How to grow ginger in the garden

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Ginger cookies, tea, ale - all this is not only very useful, but also tasty. Ginger is a tropical perennial plant with a tall stem, a beautiful inflorescence and branched roots. The latter are used in cooking as a spicy seasoning for various dishes, drinks and pastries. Homeland spices - South Asia. But if you know how to grow ginger in the garden, you can enjoy a tropical island at home.

Ginger is very popular in medicine for salvation from various ailments. It neutralizes free radicals, soothes, protects the body from parasites and enhances immunity. Also, this plant improves digestion and blood circulation, heals the liver, strengthens memory, enhances sexual potency.

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How to prepare for growing ginger in the garden

Under favorable conditions and proper care, ginger can be grown in the garden. This plant is not sown with seeds, since it does not produce seeds when bred. But ginger is easily propagated by rhizome division.

You can buy it at almost any large store. For planting is best suited spine with a glossy and smooth surface.

It should not be:

  • very dry;
  • without shoot buds( "peephole");
  • frozen.

Before planting, put the root in warm water for 1-2 hours. This will stimulate the kidney to grow. In case of incomplete instillation of the spine, dry the part cut off, which will be “on the street”, and sprinkle with crushed activated charcoal or ash.

When living in temperate climates, it is better to grow ginger in greenhouses, because this Asian plant needs abundant moisture and high air temperature. The soil should be fertilized and loose, with a little sand added. The drainage layer( gravel, sand, crushed stone) must be, otherwise the root will rot!

And spring has come. From March to April is the perfect time to plant ginger.

Step-by-step description:

  1. Take the prepared root and divide it into three centimeter slices with buds;
  2. Bury the spine 2-3 cm in the ground with the kidneys up;
  3. Water the garden bed.
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If you do everything right, then somewhere in a couple of weeks the first shoots will appear.

Tips or how to grow ginger in the garden to get a good crop

  • Use a sunny place under the root planting, but without direct "burning" rays;
  • Protect ginger from wind;
  • Little by little and often spray and water the plant;
  • Continuously loosen the soil 1 cm deep;
  • Fertilize ginger with mullein, and after July alternate organic fertilizers and potash;
  • At the end of September, watering should be practically stopped;
  • Harvest immediately after drying and the beginning of leaf fall. Remove the excavated rhizomes from the ground and dry a few days in the sun;
  • Store the roots in a refrigerator or basement.
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Since the climate is colder than necessary, the roots can be a little smaller than the store. But do not be upset about it. The main plant has grown in your garden!

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