As one of the two sockets to make and how to hold the socket from the wall outlet

The situation, when repair is not planned, but there was a need for additional outlets are not uncommon. You can try to solve this problem on their own, without having to call an electrician.

For this to be studied as a single socket to do two, to prepare the necessary tools for installation and purchase the appropriate consumables.

The content of the article:

  • Socket from the wall outlet: to spend or not?
  • Two sockets of the same: the options
  • Socket from the wall socket: the rules of the
    • Where to hide the wire
    • Installing dual model
    • Installation of a new outlet near
    • Proper connection block
  • Errors during sockets
  • Useful videos on the topic

Socket from the wall outlet: to spend or not?

Option to install additional outlets will help get rid of the quarrels between family members who require elektrotochki to include various household appliances. Especially sharply this problem stands in the kitchen with the purchase of new equipment - blender, mini combine, yogurt, bread machine, Multivarki and other devices.

It turns out that the existing socket is no longer cope with their responsibilities - their number is physically not enough to meet the needs of all households. It is therefore advisable to be for the additional outlet from the existing one.

Sockets for technical equipment of the kitchen
Technically equipped kitchen needs a lot of points of connection to the mains. This should be remembered at the stage of drawing up a design project of the interior space of the future

But here you can be faced with a real problem - is not always possible to perform such a task. There are some restrictions when absolutely impossible to carry out such a modernization of the existing power supply:

  • if you need a socket for electric stoves;
  • when they decided to connect the washing machine water heater;
  • if the total capacity of the device more than 2.2 kW.

The houses or apartments where the owners bought a new electric stove instead of the old gas, will require a new socket for its connection. In such a situation can not be from the usual outlets conduct another to enable this powerful device. It will require installation of a separate branch of the distribution box, and even better - from the panel. And the tripping device for powerful machinery to install.

Another bad example, when in the bathroom outlet is provided only for the washing machine. But over time, acquired the boiler. In one double outlet, these devices can not simultaneously include - wiring can burn. It will always be problematic to control the order of the boiler turn the washing machine.

The result is a network overvoltage
The result is a network surge can be disappointing - good when the problem in time to detect or load a gun and fire was avoided

It should also be before the start of works on the installation of another outlet to calculate the expected power devices, which are both included in the new block sockets. Often upgrade planning power connections, which feeds the wire cross-section of 1.5-2.5 mm2. Therefore, the total capacity of the device can be slightly more than 2 kW.

You can not include one outlet boiler and washing machine
It is impossible in such a neighbor-socket, powered by a single strand, at the same time include a dishwasher, oven and heater or boiler and washing machine

Two sockets of the same: the options

Having decided to install additional independent elektrotochki, will learn how to correctly to hold a new outlet from existing power outlet, read the recommendations and advice of experienced masters. If there is no confidence in their abilities, it is better to invite an electrician, having outstanding experience under his belt.

With self-assembly additional outlet to decide what it will be:

  • new point remote from existing for a couple of meters;
  • double instead of a single model;
  • a block of 3-6 points.

Depending on individual needs should choose the most appropriate option. If you just do not have one yet elektrotochki to include all the necessary equipment, it is more convenient and easier to put the dual model. This solution can even implement a beginner with no experience or special knowledge of electrical installation work.

Separate outlet for electric cookers
separate power cable is required for an electric cooker that can withstand a large load

When the room moved the sofa and changed their place of deployment of the TV or grown-up children have bought a PC - is a double socket is not enough. We need to put an additional one or two new ones.

And if the power consumption requirements above, but also the thickness of the section of the wire allows - it is best to put a block on 4-6 nests. Such a decision could fit harmoniously into the interior, not piling wall with unnecessary details.

Socket from the wall socket: the rules of the

Having dealt with the right type of future outlets, which will connect to an existing one, will acquire the necessary materials and take the tools that come in handy during of work. It will also have to solve the problem of masking wires.

Where to hide the wire

Power supply cable, which will connect the existing elektrotochku to install, need somewhere to hide. This question is not only design, but also the operational safety of the premises.

Hide wire in Stroebe
Well, when the question with another socket is solved at the stage of rough repairs. At this time, the easiest way to hide the wire in Stroebe

Wire length and a variant of his disguise will be different in different cases. For example, if the room concealed wiring, you have to hide in the wall, having done this for Stroebe.

This method is very expensive - because the wall finish may be seriously affected. Therefore, in complex situations, when the room is a beautiful renovation, choose something so devastating - to the wall and the wallpaper to them are not affected. Alternatively, place the socket in the 15-30 cm from the floor and hide the wires in a special plinth, which is easy to put your own hands.

When the outlet is located on the top, it is convenient to use a dual model or placed near a second. It is desirable that it has had the same design and color. Wires with such mounting hide behind lids remarkable.

Another option - to open the wiring. This is true, if the room is decorated in a retro style - a beautiful openwork interlacing wires leading to the sockets and switches resonates harmoniously with other home furnishings. Hide does not need anything, and if you need to replace the land - no access difficult.

image gallery
Photo of
Wiring open way
Wiring open method might look organically and attractive when it comes to the design of a room in retro style
Copper pipes from wood over
In the country or in the bath often sacrifice beauty for the sake of security - copper pipes over a wooden wall decoration - it is a forced necessity
Wires hide inside Escutcheon
If two outlets are located nearby, you can all the wires that connect them to each other, to hide behind the cover or inside the Escutcheon
Drown wire into selected Stroebe
Drown wire in the wall - the most time-consuming process. And tile, wallpaper or other type of finish will suffer. This option is suitable for new buildings and facilities, which are repairs
Wiring open way
Wiring open way
Copper pipes from wood over
Copper pipes from wood over
Wires hide inside Escutcheon
Wires hide inside Escutcheon
Drown wire into selected Stroebe
Drown wire into selected Stroebe

Installing dual model

Quick and easy way to convert one socket in two - remove the trim, unscrew the old operating mechanism, taking it from the Escutcheon. Instead, it will put a new outlet for 2 working socket. It differs from a single 2 seats, which are capable of withstanding the total current up to 16 A.

Established such a model in one podrozetnik. From its single operating mechanism is distinguished by the terminals 2, diluted in different directions.

The mechanism of double outlet
The mechanism of double sockets visually different from a single model. The main thing is that all wires are properly connected

To install the required:

  • turn off the electricity in the house / apartment;
  • make sure that the house really is de-energized;
  • remove the single socket, freeing the wire of its operating mechanism;
  • trim frayed ends of bare wires;
  • remove the insulation from the ends of 1 cm;
  • brown paste phase wire right contact mechanism;
  • blue insert zero into the left contact wire;
  • insert the yellow-green earth wire to a central earthing contact;
  • all contacts working socket screwdriver tightening mechanism;
  • wire bent into an accordion Enclosures and paste on top of the operating mechanism;
  • fix all the screws;
  • wear a decorative cover the socket and tighten the retaining screw in the center.

After completion of the conversion of one socket 2 will test the results. If everything is working, you can turn on the electricity in the apartment / house.

Installation of a new outlet near

Option with the installation of a new elektrotochki a certain distance from an existing will require more time and effort. Here, as in the previous version, it is necessary to disconnect the house / apartment and only then start to work.

In contact with the light phase illuminates
To make sure that the brown wire - this phase, you can use a special screwdriver indicator. In contact with the phase of its light illuminates

Next you need to mark a place for future deployment. Now you need to disassemble the old outlet, taking its mechanism. Be daisy way to connect it to the new power cord socket.

Attaching the wires is the same as for double sockets. One difference - every contact is inserted by 2 identical wiring and mounting are tightened with a screwdriver. To get the train.

Wire earth will bifurcate - attach the 2 yellow-green pieces, put in a junction sleeve, pressurize the press-pliers, put on top of heat-shrinkable tubing for insulation. One branch is inserted into the mechanism of the old outlet, and the second - a new one. The feed conductor of the wires 3 can be increased to the desired length.

Connect the two wire segments
To connect two wire segments, you can use a special cap - a reliable connection, but will have to bite off a piece of wire to remove it

The wall is a hole for mounting Escutcheon - have to drill the wall. Then the power supply wire is threaded inward and locked alabaster glass mixture. It remains to connect the working mechanism of the socket - the steps are the same as for double sockets.

After installation of the decorative cover will conceal or disguise the wire, using the most suitable for this embodiment.

Proper connection block

When the thickness of the main conductor is sufficient, and potential devices to be powered from future Outlets have moderate capacity, one can substitute the old outlet socket strip build in a modular frame. This may be a row 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 pieces.

To give this unit an aesthetic look, buy a decorative modular frame. Moreover, color and material can be selected according to personal preferences.

To connect this socket option to be first de-energize the room. A better and the apartment / house.

Installing the socket strip
When installing sockets block instead of one should clearly maintain a distance between them, so that later decorative frame hid all unnecessary

Then will conduct actions similar to installing a second outlet. The only difference - the distance between the old and new podrozetnik elektrotochki will be minimal. His exact parameters depend on the size of the glass and the width of the decorative overlay cover.

By connecting all the wires in series to each of the new outlets next block, and joined the land to the workers mechanisms to complete installation work, the same as setting the second outlet at a distance of old.

Check the new outlet performance
After installation it is important to test the functionality of the new sockets - light should light up

You can now turn on the power - all the work is completed. In this variant of another outlet to hide the wires do not need to, because they all fit in the Escutcheon.

Errors during sockets

And while the extra outlet is a simple task, beginners often make mistakes. Such an unfortunate misunderstanding, as the incorrect installation of the new elektrotochki, can turn into big trouble. It is therefore important to pay special attention to the most common mistakes and try to avoid them.

Firstly, you need to use a cable to connect the new outlet is the same thickness as the existing files. Otherwise, proper operation and can be no question.

Secondly, it is desirable to use a wire of the same material - if the socket is powered copper wire, the second of it should be made also using a copper wire of the same diameter.

image gallery
Photo of
Screw terminal block design
apparatus for wire connections. Easy to use - you can cut the right amount of terminals
WAGO spring-type terminal block
Terminal VAGO - has inside grease which protects against corrosion. It can be used for connecting the 2 wires of different materials
PPE cap for fixing twist
Cap PPE is used to connect single-wire veins of wires - at the end, from which the insulation is removed, put on a cap and screwed tight in a clockwise direction
Clip-splitter WAGO
Clip-splitter WAGO German production. Its main advantage - it is easy to put on and easy to remove at least. Besides, the device is applied to the maximum amperage
Screw terminal block design
Screw terminal block design
WAGO spring-type terminal block
WAGO spring-type terminal block
PPE cap for fixing twist
PPE cap for fixing twist
Clip-splitter WAGO
Clip-splitter WAGO

The third mistake is allowed independent connection - a violation of the order of attachment of wires. To avoid this, you need to clearly understand the purpose of each and correctly identify the place of attachment.

For convenience, it is desirable to buy a new outlet to see the old, take it apart. This is done strictly after disconnection from the mains supply. Note the presence of the ground wire - if it is not that common in the Khrushchev and other old houses, and the wire for the new outlet without taking the land better.

The fourth mistake - a wrong or insufficient solid connection wire with the working mechanism of the socket. Here, with no experience, it is difficult enough to find a balance. Therefore, to minimize the amount of work, it is advisable to carry out a rehearsal on how to connect cables on a spare piece of wire. To check the quality of the bond, you can use a light bulb.

Option bonding wires
You can choose the most convenient way to bond wires to each other - you need to buy the original terminals and other products, for fear of counterfeiting

The fifth error - when the wire is allowed diagonally. This is unacceptable, and standards for electrical wiring is prohibited - wire should be installed vertically. Although the home handyman can not yet such a thing.

You should not do that - if it is carried out in a couple of years, redecorating, you find the exact location of the wire passage is extremely difficult and it can be damaged by accident.

Attaching the wires in contact
Hooking wire in contact operating mechanism should also qualitatively. For this useful screwdriver

The sixth error, or rather a nuisance - it's badly chosen design trim outlet. This moment in the mechanism and should not affect performance - will only be evident, loose overall design concept of the room. To avoid such dissonance are requested to choose the most appropriate model capable blend well into existing stylistic composition.

Selecting the appropriate color and shape of the socket model
Choose the right color and shape model of the socket is now simple - manufacturers vying offer the finest options. It is important that the product was not a fake

Knowing the major problem areas the upcoming installation of additional outlets, it will be easier to avoid common mistakes. Of course, these details are not relevant to the work of professional electricians - master the first time everything is done correctly.

Useful videos on the topic

To get from one outlet to get two, you can use the most simple way - to put a double instead of a single model. Step by step, this option is demonstrated in the video:

In the video clip outlines the basic principles of a serial connection sockets:

Before starting work for the outlet should clearly identify which wire is responsible for what. How to do that without practical experience, will tell Video Tutorials:

Video review of the popular connectors used to connect the wires to each other:

Having considered the question of the feasibility of a new outlet from existing and decide on its installation, it is necessary to pay attention to all stages of the work. In the future, will have to adhere strictly to the rules of operation of the new elektrotochki to avoid overloading of the line - it is impossible in such sockets include both 2 quite powerful instrument.

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