Whirlpool washing machines: rating of the best models, the reviews and the review of the brand

In today's life is difficult to do without a washing machine. It greatly facilitates housework, freeing the owner from labor-intensive and long washing mountains of soiled household. To date, this category of equipment is represented in a huge range.

Reliable production of functional models engaged in various well-known brands. One of the best options for the price / quality - washing machines Whirlpool.

The content of the article:

  • Features and specifications of Whirlpool stiralok
    • The main advantages of the art
    • Known disadvantages
  • Most low-end models
    • Model # 1 - Whirlpool FWSG61053W
    • Model # 2 - Whirlpool FWSF61052W
    • Model # 3 - Whirlpool FWSG71053WV
  • The best machines and dryers
    • Model # 1 - Whirlpool AWE7515 / 1
    • Model # 2 - Whirlpool TDLR60810
    • Model # 3 - Whirlpool TDLR70110
  • Best machines with frontal load
    • Model # 1 - Whirlpool FWSD81283WCV
    • Model # 2 - Whirlpool FSCR80414
    • Model # 3 - Whirlpool FSCR90420
  • Most embedded stiralki
    • Model # 1 - Whirlpool AWO / C0714
    • Model # 2 - Whirlpool AWO / C0614
    • Model # 3 - Whirlpool AWOC7712
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  • What to look for before you buy?
  • Recommendations regarding the care of typewriters
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Features and specifications of Whirlpool stiralok

The company is positioned as an American brand, but most of the production capacity is concentrated in other countries. Most trust worthy buyers specimens collected in Slovakia, Italy and Germany.

Factory production of washing machines Whirlpool

By the middle of the XX century, the company received its present name, after which she became quite rapidly developing, distributing its products to almost all over the world

Russian consumers are familiar with the technique of not so long: in 1995. In 2009, the Russian Federation launched the eponymous plant, which still produce cars of domestic assembly, distributed by the CIS.

Equipment of any brand has its own strengths and negative qualities. This also applies to washing machines Whirlpool.

Their popularity is due to high-tech and high-quality filling assembly. There are some nuances and devices, described in a review of real users.

Washing machines from Whirlpool manufacturer

The company offers a wide range stiralok with vertical and frontal kind of load, have domestic and professional equipment in stock

The main advantages of the art

Washing machines attracted a lot of positive characteristics. The good news is that the manufacturer adheres sufficiently democratic pricing policy.

The unique capabilities of washing machines Whirlpool

Machines Whirlpool able to cope with any pollution. They carry out multistage heating of the chemical components contained in the applied detergent. This factor significantly improves its performance

The cost of most models available for everyone. Exceptions are products close to the category of premium.

include multiple parameters The main advantages of the equipment:

  1. Presentable appearance and elegant style. Washing machines have not only a direct problem, but also perfectly complement the interior of a room.
  2. A large range of programs. Even in the budgetary decisions has a lot of software for specific modes of washing and simplify operation of the device. In particular, it is fast, sensitive, normal wash, easy ironing, and others.
  3. Different ways of laundry load. In the assortment you can find the model it convenient to load the format - front or vertical.
  4. Good capacity. Depending on the modification products designed for washing the laundry with a volume of 5, 6, 7 kg at a time.
  5. "The Sixth Sense" technology. After loading special sensors quickly determine the weight of things, calculate the optimum amounts of water and detergents required for the current procedure.
  6. Accounting for tissue specificity. Machine carefully and efficiently washes the clothes are made from different materials, given their characteristics. The device can trust the things of cotton, wool, synthetics, without fear, because they will lose color or shape.

Engage in dialogue with the technique is not difficult: modern LCD-display shows detailed information during operation. Due to its unique Touch Control it is possible to operate the machine with a single touch.

Detergent compartment

The dispenser for powder and filters covered antibacterial composition Microban, preventing the appearance and proliferation of fungi, bacteria and odors

Door and a control panel equipped with a locking mechanism that prevents unintentional change stored parameters, and a stop device.

Almost all the equipment features compact dimensions, not limiting the installation to the desired location. Units operating in energy-saving mode "A" and spend a minimal amount of resources.

Classiness on the characteristics of energy saving

The parameters of washing machine Whirlpool economical energy consumption given the highest class with maximum values ​​A +++ (+)

Known disadvantages

Despite the company's leading position in the Whirlpool Byttekhnika world market, marked, albeit minor deficiencies in customer reviews.

Here are some nuances to put the emphasis consumers:

  • relatively noisy spin;
  • korotkovaty hoses for water;
  • no audible warning, signals the end of the wash;
  • plastic handle on the door.

These drawbacks do not apply to all models. If they are still there, it does not affect the functionality and serviceability of equipment. For such inconveniences easy to learn and adapt.

Lack of information display

Not all stiralki American company equipped with LCD display, allowing to monitor the washing process, and receive information about errors in the operation of the unit

Most low-end models

Top build quality and a wide range of the company attracts the attention of buyers from around the globe.

The Whirlpool range includes narrow, recessed, Full Size version with different load types. Consider the most popular options, leading in the world rankings.

Model # 1 - Whirlpool FWSG61053W

Whirlpool FWSG61053W - a narrow washing machine with a horizontal load format, made in universal design. Despite the affordable price, it has decent functional characteristics.

Among them, intuitive menus, 14 programs, including intensive, fast, daily, delicate washing, temperature control capabilities, and foam control imbalance.

Especially positive feedback characterized by a mode of "duvet".

Over the course of the wash and the countdown to the end of the process it is convenient to watch through a large electronic display. The option "Delay Start" may delay the start of the cycle for a period of from 30 minutes to 23 hours.

Equipment easily copes with lingerie up to 6 kg. At part load are calculated tank right amount of resources for a particular case.

Judging by the reviews, the device performs a good spin at 1000 rpm speed. enhances operational safety button, locking the control panel.

Model # 2 - Whirlpool FWSF61052W

Machine Whirlpool FWSF61052W also represents the budget segment. But its functionality will not be harmed.

With dimensions of 60x43x84 cm, it has spacious tank, able to cope with washing and 6 kg laundry. For these purposes, in the arsenal of the unit are basic and special regimes designed to wash the user things as efficiently as possible.

Of the additional options available even delicate wash program and remove stains. And owner is given a choice of optimum temperature and spin speed during the spin cycle.

Of the benefits of this are called stiralki users easy control and the presence of the display, where all the selections are displayed immediately. respect also deserves efficiency - wash corresponds to the class A, and in the level of electricity consumption - Class A ++.

As for the drawbacks, the users have found significant in the model.

Model # 3 - Whirlpool FWSG71053WV

Among the considered budget decisions Whirlpool FWSG71053WV is the most popular among buyers.

They appreciated its roomy drum 7 kg and low noise even when the squeezing of the program at high speed.

This washing machine, despite the low price tag, has a high rate of energy consumption, which corresponds to the class A +++.

It is equipped with 13 different programs. Each client will be able to choose among them the best for their needs: delicate fabrics, sports, things down, jeans, and other options.

In this model, implemented steam that will quickly refresh clothes, saving her from the unpleasant odor if necessary.

Among the shortcomings should be noted imperfect spin (C class), the plastic material of the tank and the absence of control from a smartphone.

The best machines and dryers

Stiralki vertical loading type are also in demand among buyers. Thanks to its compact dimensions, these models take up very little space.

The more so that manufacturers often equip housing wheels, rollers facilitating its movement out of the closet to the bathroom and back. Consider the most popular brand vertical model, the most actively buying customers.

Model # 1 - Whirlpool AWE7515 / 1

The most popular among buyers vertikalka - Whirlpool AWE7515 / 1. The most budget option among vertical models Whirlpool.

According roominess car is virtually identical to the full-size models: it erases up to 5.5 kg of laundry in a single approach.

The housing is equipped with a mechanical switch. On the steps of the process informs Tally, service indicators point to the emergence of errors and problems.

The compact and stylish machine is ideal for small rooms - its dimensions are 40x60x90 cm. Although in appearance it seems too simple, its feature set is more than enough for everyday washing.

The unit has 18 programs focused on certain types of tissue. There is also an accelerated mode, allowing freshen things up in no time.

Product manufacturer equipped Fuzzy Logic technology, thanks to which the technique itself reacts to unusual situations and controls every step of the washing process, determining the unbalance of the laundry.

Model # 2 - Whirlpool TDLR60810

Whirlpool TDLR60810 - laundry is compact size device fits perfectly in a small room with limited space. For one cycle it can be washed up to 6 kg of clothes, choosing one of 14 different programs.

In this product the manufacturer has provided start shelving, washing in cold water. And there is still a high demand among kids moms function remove stains.

A very handy feature express laundry, with the machine evaluates the weight of the loaded items and selects the appropriate time for cleaning. For example, a shirt and trousers can prostirnut for 10-12 minutes.

The machine can be easily installed and, if necessary moved quickly by a special lever located at the bottom. The maximum possible setting spin speed - 800 rpm.

Before the procedure, the unit performs a balancing of laundry. This course helps to improve the quality and safety of extraction equipment in general.

In this stiralka provides full protection against leaks, foam control and locking systems, which excludes willful interference into the work of children.

Model # 3 - Whirlpool TDLR70110

Whirlpool TDLR70110 - is relatively inexpensive washing machine with vertical loading type. Although its price tag is a bit higher than in the two previous machines, but still accessible to the majority of buyers.

Among the main advantages of - 14 operating modes, and the most economical energy class A ++. Per hour of work, he spends only 0.15 kWh of electricity per 1 kg of processed linen.

Equipment is quite roomy: at one time it washed up to 7 kg of clothes made of different materials. With a lack of time, you can use the quick wash program, which lasts 15/30 minutes.

The machine offers the possibility to stop with water in the drum. Report things, and then continue this washing is possible without problems. When the low temperature mode saves about 40% of energy.

Due developed by Whirlpool option Clean +, well satisfied with this content with the linen heavily soiled and stained without pre-treatment.

During spinning at 1000 revolutions felt vibration, but the problem is solved by means of gaskets and antivibration proper installation using water level.

Best machines with frontal load

Stiralki with front hatch are more popular among buyers than vertikalka. It is these models occupy a large part of the washing appliance market. And Whirlpool brand is no exception.

We suggest to consider the most popular cars among customers with a front loading type.

Model # 1 - Whirlpool FWSD81283WCV

Whirlpool FWSD81283WCV - is soundly narrow model with a neat appearance. Her feature - the technology Fresh Care +Providing air circulation inside the drum. It is the periodic rotation of the device and the garment steaming after the wash.

By adding such a function to the selected mode, you can not worry about what things turn sour and acquire a distinctive unpleasant odor, if you forget to pull them out of the tank.

The machine can hold up to 8 kg of laundry. Moreover, its size does not tend to be cumbersome, making 60x48x84 cm.

Equipped with 16 work programs. Among them is to provide hand-washing wool. She softly and gently cleanses the fiber material while retaining its original appearance.

The device is equipped with a convenient removable tray with compartments under the conditioner, air conditioner and a powder. He gets easily for cleaning and washing by pressing the button.

The sequence of performing the steps of the selected mode is displayed on the digital display. Running the program can be delayed by applying a delay timer.

Model # 2 - Whirlpool FSCR80414

Whirlpool FSCR80414 - this spacious Full machine inverter type engine. During one erase cycle to 8 kg of clothes.

It uses a unique algorithm to achieve perfect washing results. It adapts the rotation of the drum for each type of material. Depending on the circumstances, changing the number of revolutions, speed, pauses and acceleration.

In the drum unit reduced diameter holes and ribs improved design. This eliminates the risks of damage to the fiber materials and improves the overall level gentle wash.

In the present model, optional removal of specific stains, including cold water. It can be connected to any of the 10 programs.

On the background of the other unit stands out in terms of power consumption: Compared with the economy class it still consumes 20% less resources, referring to the A +++.

Machine design is going on ZEN technology. Durable body shape well absorb the vibration and noise in the extraction phase.

Model # 3 - Whirlpool FSCR90420

Whirlpool FSCR90420 is the most capacious stiralka among the popular models with front-loading type. It is able to wash one cycle to 9kg various clothes.

Its dimensions comply with the standard indicators of a full-sized machines - 60x60x85 cm. In 10 different functional modes are provided, allowing to choose the desired option in specific circumstances.

The manufacturer has provided not only the standard long-term programs, but also the fast track in the form of a quick wash. There are still more specific modes, including super-rinse and stain removal.

For easy selection of the desired type of implemented intelligent control, and all information about it is displayed on the large digital display.

With a large amount of load machine is also extremely cost-effective, energy class it corresponds to class A +++. Spin this model, too, is beyond praise - his speed 1400 rpm, and the efficiency of Class A.

The manufacturer has not forgotten to take care of security, equipping housing unit leak protection. Yet it monitors the level of foaming.

Most embedded stiralki

In order to save space and the realization of the unique design of the project, many customers choose embeddable version stiralki. This technique does not yield free-standing in functionality but differs overpriced.

We offer to get acquainted with the best embedded Whirlpool brand offers.

Model # 1 - Whirlpool AWO / C0714

Whirlpool AWO / C0714 - built model with front format download things. At a depth of 54 cm of its maximum load of 7 kg. The machine is made in classic white.

The drum is made of high quality plastic and is endowed with an asymmetrical trajectory. This feature ensures a uniform distribution of the laundry and the most effective penetration of the powder into the fiber structure of the material.

Washing machine operates in 18 modes, allows you to program the spin speed, adjust the time with the regulator and the movable end of the cycle.

Excellent machine washes and presses at a speed of 12,400 rpm: at the end of the process of things is always clean and almost dry.

Integrated sensors corrected washing procedure, weighing underwear, adjusting its real volume under the desired amount of water and detergent.

Of the minuses can be called only overpriced when compared with models to be established separately.

Model # 2 - Whirlpool AWO / C0614

Whirlpool AWO / C0614 - dependable, durable and versatile representative of built-in patterns with 18 modes of operation and almost the highest energy efficiency class - A ++.

Of the program is a daily that would quickly deal with the laundry (fast, cost-effective), and rarely used - wool, delicate fabrics and removing stains.

The unit is equipped with electronic intelligent control system that relates volume to boot from the selected wash program. During operation, the display parameters of the electricity consumed is displayed.

Technique shows excellent washing results to 6 kg things even at low temperatures. Built-Colours cares about the tissue, while maintaining color saturation. Spin is performed at speeds up to 1400 rpm.

The model is characterized by an improved operating safety. It is possible to control the balance of the drum and the amount of foam produced.

In this device, applied technology, which protects the equipment against unwanted leaks and has a mechanism notifying the presence of faults.

Model # 3 - Whirlpool AWOC7712

Whirlpool AWOC7712 - the most expensive line of embedded stiralok representative of the manufacturer.

This technique will be an integral part of any interior and is suitable for almost every family. Its capacity - up to 7 kg. Dimensions are 60x56x82 cm, which should be considered when determining the size of the niche for its incorporation.

The front panel has a digital display that helps to choose the desired mode easily and quickly obtain all the information about it. Just this model 14 different programs preinstalled.

In addition to routine modes it is possible to wash wool, blended fabric, and delicate.

Whirlpool AWOC7712 not only qualitatively different kinds of clothes to wash, but also help to save at the same time. All this thanks to the high class (A +++) consumption of energy, which consumption is 0.13 kWh per 1 kg of things, as well as water - 52 liters per wash.

The model is implemented full protection against leaks and lock, which protects the unit from interfering with children.

Significant disadvantage consumers referred to only by the high price tag.

What to look for before you buy?

Washing machine is bought with the expectation of long-term operation. Considering the best offers products in the store, you should analyze the pros and cons.

And also explore various criteria and to select an option for optimum quality, cost, reliability and functionality.

Functional set washing machine

Not to overpay for unnecessary features, before buying it is necessary to carefully examine the range of programs available to the unit (+)

First of all it is important to pay attention to:

  • download format;
  • dimensions;
  • the maximum amount of load;
  • view control;
  • engine's type;
  • security;
  • the number of programs and options.

A technique in which the laundry is loaded horizontally, can be installed anywhere: in the bathroom, the kitchen, the other free space.

Vertical models are more appropriate where it is more convenient to lay on top of things. It's worth noting that the top cover will not be used as a shelf.

washing machine motor

Washing machines can be equipped with a collector or an inverter motor. The design modifications to the second type devices are no brushes, so they are known for their durability and less noise

In rooms with special layout space or deficiency appropriately set narrow and compact aggregates, not exceeding 50 cm in width. Full Size machines are suitable for larger families of 3 or more people.

Loading capacity selected on the basis of what is planned to be machine washed. If this is a common laundry and clothes, you can get a capacity of 5 kg.

If it is assumed periodic washing wool and terry items, blankets and pillows, which are absorbing water, significantly gain weight, you should get 7-8 kg models.

The simplest and most reliable solution considered units with mechanical control. Pivot arm is much easier to learn and easier to repair in case of breakage. Typically, such models present only the standard feature set.

Electronic management of washing technology

To be able to fine-tune, to create algorithms and save the program, it makes sense to buy a device with electronic control. Now the touch screen is often found in inexpensive cars

Any appliances must include systems that improve the safety of its operation.

The main washing machines safety indicators are options that allow you to lock the control panel, pump out the excess foam, protects the body and hoses leak, protect the electronic components from surges voltage.

In addition to the basic software on the device, check the availability of additional functions. For example, people with allergies will be very useful increased rinsing, no residues are removed from the powder surface of the garment.

Function delay start of the washing machine

delay timer - useful practical addition of the washing machine. This discovery is invaluable for the regions in which the discounted tariffs for electricity at night

Families with small children will appreciate the spotting function designed to remove various types of stains.

Antibacterial mode steamed linen, disinfecting it and removing stubborn unpleasant odors. Possibility avtovzveshivaniya prevents overspending resources and helps to save money.

Recommendations regarding the care of typewriters

To extend the life and improve the performance of the device, it is necessary to provide competent regular maintenance.

Compliance with the recommendations of the manual

To extend the working life of technology and perfect its operation should follow exactly the manufacturer's recommendations and look at the typewriter

Whirlpool experts recommend to follow a few rules:

  1. Use only quality-tested powder intended solely for washing in automatic mode.
  2. Periodically wash the tray, removing remains of detergents. Thoroughly dry before reassembling the department.
  3. Wipe the rubber lip of the hatch after washing. If it will be excess water, it will trigger the appearance of mold.
  4. Once every 1-2 months to arrange preventive cleaning unit with funds acquired in specialized stores. It can not be used for purification of chlorine, acetic and citric acid.
  5. Leave the lid ajar machine, giving air to circulate in the drum.

During the entire period of operation equipment necessary to maintain order and cleanlinessAs required wiping body slightly damp cloth with addition of non-aggressive detergent compositions.

Particular attention is paid to advise washing machines, installed near a bathtub or sink: highly undesirable to them constantly flushed with water.

connecting hoses and the electric cable is better to clean the area inaccessible to children and do not expose them to excessive loads, which can lead to breaks or fractures.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

the connection algorithm and features Whirlpool washing machine assembly:

Over the past decade Whirlpool washing machine companies have established themselves in the eyes of consumers as a model of reliability, unsurpassed functionality and elegant style. With due care and careful operation, they are the owners of not less than 10 years.

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