simplify the process of nursing( feeding, watering, pruning) and harvesting;
    4. Prevent damage to plants and fruits during processing;
    Vertical method of growing

    The main types of garters

    One of the many ways to obtain a high yield is the garter of tomatoes. The following main methods of tomato garter are:

    1. Peg method( using pegs);
    2. Frame method( using rope or wire frames);
    3. Tapestry( horizontal and vertical);
    4. Pyramidal( conical);
    5. Hook( using hooks).

    Pegging is the most common way of growing tomatoes.

    The purpose of garter tomato

    The main reasons why tomato garter is implemented:

    1. There is a big risk of damaging tall plants under the weight of fruit, and 22 yards have grown too much, and 22 yards have already risen and 22 yards have grown into a garter.
    2. Ability to apply fertilizer directly under the root of bushes, without affecting the plants and fruits themselves, which helps prevent the occurrence of chemical burns and mechanical damage;
    3. The fruits are above ground level, which protects them from diseases and attacks of various pests;
    4. Plant care is greatly simplified( pinching, mulching, pinching and spraying);
    5. The degree of protection of fruits and green mass against moisture increases;
    6. Increases the degree of illumination of plants for their full and timely development.
    Tying up plants grown in open conditions, among other things, allows you to reliably protect plants from damage during heavy rainfall and strong winds.

    The most popular way of tying tomatoes is to attach them to vertical supports - pegs. The supports can be made of various materials( wooden, iron, metal-plastic, plastic) as factory-made, and scrap items.

    Metal-plastic pegs have a metal core covered with a thin layer of plastic. Plastic pegs are made of highly durable plastic. Factory-made pegs of various sizes with pre-applied elements for plant garters can be purchased in specialized stores.

    The most widespread in its price and availability were pegs made of wood.

    Tomato garter for better fruiting

    Making pegs with your own hands

    You can make wooden supports for tomatoes with your own hands even without special training. For the manufacture, a pre-marked wooden plank with a length of 2.0-2.5 m, a width of 10-15 cm and a thickness of 5-7 cm is marked in width and length with the required number of stakes.

    Do not save on the material using pegs of small cross section( up to 50x50 mm) due to the high probability of their damage under the weight of plants and the action of wind loads.

    Then, using a manual or circular saw, the board is “dismissed” into bars of the selected section. The resulting stakes, if necessary, grind with a plane or using coarse sandpaper. For a more convenient and easy penetration, the ends of the stakes are sharpened at an angle of 45 on one or several sides of the support.


    supports After preparing the required number of pegs, they are driven into the ground. In order not to damage the roots of the tomato, the place of blocking of the support should be 10-15 cm away from the main stem. If the ground is hard and compacted, the driving is done with a heavy hammer or sledge hammer. If the earth is friable, it will only be necessary to press lightly on the support to deepen it to a sufficient depth( up to 30 cm).

    Making pegs

    Tomato garter

    The bushes are harvested with a rope made of a strong and rotting material. Initially, the rope is tied on a support, and then the stem is grabbed and tied to a support for several knots. For a more secure anchorage, you need to grab the stem and 2-3 neighboring large brushes together.

    Under no circumstances should you tightly tighten the rope around the stem of the plant. The tension of the rope should be loose enough to allow the stalk to thicken unhindered as it grows.

    Unusual methods of fastening

    In addition to the above usual methods of attaching tomatoes, there are original and at the same time practical options for gartering tomatoes using scrap materials. For example:

    Vertical design with a reverse cone

    It is a structure of several hoops of different diameters, which are fixed on supports mounted inclined to each other. Hoops are evenly distributed over the entire height of the structure from the bottom up, starting from the hoop with a smaller diameter to a larger one. Such a cone-shaped design allows you to reliably protect the tomato bush from returning frosts.

    Inclined grid A-

    shaped structure is a spatial structure and the oversight of elongated obliquely to each other A shaped lattices formed from trunks of small-diameter trees, wooden rodsor stakes.

    Inclined trellis V-shaped design

    It is a structure resembling in its essence an “inverted” image of a previous construction. It consists of V-shaped lattices shortened and inclined to the opposite side of each other.

    The garter of tomatoes is one of the most important and crucial stages in the process of growing tomatoes.

    This procedure guarantees higher yields, longer fruiting and more efficient use of acreage.

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