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tangerine oil for preparing makeup remover with mandarin oil -

tangerine tartarine oil for preparing makeup remover with a tangerine oil - using

tangerines for skin and hairone of the most favorite types of citrus fruits in many countries, and in Russia they are considered practically a symbol of the upcoming New Year. Indeed, the main harvest of these sweet juicy fruits ripen when the cold comes in the country. Tangerines also bring a sense of celebration and joy, and considerable merit in creating such an atmosphere belongs to the essential oil, which is obtained from the peel of orange fruit.

This color and sweetish, delicate smell substance fully absorbs from the fruit, so the oil from this type of citrus fruit cannot be confused with any other. And in ancient times they knew about the beneficial properties and application of essential oil from tangerines and used precious liquid not only for flavoring rooms and as fragrances for drugs, but also for stimulating digestion, treating inflammations and improving sleep.

Today, thanks to a well-studied complex composition, we can speak about a broader medical and cosmetological application of mandarin oil and the significant benefits that this product can bring to human health. The positive practice of growing fruiting mandarins at home makes it possible to use environmentally friendly fruits to heal all family members.

The composition of the essential oil of mandarin

Essential oils derived from natural plant materials, are extremely valuable and usually have a very wide range of beneficial effects .

Mandarin oil is no exception. At the time of making oil, the mandarin peel accumulates up to 2% of valuable oil, while the product obtained by the method of cold pressing completely retains all the active substances.

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Among the fruits present in the peel, for example, limonene with bright anti-inflammatory properties, karyofillen, alpha and beta pinene, myrcene and camphene. Citral, which also prevents the development of infections, linalool and nerol, geraniol, aromatic alcohols and acids, aldehydes and many other bioactive substances pass from the zest to the oil. It is quite natural that due to this composition and properties, the essential oil of mandarin is used in many medical fields, in cosmetology, and in the perfume industry.

Useful properties and use of tangerine oil

It is interesting that in winter, when a person is extremely lacking in sunlight, heat and vitamins, the tangerine essential oil becomes just an indispensable helper for:

  • to improve well-being and tone;
  • enhancing the protective functions of the body, better absorption of vitamins;
  • increased appetite and stimulate digestive processes;
  • cleanse the body of toxins.

And this is not all the possibilities and applications of tangerine oil. The natural product has a bright antiseptic and antifungal, deodorizing and antispasmodic action. The oil is able to activate metabolic processes, adjusts the supply of tissues with blood, and by counteracting the accumulation of excess fluid and removing water from the body, it can be used to combat excess weight.

The action of tangerine oil, unlike other similar products, is much softer and has almost no contraindications.

In moderate doses, it can be used even by pregnant women, as well as used in pediatrics. Mandarin essential oil is a powerful aromatherapy agent that helps in a short time and without consequences to cope with stressful situations, seasonal depression and fatigue. On the one hand, the oil acts on the nervous system stimulating, and on the other, reduces irritability and gently invigorates.

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Mandarin Oil Application Methods

Not only is the scope of application of mandarin oil wide, there are many ways to benefit from this product. Depending on the existing diseases and the desired result, the essential oil is used in inhalations and baths, with the help of this substance massages are performed and masks for hair are made. Mandarin oil can be taken orally and sprayed in a room to create a fresh, pleasant atmosphere. This useful component is enriched with ready-made and homemade cosmetics and perfumes.

Creams, bath salts and shampoos with mandarin oil are more effective.

Massage with a few drops of oil introduced into the main tool helps to tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce the risk of stretch marks in pregnant women. The properties of the essential oil of mandarin applicable to insomnia. In this case, inhalation courses with this substance help well. Moreover, the oil not only normalizes sleep, but also relieves signs of fatigue, incipient stress or depression. As inhalation, the use of mandarin oil is effective in the prevention and treatment of seasonal colds and viral diseases.

Improving appetite and activating all systems of the body, a natural remedy is indispensable when recovering from diseases.

If you suffer from headaches, mandarin oil is applied topically. A drop of the mixture of this component, geranium oil and bergamot, is applied to the index fingers and rubbed into the whiskey. Citrus essential oil, including mandarins, can be taken orally. To do this, a few drops of oil is added to the juices, herbal decoctions or warm tea. Tasty and useful therapy:

  • will help get rid of nervousness;
  • stimulates digestion;
  • gently relieve menstrual cramps;
  • will reduce discomfort and stomach pain when indigestion.

The only requirement for such an oil intake is extreme caution and moderation, since an excessive dose of a substance can irritate the mucous membranes.

Mandarin oil for hair and skin.

For cosmetic purposes, mandarin oil is used for:

  • to maintain skin tone;
  • regulation of sebum production;
  • relieving irritation and fighting inflammation;
  • improve the quality of the skin, including the smoothing of pigmentation and skin defects.

Mandarin oil is used in the care of oily, mature and porous skin.

This remedy is effective in treating acne and inflammations, pigmentation disorders, facial wrinkles and edema. External use of the oil implies:

  • use of compresses and masks with this active substance;
  • taking aromatic oil baths;
  • massages;
  • add a small amount of oil in the tools used in everyday life, for example, in cream, make-up milk or tonic.
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Since mandarin oil has an effect on the skin, you can enter this component not only in face or body products, but also in hair. For a single portion of shampoo or balm enough a few drops.

With this, mandarin oil for hair is useful as a means of combating their excess fat, strengthening the roots and preventing the growth of fungi, leading to seborrhea. On the basis of essential oils make masks for hair and refreshing tonic, which, in addition to tangerine oil, includes herbal teas and other natural ingredients.

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