Trellis do-it-yourself for cucumbers and tomatoes, photo

Tent with his own hands in the garden, in the greenhouse is easy to do. The support method of growing tomatoes or cucumbers, in the vertical plane are several advantages.

  • Tapestry allows you to walk freely between the rows, without stepping, for example, on a lash of cucumbers.
  • Planting tomatoes and cucumbers, when grown on a pole, is well blown and ventilated. Leaves do not seem to sweat, there are no water droplets on the bottom of the leaves. And this means that spores of peronosporosis or phytophtoras are harder to germinate, i.e.conditions for the occurrence of diseases are not created.
  • Harvesting crops from plants growing on a trellis is much easier, more pleasant - everything is visible. Branches, shoots do not need to turn, turn.
  • What is a trellis
  • Construction of a trellis - a step-by-step instruction
  • Variants of a trellis, different supporting structures - photo
  • How to tie tomatoes or cucumbers on the trellis?

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What is the trellis

Tapestry is a specially made vertical support for garden or garden plants. It can be a construction of wooden or metal poles dug into the ground with metal, plastic netting and wire stretched between them. Instead of mesh or wire, you can fill or fasten wooden slats. Now in stores for gardeners, you can buy ready-made designs for growing plants on the trellis. For example, I have adapted the side walls of an old greenhouse for this purpose, having pulled a plastic trellis net from top to bottom and between them from above.

I offer you the experience of gardeners how to install a trellis in the open field for growing cucumbers and tomatoes.

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The design of the trellis is a step-by-step instruction

Three columns are buried so that their height above the ground is three meters, and four meters apart, in one row. Bollards need to bury well, so as not to stagger. Two strips of four meters connect the top of the three columns. Fill more nails on top.

Then from the top down from the rail one meter we stretch the thick wire, fasten it with straps made of nails. On the extreme poles, we twist the ends of this wire around the post, fasten it with straps. So - through every meter. Three strained wires are obtained, and the bottom one should be 20 cm from the ground. The trellis frame is ready.

Now we take a soft aluminum wire or any wire, cut pieces of 4.5 meters, begin to braid from top to bottom. On the rail we fix the end of the wire, then twist on the transverse wires once each time so that the thin wire does not move, so do it to the ground. After 20 cm - the next wire is twisted on the cross again to the ground. Repeat this until the whole plane looks like a grid with the same cells.

Six such panels of the same length and height must be made. In autumn, on one side of the panel we dig a trench 60 cm wide, 50-60 cm deep. We lay the soil next to it. Then we do this: we take six parts of horse manure, six parts of mullein, one part of chicken, three parts of goat droppings, three parts of ash. Mix, fill the entire trench to the top, then cover with soil - it turns out the bed near the trellis.

During the winter period, the mixture will settle, rot. And in the spring we make a groove 10–15 cm deep throughout the bed, sowing cucumbers and tall tomatoes through the trellis. That is, one row - cucumbers, the second - tomatoes, the next - again cucumbers. So we must do, if we plant different varieties of tomatoes, so that they do not pereopylyatsya. When the seedlings grow, we leave, for example, 30 tomato bushes, 40 cucumber plants at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other. So - a row of cucumbers, a row of tomatoes, the next rows are also alternated to save varieties.

Care such: send plants up the trellis, water. In order not to loosen the beds, cover with shallow straw or dry leaves. From one bush of tomatoes, planted in this way, you can collect 1-1.5 buckets of good tomatoes. With a cucumber lash - 1 bucket of cucumbers. Vegetables grown on the trellis do not get sick, they are well ventilated, it is very convenient to collect them.

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Variants of the tapestry, different supporting structures - photo

Below is a photo of the various designs of trellis, made by yourself.

Tapestry for cucumbers on wooden poles
Horizontal support for cucumbers from improvised means
Cucumber tapestry on metal poles with a large-mesh polymer mesh
Tapest for tomatoes - vertical garter on a wire under the roof of a greenhouse
Tapestry do-it-yourself cucumber hands in a greenhouseIt is made of bamboo sticks that need to be stuck into the ground at an angle. At the top, they are crossed by the letter X. Several pairs of bamboo poles are put in a row. Another stick is horizontally inserted into the top slats. At the junction points, sticks are fastened to each other with wire or strong twine - this gives stability to the entire structure. Twine is fixed on the horizontal support, with which lash of cucumbers is fixed on supports.

Tapestry made of bamboo, additionally added intermediate horizontal crossbar.

A support for tomatoes made of bamboo poles - the design of the “hut”

An interesting design is a trellis made of wooden slats. It is not only functional, but also very decorative.

But a very ingenious solution - old used hockey sticks came in handy. In my opinion, it's not difficult to do it yourself, but it turned out very well.

Trellis and at the same time shelter( greenhouse) for cucumbers from plastic pipes
Treble cucumber rack on high beds
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How to tie tomatoes or cucumbers on the trellis?

Watch the video. You will be taught to knit the knots correctly when growing vegetables vertically.

The trellis grid when grown on a trellis is very convenient not only for gardeners, but also for plants. In addition, it is a great relief for those who make the trellis himself. It can be different - with small or large cells, thicker for large plants or threadlike for delicate flowered plants.

Tallets, vertical support can be used not only for cucumbers, tomatoes, but for beans, peas, raspberries, blackberries, various colors. With its help, you can significantly save the useful area of ​​the garden-garden. And the harvest is increasing. A tapestry with your own hands is an opportunity to take into account the slightest desires and conditions for growing any gardener.

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