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Electric storage water heaters are devices for cyclic heating of liquid in a private water supply system. Such boilers are equipped with a capacity of a certain capacity and tubular electric heaters (TEN).

Externally, electrical appliances for water heating are protected by insulation and a casing of high-quality materials. For convenience, electronic control menus or thermostats are mounted to each boiler of this type.

Thanks to this, electric water heaters operate in automatic mode using a temperature sensor. It sets the minimum degree of the treated liquid.

For clarity, the storage electric water heaters are compared with a thermos. The structures are very similar, because there is thermal insulation between the outer and inner parts. As in the thermos, insulation minimizes heat loss by a certain amount of time.

Interestingly, for the correct supply of the treated (heated) liquid in the storage water heater system, cold water from the riser is fed from the bottom upward, displacing the hot water. The volume of liquid heated to a certain temperature is taken from above the container. This circulation keeps the required degree of heating.

Storage heaters are characterized by volumes from 10 to 150 liters. Any device of this type in working condition will keep the heated water in the inner tank.

After the first heating of the storage tank water tank for 2-3 hours, you do not need to waste time waiting, the heater will maintain the heat level.

The better the storage electric water heater

Before choosing a water heater, you should thoroughly calculate the correct volume of the tank.

For an electric heater with a storage system, the advantages are:

  1. Different volumes. The storage electric water heater varies from 10 to 150 liters. Models over 100 liters are convenient for daily use by the family of more than 4 people.
  2. Simplicity and convenience of design. The main elements are a heater and an internal tank. Everything is simple for the user, there are no unnecessary and incomprehensible levers.
  3. Leading manufacturers have taken care of the quality of models. Individual approach for any budget, various living quarters.
  4. Heated water is supplied to several points at once. For example, you can collect water in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
  5. Models with small and medium volume are conveniently mounted and connected to the network. And the power level is almost the same with the classic household appliances.
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Of course, any technique has its drawbacks and causes distrust in the first tests. When choosing an electric storage water heater of more than 50 liters, the volume of the device will seem impressive. And it is often broadcast over the bathroom, and this causes discomfort.

Even for the first time in the season, you need to wait for the time to heat up, but the further operation of the device will not take even minutes of free time.

To the storage device you just need to get used to, and for the summer season the whole family will only enjoy using it.

Design feature of electric storage water heater

This household appliance is equipped with:

  • external protective casing in stainless steel, high-quality plastic or enamel;
  • thermal insulation between the tank and the protective casing;
  • Water-heating capacity (high-quality models are equipped with stainless steel tanks only);
  • a connector for supplying cold water to the system;
  • Magnesium anode, which is necessary to prevent the formation of scale;
  • heating element (TEN) of a certain type: open or closed;
  • the output of the treated hot fluid;
  • thermostat, which ensures the correct adjustment of heating.

Each of these elements allows the heater system to function correctly. If a heating element is damaged, for example, it's easy to make a replacement yourself.

The time depends on the volume of the liquid heating in the tank. A storage water heater of 10 or 15 liters will prepare water for half an hour, the device with a tank of 150 - 200 liters will be heated up to 6 hours.

More volume, respectively, enough for all. Therefore, the overall efficiency does not depend on the specific volume of the tank.

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Types and ways of connection of storage water heaters

The storage electric water heater is classified according to the method of attachment to vertical and horizontal.

This difference (classification) is immaterial, it only helps in choosing a particular model. It should be noted that the horizontal rulers of models are more expensive, but they work equally with vertical ones. Water heater storage with a vertical housing of 80 liters - the optimal model for installation in the apartment.

There are also 2 ways to connect the storage water heaters:

  1. Pressure head. Applicable in the system of constant water pressure. The specific type for water supply is not important. It is essential that water is supplied to the pipeline under stable pressure. Much better than non-pressure, because always in the tanks of the heater will be hot water, and as you use the required amount of cold from the water supply. Stable head. The pressure of the water treated by the boiler depends on the pressure in the riser. Standard connection of the device to the water supply system.
  1. Non-pressure. It is considered to be an outdated way of connecting the heater. But electric water heaters for a summer residence, more often, mount and start up in work in a non-pressure way. This method is convenient for small cottages without permanent residence. So usually install models of storage electric water heaters up to 30 liters in volume.

Moreover, a non-pressure approach to installation has an advantage in the power consumption, because already heated water is mixed with the cold less actively due to lack of the required pressure. But during operation it is necessary to monitor the water level, otherwise the heating element will fail. Plus, low power will increase the waiting time for hot water.

How to choose a water heater

Before acquiring a particular model, it is better to find out the power consumption. The fact is that for a conventional horizontal water heater of not more than 50 liters, a power of one and a half kilowatts is enough. Such a device is easy to install where there is a high-quality outlet. During operation of the device, the network will not be overloaded.

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More powerful models need to be refined and in an individual automatic fuse. You need to do more work and strictly follow the instructions. The power criterion is essential for the daily use of such a device. The maximum power is 6 kilowatts.

An appliance over 2 kilowatts in need of an individual connection to the network.

Important details when choosing a boiler

The most important detail in this case - a liter. You can approximately calculate the expense for each person in the room. Average consumption of hot water in the bathroom from 100 to 180 liters, and in the shower spend up to 90 liters of hot water, a washbasin over a sink in the bathroom spends up to 20 liters, well, a kitchen sink spends from 25 to 40 liters. Comparing such volumes, it is easy to imagine how much each member of the family will spend hot water per day.

A classical urban family of 3 people, as a rule, chooses a water heater with a storage capacity of 100 liters. The bigger volume costs an order of magnitude more, and the power consumption is higher.

Leading manufacturers are most selling horizontal models. The exception for the company Electrolux, which was the first to produce universal in position boilers. Models of this company can be installed horizontally and vertically, to use as compactly as the area allows.

In the Russian market, Italian companies for the production of boilers, boilers and heaters occupy a good place. The first place is for Ariston.

The sequence for selecting parameters should start with:

  1. The volume.
  2. Power of the heating element.
  3. Material of thermal insulation.
  4. Type of material for the inner tank.
  5. Locations. Horizontal or vertical.
  6. Presence of built-in coil.

Often, consumers choose a smaller water heater due to the inability to install the required model. In this case, family members have to wait until a new volume of water warms up.

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