2018 - Moon's influence on plants and the lunar phase calendar by months

From the state of the moon, in what phase and zodiac sign it is, depends on the growth and development of plants. The influence of the moon on plants is great. It should be noted that when the moon decreases, the sap of the plants goes to the roots, and when it grows - on the contrary, they rise to the above-ground part of the plants.

Conv.at the waning moon
  • planting with the lunar phases of
  • watering plants on which days
  • pruning trees and shrubs on the moon
  • inoculation
  • fertilizing
  • the days of the fruit, to refresh, in a healthy environment↑ to the ↑nDs;

    Moon in April 2018

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    moon in May 2018

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    lunar rhythms

    When using the position of the moon in horticulture accept the known patterns of its position in the starry sky and its impact as a handleodstvo to work.

    New Moon, rising moon, full moon, waning moon, moon phases, moon position in the signs of the zodiac, ascending and descending moon, lunar days - each of these concepts indicates a particular rhythm arising in nature, the culprit of which is the moon.

    Knowledge about lunar rhythms and their influence on all living things has been used since ancient times. If you want to achieve success in garden works, do not refuse the help of the Moon.

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    Weeding or weed control in case of the waning moon

    There is an effective way of eliminating mostly annual weeds in the spring before sowing or planting. It consists in the following: the first time you need to dig up a bed or weed a plot with a growing moon in Leo - this stimulates the germination of weed seeds. Then dig it up again, weed it in the sign of Capricorn with the waning Moon - this makes it possible to destroy the weeds already germinated from the seeds. And then weed, burst, dig again after a while again with the waning moon.

    In the summer, during the growing season of plants, weeding is best carried out with the waning moon, especially when it passes the sign of Capricorn. But here it is important not to damage the cultivated plants, as they, too, will die.

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    Planting taking into account the lunar phases

    Planting plants is best possible with the growing Moon. The best time for transplantation is when the Moon is in Virgo — during this period, the root system is very well restored and the plant quickly grows. These days you can even replant not only young trees, but also more mature ones. It is also good at this time to begin rooting cuttings and chubuk grapes.

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    Watering plants, on which days

    Watering can be done at any time, except on days when the Moon is in the air signs( Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), but better when the Moon is decreasing and in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

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    Pruning trees and shrubs on the moon

    Pruning is carried out with a decreasing moon. This is best done when the waning moon is in Aries and Leo.

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    Grafting is done when the Moon grows, better closer to the full moon, when the Moon is in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. At the same time, the juice of the stock rises quickly to the grafted cutting or bud and nourishes it - the graft site quickly grows together.

    In order to cure a sick plant or to stimulate the growth of a badly developing one, it is necessary with a diminishing moon, in the fourth phase( last quarter) and it is better to pinch the top of the sprig of a tree on the day of the new moon before the kidney, which will later grow and develop intensively. The same effect can be achieved by pinching plants when the Moon passes the sign of Virgo.

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    Fertilization is most effective at the full moon or when the moon is waning. Fertilizers penetrate well into the root layer of soil, are absorbed by plants and do not fall into the groundwater.

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    Days of Fruit, Root, Flower, Sheet

    When the Moon passes the signs of the Zodiac Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - the period is called the “Days of Fruits”, because the rhythms of the Moon have a particular positive effect on the fruits.

    When the moon passes the signs of the zodiac Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn - the period is called the "days of the root" because the rhythms of the moon have a special influence on the roots.

    When the moon passes the signs of the zodiac Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - the period is called the "days of the flower", because the rhythms of the moon have a special effect on flowers.

    When the moon passes the signs of the zodiac Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - the period is called the “Liszt days”, because the rhythms of the moon have a special effect on foliage.

    What do you think, how can this information be applied in practice? That's how! If, for example, we loosen the soil on the lettuce beds always in the days of the Leaf, it will grow more lush, more productive than we would have done on other days.

    Carrots, beets, radishes and other root vegetables will be more successful if we not only sow them, but also weed them, loosen the earth in the days of the Root.

    Tomatoes, cucumbers and beans will thank us with the best fruits, when we take care of them - we dive, weed, loosen the soil and the days of the Fruit.

    Well, the days of the Flower, naturally, are best used for the care of flowers. By the way, flowers for bouquets should be cut off as far as possible only on the days of the Flower - they will stand in the vase for much longer.

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    New Moon

    These are good days for picking fruits and vegetables for long-term storage, weeding, pest and disease control, nipping and staving vegetables. You can soak or sow slowly germinating seeds.

    It is not recommended to plant any crops and tillage around plants.

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    Full moon

    This is a good time to loosen the soil around the plants, weed and collect the seeds.

    It is not recommended to trim, nip, graft and budding on these days.

    Sure, these tips will help you grow a good crop with less labor.

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