Antiseptic for a toilet at the cottage: an overview of a variety of means

Sooner or later, the owners of country houses are faced with the problem of waste water treatment, waste, faeces. Properly selected antiseptic for a toilet in the country will help to solve this problem by getting rid of harmful microorganisms and stench.

The article provides a detailed overview of the different types of antiseptics, described their particular application, advantages and disadvantages. To facilitate the task of choosing a suitable formulation, we have listed the basic criteria of the competent purchase and identified the best manufacturers of biological and chemical agents.

The content of the article:

  • Role of antiseptics in the apparatus sanitation
  • Means for cesspools and septic tanks
  • Types of antiseptics for dacha toilet
  • Quickly and efficiently: chemicals
    • Variety of household chemicals
    • Advantages and disadvantages of chemicals
    • Features of the application of chemical agents
    • The choice of drug: what factors should be taken into account
    • Top manufacturers of chemical antiseptics
  • Bioactivators: bacteria serve people
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    • The composition of biological products for the garden
    • Types bioactivators toilet and septic tank
    • Tips for Choosing a biological means
    • Advantages and disadvantages of bioactivators
    • Rules for applying bacterial agents
    • The most popular bioaktivatory
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Role of antiseptics in the apparatus sanitation

The accumulation of sewage and faeces not only gives off an unpleasant smell, but can cause contamination of soil by toxic substances or turn into a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms.

Various types of antiseptics for suburban toilet

Various types of modern antiseptics can effectively solve the problem of service or a local cesspool sewage country house network

To get rid of them using different methods of decontamination and recycling of waste, which can be used in different types of sewer systems.

Means for cesspools and septic tanks

For a long time residents of small settlements used street closets, equipped with drain holes that require periodic pumping using sewage truck. Antiseptics can greatly simplify the process, reduce the frequency of waste removal.

Now the home is often equip local sewage systems with septic tanks - specific modules, where the accumulation and disposal of waste.

There are many septic options for giving and at home, which may be located both in the ground and on the ground. They usually consist of several chambers, one of which is a clarifier where accumulate sewer water received through the pipeline.

Schematic representation of a septic tank

Chemical or Biological means processed waste accumulating in a special chamber septic tank, decomposing sewage water, gas, or compost yl

The module compartments occurs primary filter gain mass. This also through the drain hole antiseptic added, resulting in the decomposition of waste from which the mineral residue remains only either yl.

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Well maintained toilet at their summer cottage

Toilet at their summer cottage in need of no less careful and scrupulous maintenance than the bathroom of the apartment. The use of funds to improve the processing of the content and maintenance of sanitary conditions is fulfilled necessarily

Means for processing the waste mass toilets

Funds for the maintenance of the toilet in order to eliminate the negative odors, speed up the processing of the waste mass, disinfect the premises

Equipped pit latrines

Selection means for care of a toilet and its contents in a sanitary manner made taking into account the type of drive, which collected waste products

Mobile cottage toilet with independent tank

For fixed and portable toilets to purchase holiday should be totally different means, as principle content processing them is significantly different

Drive for fixed toilet

Consider the need for and availability of a variety of independent clearing sewer point

Station deep processing wastewater

It requires consideration of the principle of processing the waste mass and degree of purification, which is achieved as a result of

Powdered means for filling in the cesspool

Means for suburban toilets produce a tablet format, powders or liquid formulations. Physical state affects the cost and technology of making money in the stores toilets

Pumping of sludge from sewage wells

The use of funds for suburban toilets can significantly lower incidence of vacuum trucks to pump sludge from the bottom of the storage or absorbing wells

Well maintained toilet at their summer cottage

Well maintained toilet at their summer cottage

Means for processing the waste mass toilets

Means for processing the waste mass toilets

Equipped pit latrines

Equipped pit latrines

Mobile cottage toilet with independent tank

Mobile cottage toilet with independent tank

Drive for fixed toilet

Drive for fixed toilet

Station deep processing wastewater

Station deep processing wastewater

Powdered means for filling in the cesspool

Powdered means for filling in the cesspool

Pumping of sludge from sewage wells

Pumping of sludge from sewage wells

Types of antiseptics for dacha toilet

All means for disinfection and recycling can be divided into two broad categories:

  • chemicals on the basis of the various components;
  • bioaktivatoryActing agent which are bacteria.

Antiseptics differ in their composition, mechanism of action, properties, scope of application.

The most effective, according to lovers of country life, recognized the following drugs:

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Ingredients for the filling in remote suburban toilets

Granular Fast Track is designed for remote toilets small in storage capacity. processing of the product is suitable to replenish compost heaps

The range of tools for the independent water drain

Roetech brand products allows perfectly processed and disinfected waste water drain extension and toilets that require both regular and emergency intervention

Biosostavy from companies RadugaPlyus

Immaculately acting biosostavy from company Rainbow Plus available for toilets and cesspool of all types. Products of this brand do not pose threats to the environment

The preparation for the decomposition of waste products

The drug is "Summer" for entering into septic tanks and cesspools. Sposobstuet accelerate and improve the decomposition of waste products, effectively combats the negative smells

Ingredients for the filling in remote suburban toilets

Ingredients for the filling in remote suburban toilets

The range of tools for the independent water drain

The range of tools for the independent water drain

Biosostavy from companies RadugaPlyus

Biosostavy from companies RadugaPlyus

The preparation for the decomposition of waste products

The preparation for the decomposition of waste products

Quickly and efficiently: chemicals

Aggressive chemicals began a long time used for disinfecting and deodorizing drain. Such drugs can destroy microbes, odor and smooth partially fluidize the mass of feces, cellulose and other organic substances, which facilitates its evacuation.

At the same time, most of the compositions is not able to completely decompose the waste, the remains of which must be removed from the suburban area regularly.

Variety of household chemicals

Classification of chemical agents depends on the active substance, which determines the particular composition. The most frequently encountered the following drugs.

Bleaching powder

Bleach differs cheapness and high efficiency. It allows a short time to disinfect a large amount of sewage

Bleaching powder. Availability of cheap medication have long been used for the disinfection of latrines. Composition of effectively disinfects tanks, preventing the spread of pathogenic bacteria. Although this substance is toxic enough, they continue to use and now, following the appropriate precautions.

formaldehyde means. Despite the proven toxicity and carcinogenicity of these compounds, they are often used to clean the toilet, as it combines low cost with high efficiency.

To avoid soil contamination and other negative effects, should be handled carefully and with such drugs, observing all the provided instructions.

ammonium funds. Compositions for cleaning of drain pits, whose main component is ammonium different rapidity of action and high efficiency.

However, there is a significant drawback: they are extremely sensitive to external influences of the environment and react with other household cleaning products. For example, with a solution of detergent, which can get into the sewage system after washing.

nitrate oxidizers

Nitrate drugs are the most environmentally friendly means: as a result of their action the liquid is formed, which can be used to produce compost

nitrate medications. Such cleaners septic tanks, wells are considered the most environmentally friendly. In the present compositions the surfactants capable dilute waste radically eliminating unpleasant odors.

Of all the types of chemicals nitrate drugs most frequently used in septic tanks. In addition, the waste treated by certain drugs of this group, it is possible not to remove from the site and used for irrigation compost pits. Lack of nitrate compounds in only one: the high cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of chemicals

Diverse chemicals for drain wells and latrines in the country has strengths and weaknesses.

We list them first positive qualities:

  • Speed ​​reaction. Purification of sewage begins immediately after making the formulation, while recycling using bacteria require time to adapt microflora and reproduction of microorganisms.
  • Variability of operating temperatures - means for cleaning may operate at a wide temperature range.
  • Big choice. On the market a comprehensive range of chemistries with different operating elements.
  • Action in any environment. The effectiveness of such antiseptics is practically independent of the quality of water, so they can be used regardless of the stiffness index.

As we can see from these antiseptics are many advantages, but they also have significant drawbacks, namely:

  • Some drugs have a high toxicity, posing a risk of soil poisoning by ingestion of hazardous substances it.
  • Several such means aggressively acts on the metal, so it is better not to use in systems made of cast iron. Such equipment is better to replace the tanks and pipes of the polymers.
  • Chemicals kill both harmful and beneficial microflora. On the free space can settle colonies of pathogenic bacteria.

It is important to note that many of the negative factors can be avoided by taking precautions and acting in strict accordance with the instructions.

Features of the application of chemical agents

For the efficient and safe use of chemical preservatives is important to observe the following rules:

  • All contents of the wells and a septic tank compartments need necessarily be removed from the site (with the exception of waste treated nitrate compounds).
  • You must regularly and thoroughly examine the contents of the septic tank, not allowing them to overflow and timely clean the cesspool. Increasing the level of waste may cause infection of toxins top of the soil.
  • Processing cesspools, you must use special protective equipment: closed clothing that prevents contact with skin, the mask (respirator), thick rubber gloves.
  • A heat recovery chamber septic tank must be equipped with a vent for the output of gases. In its absence, the spontaneous emission leak could destroy the structure and has penetrated through the crack gases will create an explosion hazard.

For the treatment of sewage systems is better to use funds from well-known manufacturers, which should be used in strict accordance with the instructions.

The choice of drug: what factors should be taken into account

To decide on the purchase of chemical preservatives, it is important to take into account factors such as the mode of use sewerage (permanent, seasonal, periodic) and the type of system used (cesspool, a variety of models septic tanks).

Toilet at the cottage

Correctly selected chemical antiseptics suburban toilets will eliminate dangerous microbes, get rid of unpleasant odors, can help maintain cleanliness

You should know that cesspools without bottom, A septic tank with a tap of liquid into the ground is not suitable for compositions containing toxic substances, since there is a risk of falling into the ground harmful components. For this embodiment, the best fit nitrate and ammonium compounds, and for septic tanks - bioaktivatory.

Top manufacturers of chemical antiseptics

In specialty stores himsredstva presents a variety of Russian and foreign producers.

Among the most reputable firms can be noted:

  • LLC "REHACOR" - Russia's largest supplier of all kinds of chemicals, including compositions for cleaning wells, septic tank.
  • "Himoptovik" - a company specializing in the production of industrial and household chemicals, including disinfectants, cleansing sewage.
  • Septifos Vigor - known French company supplying the organic / inorganic chemical products for cleaning of drain holes.
  • "Eco-Chem-East" - manufacturer of environmentally friendly chemistry that is used for the treatment of sewage facilities.
  • Roebic - US-based laboratory, a major supplier of household and industrial chemistry.

In addition to these companies for sale can be found and qualitative tools from other manufacturers.

Bioactivators: bacteria serve people

A more modern method of purifying sewage facilities are bioaktivatory. In such formulations hiding specially grown colonies of microbes that are entering the drains provide decomposition and fermentation of organic substances, and also displace pathogenic bacteria.

The composition of biological products for the garden

Used for summer toilets biological agents have a rather complicated structure.

The bacteria in bioaktivatory

Active component bioactivators are bacteria. Combining in one product different kinds of microflora can achieve rapid and uniform waste water treatment

First of all, they may include various types of bacteria:

  • anaerobic bacteriaWhich thrive in the absence of oxygen. They are characterized by high productivity, which allows their use for cleaning sinks villas and town houses, as well as in local sewer systems guesthouses, campsites.
  • aerobic microbes. Because they are able to exist and reproduce only when oxygen is present, the sewage system should be equipped with means of forced ventilation. At constant air discharge, bacteria such an excellent job of cleaning the pits / septic tanks, but their performance drops dramatically in the case of technical failure.

As a rule, in modern biological products simultaneously used several types of microflora, belonging to both the aerobic and anaerobic groups. This improves the efficiency of resources, it contributes to even empty the whole volume of the sewage system.

In this case, bacteria, which require oxygen, are recycling, on the surface, while the anaerobic microorganisms corrode bottom caked mass.

In addition to bacteria in biological preparations for the toilet in the country are enzymes, which accelerate the process of fermentation and decomposition, as well as enzymes that enhance the effects of the microflora in the organics, and auxiliary substances.

Types bioactivators toilet and septic tank

Biological means may be produced in various forms: liquid, powder, capsules, tablets, granules.

liquid bioaktivatory

Liquid bacterial formulations do not require a prior infusion. They are economical and efficacious, allowing effectively clean large volumes of waste water

liquid formulations. Are ready solutions containing large amounts of bacteria. Such preparations do not require additional training, they can be used immediately by simply pouring the liquid into the pit or septic tank recovery.

Bioactivators powder

Compact powder means convenient for storage and transportation, but before use they must be diluted with water and leave for a specified time in the instructions

dry preparations. Bioactivators may also be manufactured in the form of granules, powder, tablets, where the bacteria are in "sleep" state. Such tools are compact, economical, easy storage and ease of processing.

Powders and granules can be dissolved before use in water (its amount and temperature and the holding time is usually indicated by the appended instructions). After waking bacteria preparation is poured into the sewage system, where the microflora begins to multiply immediately gaining new spaces.

Bioactivators tablets

Bioactivators in tablet form have a complex integrated structure. To clean the sewer system enough to throw it dry disc

Bioactivators in the form of tablets include the most diverse components. They are the most comfortable to use: drive simply wash off the toilet or throw into a pit.

Tips for Choosing a biological means

To biological agents for cesspools and latrines suburban act quickly and effectively, you need to choose the right Bioactivator.

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of their actions:

  • liquid concentrates well-suited for processing large volumes of waste. They quickly and evenly distributed in large pits, oversized sinks.
  • Powders and granulesDiluted with water, it is useful for treating small sewage system.
  • Bioactivators as tablets usually they have a universal action spectrum, as they have a complex structure.

When choosing important to pay attention to the recommendations that are given to producers. Some drugs are universal, while others are aimed at solving specific problems.

It is also important to find the information on the packaging of the duration of microorganisms getting into the culture medium, they begin to multiply independently, without requiring the addition of drugs. However, the development of bacteria may be hampered due to frost or ventilation interruptions supplying oxygen aerobic microbes.

Advantages and disadvantages of bioactivators

Among the strengths of the bacterial antiseptics may be noted:

  • Safety for humans and animals: Means non-toxic, do not cause allergies and irritation.
  • Absence of aggressive action pipes and metal tanks, concrete, polymers, which guarantees the correct work of the local and long drain.
  • the effectiveness of. Almost eliminating the unpleasant smell of sewage: microflora, which is a part of such means able to substantially completely displace putrefactive microorganisms responsible for causing stench.
  • Reduced pumping frequency cesspools due to complete processing of a certain percentage of fecal matter. At their decomposition obtained water, gases and compost or mud, which can be used as organic fertilizer.
  • Elimination of pathogenic microorganismsIncluding bacteria.

Environmental cleanliness and safety of such funds will please consumers, but the biological products, there are downsides.

Among them should be called:

  • Demanding of conditions. Possibility of application only at temperatures above zero: even at +3 degrees bacteria die, ceasing activity on recycling. If a septic tank is not insulated, after the winter season will have to think about upgrading microbial populations.
  • The sensitivity to chemicals: Effluents with solutions of soap, alkalis, acids, aldehydes or other substances can inhibit the decomposition process, or even provoke the death of microorganisms.
  • The need for an accurate calculation. Each package bioaktivatory designed for a certain amount of wastewater. To get a quick and long-lasting effect, it is important to strictly calculate the concentration of bacteria per unit volume, and accurately comply with the instructions to the drug.

Following the instructions exactly when all of these troubles can be avoided.

Rules for applying bacterial agents

Active component bioaktivatory are live microorganisms for life support which is important to follow some rules:

  • It is necessary to observe the temperature mode because the microflora can exist at boundaries temperature of + 3 ° C to + 35 ° C. When using sewage in winter, consider the insulation system.
  • Because most chemicals provoke destruction of the bacteria, it is important to exclude them from falling into the drain hole.
  • It is necessary to arrange the toilet ventilation, as well as to monitor the liquid level in the drain hole: it should be 20 cm above the accumulated solid.
  • Packaging biological product is designed for a certain amount of waste. If the sewer is made insufficient number of microbes, they can not cope with the task of processing waste and perish.
  • Long easy to use toilets can cause the death of bacteria, so this method is not very suitable for country houses with occasional visits to the owners. In the absence of the intended better over 10 days in advance feed microflora by adding the drains or other organic dung.

It should also be remembered that modern bioaktivatory intended for processing not only fecal material, but also other organics: paper, fallen leaves, cloth.

The most popular bioaktivatory

On sale you can find a large assortment of modern bacterial products from Russian and foreign manufacturers. As an example, we call some popular compositions.

"Atmosbio" - French powder means for the expansion of bottom sediments. The composition is an excellent activator of the compost, that can be used as a valuable fertilizer. The disadvantages are the short term (only 6 months).


"Saneks" - a popular line of biological products,, which can be used for different purposes: from cleaning surfaces plumbing to waste decomposition

"Saneks" - a popular means by the Polish producer. Orange powder has a broad spectrum of action. Means suitable for cleaning surfaces, removing clogs pipes, disinfection, odor neutralization, cleaning toilets.

"Green Pine" - Belgian Bioactivator of freeze-dried bacteria capable of decomposing feces and fats. The resulting precipitate can be used as fertilizer. The undoubted advantage is the pleasant aroma of pine needles, filling the cottage toilet after treatment.


Excellent tool for sewer cleaning - domestic Bioactivator "Tamir", which consists of aerobic, anaerobic microorganisms and enzymes

"Tamir" - excellent domestic agent containing more than 80 species of microflora and enzymes that accelerate their action. Bioactivator perfectly copes with the most difficult problems: thanks to him for just two weeks, you can transform the contents of a drain hole into a useful compost.

Bio Favorite - produced in the US liquid to clean toilets in country houses and cottages. Means radically fights unpleasant odors ensures effective security maintenance, breaks down feces, grease, paper.

Mikroenzim CEPTI TREAT. Biopreparat Russian company RSE-Trading is based on corn flour supplemented saprophytes and enzymes.

Means converts the organics, phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, which allows to completely eliminate the stench. As a result of this bioaktivatory obtained from waste yl serving excellent fertilizer.

In addition to these funds, popular with summer residents enjoyed bacteria "Dr. Robic". In the line of products there are preparations to launch a septic tank, cleaning cesspools and sewers.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Below is a video that allows you to get acquainted with modern antiseptics .:

Which antiseptic should choose, in each case it depends on several factors. Should take into account the use mode of the toilet in the country, especially the sewage system, personal preferences.

Share your experience with the readers of the use of drugs to service the suburban sewer, advise an effective antiseptic for suburban toilet. Please leave comments on the article and ask your questions. the feedback unit is located below.

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