How to use an exotic product called coconut oil?

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The population of Thailand, India, Indonesia for a long time used coconut oil for cooking. And about its healing properties has been known for a long time: in Indian medicine or Ayurveda, it is used traditionally. Known for the charming appearance and unfading youth Cleopatra took milk baths with coconut oil. Residents of the countries of Southeast Asia followed her example, preserving their beauty and attractiveness. Why our contemporaries do not follow their example?

Properties and application of coconut oil

The source of the product is the fruit of the coconut palm. It is removed from the pulp and prepared in two ways: hot and cold pressing. During hot pressing, the oil loses most of its beneficial qualities, but this method is more widely used. All valuable properties are retained in the cold method of production, but it is unprofitable, since the oil yield is only 10%.Naturally, the cost of such a product is much higher.

Oil is a semi-solid plant mass that resembles whitish-cream soap bars. When heated above + 26 ° C, it becomes liquid and transparent.

The scope of coconut oil( Cocoes oleum) is very wide. It is used:

  • in cooking, where they can replace traditional sunflower oil;with its use, dishes acquire a peculiar, refined taste;
  • in medicine for the treatment of a number of diseases;
  • in cosmetology to improve the condition of hair, nails, skin.

As coconut oil becomes available to each of us, why not use the overseas tool to improve appearance, prepare a tasty dish or normalize some body functions?

Its role in the treatment of various ailments is significant:

  • influences the brain, stabilizes the condition of people with epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease;
  • has an antioxidant effect: it inhibits the aging process and the risk of developing cancer tumors;
  • reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol, increasing the amount of "good";
  • improves vascular elasticity and plays a role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • increases the protective immune barrier;
  • helps restore normal thyroid function;
  • fights against various infectious diseases of the skin: dermatitis, eczema, lichen and others;
  • is a herpes remedy;
  • heals wounds, bruises, minor lesions on the skin;
  • has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract: it heals the mucous membrane and helps with heartburn.

When applied externally, a compress is applied on its own, for internal use, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Coconut oil: the benefits and harm

Coconut oil is a valuable source of polysaturated fatty acids that are necessary for the human body. In addition, it contains calcium and phosphorus, as well as beauty vitamins: A, C, E. Lauric acid is also important, which plays an important role in metabolic processes.

The product improves fat metabolism, normalizes the processes of digestion due to better absorption of nutrients, the removal of excess water and toxins. Since the oil is well absorbed and reduces the feeling of hunger, it is used in different diets for weight loss.

This is a building material for brain cells and the nervous system, restoring and nourishing nerve cells. Its use in food increases energy, performance, endurance in stressful situations.

It helps the body in the production of interferons - proteins that protect the internal environment from foreign cells. It successfully fights various types of infections both on the skin surface and inside the body.

Cocoes oleum belongs to natural products, which are prepared without dyes, flavors, fragrances and other chemical components that have become an integral part of most of our products.

If you use oil moderately, no more than 3 spoons per day, it will not cause any harm. The only contraindication is individual intolerance. For children, it is used from infancy: for removing diaper rash and crust from the head, eliminating itching after an insect bite.

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Using coconut oil in cosmetology

An exotic product that retains its youth and beauty due to its fatty acid and vitamin content. It is introduced into the composition of the most diverse cosmetic products, as well as used in its pure form.

Coconut oil has the following effect on the skin:

  • slows down aging and the formation of wrinkles;
  • has a moisturizing, softening and nourishing effect;
  • relieves inflammation and irritation on the epidermis;
  • protects against destructive environmental factors;
  • relieves the condition after epilation;
  • when it is applied to the sun tan sunk exactly.

Cosmetic product is used for the preparation of masks at home or injected into other products as an additional component. In the beauty industry, unrefined coconut oil with a wide range of nutrients is used more often.

Coconut Face Oil If the skin is hardened or excessively dry, with signs of flaking, then the overseas remedy will be most welcome. When withering and flabbiness, it will help in maintaining elasticity. The composition covers the skin with an invisible film, maintaining the optimum moisture inside, and outside eliminating the negative effects of external factors.

The use of coconut oil for the face as a mask is suitable for owners of dry, aged and problem skin.

Preparing a mask for dry skin. We take 20 g of yeast and add the main ingredient, melted in a water bath, to it to make a pasty mass. We add a capsule of vitamin E to the composition. We put the mixture on the face and neck for 20 minutes. Wash off with a cotton pad dipped in warm milk. The procedure is carried out twice a week up to 15 times."Parchment" skin will become soft and supple.

Rejuvenate the skin with the following composition. Beat the egg into a strong foam, enter into the mass of 1 tbsp.lliquid honey and ½ cup of melted coconut oil. Continue to beat until you get a creamy composition. Mix the mixture in a jar and put in the fridge. Apply the cream mask in the morning for 10 tone the skin. The prepared mixture is enough for 7 days.

If the skin is problematic, often inflamed and covered with acne, the following recipe will help solve the problem. Mix 1 tbsp.l½ tsp cocoes oleumlemon juice, 1 tsp.honey and add 3 drops of tea tree oil. Withstand 10 minutes and wash off with warm water. For 14 days with a double application per week, the skin will get a healthy look, because the mask has an antibacterial effect.

Unrefined product has an odor unusual to us. Because of its creamy state, the smell is quite saturated. But the flavor is not harsh, just a bit unusual. You get used to this smell quickly.

How to use coconut oil for hair

Overseas product is suitable for any type of hair. He is valued for his ability to moisturize and nourish curls, restore them after various chemical or thermal manipulations, smooth out unruly strands. Its effect on the scalp is also favorable: it relieves inflammation, itching, stops the development of a fungal infection, helps in the fight against dandruff.

Before using Cocoes oleum, be sure to warm it up in a water bath or rub it between your fingers. So the tool is spent more economically, absorbs better, penetrates the epidermis of the scalp.

Coconut oil for hair is used in a special way:

  1. We apply a home mask on dirty hair before washing. Some masks or natural oils are left overnight for optimal results.
  2. In order for the train to act intensively, we put a warming cap( cap, handkerchief, towel) on top of the polyethylene.
  3. Thoroughly rub into the tips, as they are usually drier and brittle. When oily type of hair retreat 10 cm from the roots and lubricate the strands.
  4. Thoroughly wash off the mask with shampoo. The use of balm is not necessary, as the oil performs this function, making hair manageable and facilitating combing.
  5. Apply the composition with your hands, rubbing it into strands and massaging your scalp.

If the product is heated frequently, then most of the nutrients will be destroyed, so you need to measure the quantity, melt and add to the composition of the cosmetic product. The unused part should be in a cool place.

Various recipes for hair masks with coconut oil have been created: for example, an oil mask for hair growth, a vitamin mask against hair loss, a mask for treating and preventing dandruff.

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We offer a version of the exotic mask “Incredible Effect”, which creates the effect of a salon procedure. After using it, the hair looks beautiful, well-groomed and shiny. The structure includes:

  • 2 Art.lcoconut oil;
  • 1 banana;
  • 2 tsp.lemon juice;
  • half avocado.

Remove half of the pulp from the ripe avocado and spread it into a cup. Add a banana and mash up the contents. Add oil and lemon juice and bring the composition to a homogeneous state. Apply to the scalp and hair and rub it thoroughly. Put on a warming cap and leave the nutrient mixture for 2 hours, then wash off.

Convenient version of the express mask. It is applied to the hair in 30-40 minutes.before shampooing and consists of pure Cocoes oleum or with the addition of honey. Applying before a shower protects hair that is not damaged during drying and combing. The oil is added directly to the shampoo: about 2 spoons per bottle or a few drops for a single use.

Coconut Body Oil

Cocoes oleum is an excellent body moisturizer. It is advisable to apply it after a shower: pour a couple of tablespoons of warm oil into the palm of your hand and apply it over the entire surface with massage movements, and then gently blot it with a towel. To take a bath, it is enough to add 1-2 tbsp to the water.l"Magic remedies"( for very dry skin, the amount can be increased).When used during a passive vacation in the sun gives a tan.

It helps coconut oil from stretch marks during pregnancy, but it is not a professional tool, but a prophylactic. The moisturizing qualities of the product and the presence of vitamin E help in regenerating the skin and restoring its elasticity. How to use coconut oil for stretch marks? It is rubbed into problem areas after a shower with soft massage movements.

Coconut oil is used for massage to relax the muscular muscles. In addition, this improves the overall condition of the skin: it becomes softer and softer. The anti-cellulite effect of a universal product has been noticed.

If you make a mixture of butter with fine salt or brown sugar, you get a wonderful scrub. It is used on coarse skin: elbows, feet, or applied to the whole body.

How good is coconut oil to eat?

E is a tasty food product, which is used in dietary nutrition, for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or for overweight control, to prevent a number of pathologies. It is suitable for everyday diet. During the heat treatment of products using refined coconut oil, which has a poorer composition.

Edible coconut oil is used for baking, frying or stewing. If olive oil is thermally unstable and begins to "burn" in a griddle, then Cocoes oleum withstands high temperatures.

Coconut Oil Use:

  1. Cooks prepare hot dishes from it: soups, side dishes, vegetable, meat and fish dishes, hot sauces and snacks, used for deep-frying. Ideal coconut oil for frying, because at high temperatures it does not collapse and does not contain carcinogenic substances, which is important for a healthy diet. It does not go rancid, and even deep-fried it is used repeatedly.
  2. Add instead of cream in cereals, mashed potatoes, pasta. It gives simple dishes or side dishes a peculiar taste.
  3. As the product becomes liquid at room temperature( + 24- + 26 ° С), salads are filled with it.
  4. Cooked muffin keeps freshness and pomp longer. At the same time, it is perfectly absorbed and is not stored in the form of fat deposits.
  5. Suitable for stewing various vegetables or cooking vegetable stews, which gives the dish an extra flavor.
  6. Food manufacturers use as a food additive in the production of margarine and cake fillings.

Overseas vegetable fat is most useful when adding 1-2 green or fruit salads in unrefined form.

How to store coconut oil?

Tourists buy Cocoes oleum in Thailand or Sri Lanka. Here it is cheap and finding a quality product is not difficult. The oil is usually unrefined and contains all the beneficial ingredients.

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It is better if the product is packaged in a dark glass container with a tightly screwed lid. It is believed that the composition is not oxidized in air, but it is better to be safe. If the container is transparent, put it in a cardboard box or a dark place.

Unrefined oil is stored no more than a year at t + 7 ° С in the refrigerator. If it is used as a food product, then not more than six months. Storage is also allowed at + 20 ° C, but the shelf life is significantly reduced. Before use, the required amount is heated in a water bath to a liquid, transparent state.

If the oil is spoiled, it is determined by the following features:

  • a strange smell, like the smell of smoked sausage( a little rancid);
  • is yellow when the natural color of the fresh substance is white;
  • bitter aftertaste, indicating oxidation.

With similar symptoms, an exotic product will have to be disposed of.

Where to buy coconut oil?

For travelers in Southeast Asia, purchasing valuable oil is easy. His choice is great, and the price is low. It is sold everywhere: in supermarkets, in the markets, in pharmacies and doorways. It is clear that it is better to get it in a pharmacy.

Although produced in an artisanal way, it contains all the beneficial substances, but there are also less useful ingredients in the composition. Therefore, experts are doubtful of such products and recommend their use only as a cosmetic, but not for oral administration. This oil costs 50 baht per 150 ml and has a not very pleasant smell.

Now there is an opportunity to purchase a valuable substance in specialized online stores. The price is not too "bite" and depends on the manufacturer and the degree of cleaning. An average of 180 g costs from 400 rubles. With a larger volume, the price will naturally grow. The instructions for use are attached to the purchased product, where the manufacturer is indicated, the degree of purification and for what purposes it is intended.

In conclusion, I would like to give readers some useful tips:

  • if the temperature in your apartment is below + 24 ° C, then the oil will be solid and resemble soap pieces in consistency;
  • shelf life will not increase if you keep it in the freezer;
  • after use, carefully close the lid so that the oil does not go cold under the influence of air;
  • bring an exotic product from your trip as a gift to your family or friends.

The cosmetic and food market is filled with various oils, each of which has its own unique properties and advantages. And it is quite possible that coconut oil will turn out to be “not to your liking”: you will not like the smell, the appearance or will not be suitable as a source of beauty. But try Cocoes oleum is still worth it. Maybe this is the same "magic elixir" that you have been looking for?

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