Review of small washing machines

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Washing machines with small dimensions - a solution for small rooms.

Stiralki such sizes are ideal for apartments with one room, summer kitchens or villas. The machine fits under the sink, it can be built into a special niche or placed in the bathroom.

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  • 1Mini compact cars
  • 2Types of washing machines
  • 3Review of rating vertical and frontal washers
    • 3.1Indesit WISL 103
    • 3.2Indesit ITW A 5851 W
    • 3.3LG F1096WDS5
    • 3.4Candy EVOT 10071D / 1-07
    • 3.5Samsung WW60H2210EW
    • 3.6Whirlpool AWE 7515/1
    • 3.7CANDY AQUA 08351D / 2-S
    • 3.8Candy AQUA 2D1140-07

Mini compact cars

A small front-wheel washing machine does not take much space, regardless of where it is installed.

Mini washing machine for the sink is in harmony with any kitchen set. German manufacturers produce such machines quite often, so small stilalki are especially popular among Germans.

Washing machines, mini-domestic production is most often installed in the bathroom under the washbasin. For these purposes, a flat shell "Kuvshinka" was made. The width of the styalka and washbasin is absolutely identical.

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There are many other varieties of shells that are perfect for a small SMA.

Important! To find the right size of the styralka, you should first ask the consultant for the installation and connection features. Need a compact washing machine under the sink? Do not forget to clarify this.

Types of washing machines

A small washing machine is of two types:

  1. Activator. Equipped with a ribbed activator disk, rotating in the tank water and things. SMA has many advantages. The economy of the machine ensures the absence of TET, there is no formation of foam, since the styralka consumes little powder and water.
    Used where there is no pipeline. The machine works quietly, and practically does not emit vibrations.
  2. Drum. Are intended for loading of linen in a drum where it rotates in all directions. The main advantage is full automation of the washing process, you do not need to pour in powder or add water. The washing machine does everything on its own, and also will dry the laundry.

According to statistics, many users prefer it to the drum SMA, as the laundry in such a styalka wears less.

Review of rating vertical and frontal washers

A front-mounted washing machine built into the wall is the most common, unlike the vertical counterparts. That is why it is easy to find exactly the model that will be combined with the interior.

A compact washing machine with a vertical type loading is a rarity. Often, vertical automatic machines have standard sizes, and narrow and small models are produced infrequently. These factors influence the price increase and add to the hassle of buying.

There are several champions of this segment. We will consider them further.

Indesit WISL 103

Front model - compact washing machine under the sink.

Overall dimensions of the machine: 85x60x40 cm. Standard machines are designed for washing clothes, weighing up to 5 kg. You can wash clothes for 1000 turns. Such an indicator for a small car is quite decent.

The machine combines low cost, a class of washing and energy efficiency - A and A. Spin class - С. Indesite consumes 44 liters of water per 1 cycle.

The machine-machine provides useful programs "Sport has the function of washing light fabrics. Also there is a program designed for 30 minutes.

SM has a reliable protection against leaks.

Indesit WISL 103

Indesit ITW A 5851 W

A small vertical styalka, measuring 85x60x40 cm. Good performance with an allowable load for washing at 5 kg.

High energy consumption class - A. Washing class - A. Maximal speed at pressing of linen reaches 800 rpm. This is quite enough to wash delicate fabrics.

Spin class - D. The model consumes 52 liters of water. There are useful functions of protection against leaks, foam formation and unbalance.

Indesit ITW A 5851 W

LG F1096WDS5

The front styalka measures 85x60 cm. The depth of the machine is not more than 44 cm. At the same time it is designed for loading, kg of laundry.

The washing machine squeezes the laundry in a minute at a speed of 1000 rpm. Class - B. A steam program is provided.

There is a useful option that prevents crushing of laundry after washing. Protection from children is a guarantee of washing without stopping, there is a delay of start. "Smart" display helps to cope with tasks of any complexity.

The LG model consumes 56 liters of water per cycle.

LG F1096WDS5

Candy EVOT 10071D / 1-07

The machine of vertical type beats all records of washing. Mini washing machine has such dimensions: 88h63h40 cm. It is designed to load 7 kg of laundry.

There is an option to control the imbalance. The model is protected from overflow, almost no noise during operation.

The maximum spin speed is 1000 rpm. Washing class - A. Energy consumption class - A.

Candy EVOT 10071D / 1-07

Samsung WW60H2210EW

The size is 85x60x45 cm. A small washing machine of the front type for washing 6 kg of laundry is designed. Squeezes things at speeds up to 1200 rpm.

Manufacturers have provided a delayed start, and the option of protection from children will not interrupt the washing process.

Energy consumption class A. Class of washing and spin - A and B. The model consumes a small amount of water. For one cycle, the machine spends only 36 liters.

On the machine body is a convenient digital display. Indicators of the stages and completion of washing will be to the liking of housewives engaged in other household chores.

A compact styaralka is distinguished by a mode for removing stains.

Samsung WW60H2210EW

Whirlpool AWE 7515/1

A vertical model measuring 90x60x40 cm, designed for washing 5 kg of laundry. The maximum speed of 1000 rpm - things do not crumple, are washed and not torn. Energy consumption class A +. Washing class - A.

Provides a half-load mode, the option of monitoring the formation of foam and imbalance - the main features of the model. The vertical stick is protected from leaks.

You can see a review of Virpul's washing machine on video:


Whirlpool AWE 7515/1

CANDY AQUA 08351D / 2-S

Compact styhalka size 69h51h44 cm with a maximum load of laundry, kg. The spin speed is 800 rpm. The machine consumes only 36 liters of water per cycle, 790 watts per hour. Energy consumption class A. The washing class is A, the pressing class is D.

Of the useful functions are provided protection against overflow, adjusting the spin speed, washing in cold water.

CANDY AQUA 08351D / 2-S

Candy AQUA 2D1140-07

Front washing machine with small dimensions: 70x51x47 cm. The model is designed for 4 kg of laundry. The spinning speed is 1100 rpm.

Energy efficiency class - A. Class of washing and pressing - A and C. The model consumes 29 liters of water. Of the additional options is allocated protection against leaks.

Candy AQUA 2D1140-07

Washing machine greatly facilitates the washing process, significantly saves space in the room where it is installed. Built-in styralka is practically invisible to strangers, not accessible to children, has an aesthetic appearance and supports comfortable conditions in the dwelling.

If you do not want to erase manually, and there is very little space for the stylus, find the model that will be meet the needs, do not take up much space and look attractive in the interior premises.

A compact washing machine is suitable for installation under a sink made of faience, plastic or enameled concrete.

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