Proper fertilization for foliar feeding

Everyone has their favorite activity, and a considerable number of people take great care in caring for plants. How wonderful it is to observe the spitting of a seedling from a seed, to look after the period of active growth and, it is doubly pleasant to reap the rewards of a grateful green pet. But, for a good harvest, you need to make feeding and fertilizer, including foliar.

The rules of plant care always include:

  • loosening the soil;
  • watering;
  • fertilization;
  • weeding;
  • pest protection and treatment;
  • trimming or staging;
  • preparing plants for winter

You can fertilize in several ways:

  1. The main method involves applying to the soil before planting plants.
  2. The sowing method is done at the time of planting the seeds .
  3. Top dressing is the introduction of nutrients in the lifetime of .Top dressing can be root, extra root( leaf), inter-row and way of fertigation.
Foliar fertilization is spraying fertilizer on the leaves and stems of plants
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  • What is foliar application
  • When she needed
  • What fertilizer most suitable
    • Nitrogen fertilizers
    • potassium and phosphorus
    • Magnesium and trace elements
  • How to prepare foliar fertilizer in the country
  • processing technology gardencultures
    • First dressing
    • Second
    • Third

What is foliar dressing

Foliar dressing are additionalmethod of introducing nutrients dissolved in water by sputtering on the ground part, bypassing roots.

According to research, the batteries applied to the leaves and stems of plants actively penetrate the green organism and are absorbed much faster.

The ideal way to make quick meals in small doses, with a clear plant response.

When it is needed

Main incentives for deciding on foliar nutrition:

  • upgrading fertilizer application methods;
  • due to low temperatures, salinity, underdevelopment of the root system, the plant does not receive the nutrients from the soil , which leads to a deficiency of nutrients, and leaf supplements will provide essential microelements in the shortest possible time and in full;
  • powerful root stimulation , because the leaf nourishes the root, increasing the ability of the reinforced root to absorb food from the soil;
  • increase in the intensity of photosynthesis;
  • fertilization, following the stages of plant development, for example, at the time of the extinction of the activity of the root system;
  • bush height does not allow interrow introduction of fertilizers;
  • combining foliar application with pesticide treatment, before this carefully examining the compatibility tables so as not to cause new compounds;
  • saving of batteries due to local introduction
Extra root dressing is used when root introduction is impossible

To fully assimilate nutrition with a leaf, it is generally accepted to distinguish rigorous rules:

  1. To apply fertilizer at the moment of the best development of the vegetative plant of the bush.
  2. The solution should get on the top and bottom of the leaf and on the stalks ;
  3. Spray the solution at night or on a cloudy day , as the sun dries the solution before the plant absorbs it;
  4. Ambient temperature not higher than 20 degrees .
  5. There must be windless, not rainy weather.

What fertilizers are most suitable

It is important to know, in the implementation of leaf nutrition, the principles of absorption of certain elements.

Nitrogen Fertilizers

Lack of nitrogen during the growing season dramatically reduces yields, as well as the quality and protein content. Nitrogen fertilizers are best sprayed onto the sheet in early spring in order to improve photosynthesis activity, growth rate, tillering and the development of reproductive organs.

Late feeding of the leaf does not affect the yield, but significantly increases the quality protein content in the fruit.

The best results were shown by top dressing of leaves with carbamide, which contains the amide form of nitrogen.


Potash and phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, contribute to accelerated ripening of fruits , while improving the quality characteristics of the crop.

It is important to remember that potassium is not sufficiently and slowly absorbed through the foliage of , potassium ions are very large and difficult for them to pass through the leaf cuticle. It is advisable to make potassium in dry weather, to maintain the elasticity of the sheet.

Magnesium and trace elements

  • Magnesium has excellent characteristics for absorbing sheet, is applied simultaneously with urea in the form of magnesium sulphate.
  • Biostimulators based on algae.
  • Trace elements are introduced in the form of chelates - complex organic compounds characterized by a developed organometallic complex, in which the chylenia agent effectively retains the metal ion in a soluble state until it enters the plants., toxicity, the formation of new compounds in the soil and plants, burns at the point of contact.
Algae-based biostimulator

How to prepare foliar top dressing at the cottage

In order to increase the yield of apples, it is necessary to conduct carbamide ( synthetic urea) three times. In the spring, while the leaves are still tender, apply 0,3% ( three grams of urea per liter of water) solution, and in summer and autumn 0,5% ( 5 grams of urea per liter of water).

If there was a long and cold spring, before the plant blooms, it is urgent to feed it with the following composition:

Ammonium nitrate ( nitrogen amount 46%) - 20.0 g.dissolved in two liters of water, added potassium chloride - 20.0 g.and copper sulfate - 1.0 gr.,

add to this mixture dissolved in 3 liters of superphosphate - 200 gr. The mixture is filtered if a precipitate is formed and the plants are treated with the solution obtained.

In the case of a dry and hot summer, it is necessary to treat the leaves with a solution of potassium chloride 100 g.10 liters of water, it will increase the turgor of the leaves.

Processing technology for garden crops

First dressing

First extras put into the root by applying flowers to the formation of flowers

Before the plant blossoms, it is urgently necessary to feed it with the following composition:

  1. Double granulated supernitant AS1171DD11701DD, which will be brought up as the plant with the following composition:
    1. ., dissolved in 3 liters of water overnight in a plastic container;
    2. Ammonium nitrate ( nitrogen amount 46%) - 20.0 g.dissolve in two liters of water, add potassium chloride - 20.0 g.and copper sulfate - 10.0 g., boric acid 1 g., potassium sulphide - 80 g.
    3. Acidity is neutralized with lime solution .
    4. Both mixes are mixed and 5 liters of water are poured.

    The introduction of such a solution in the spring guarantees the yield increase by 20% .At the time of flowering plants do not feed.


    After the plants have faded , a second bait should be performed:

    • Double granular superphosphate ( increased phosphorus content and good solubility) - 200.0 g., Dissolved in 3 liters of water during 24 hours in a plastic container;
    • Ammonium sulphate - 50.0 g.dissolved in two liters of water, added potassium sulphide - 100 gr. Both mixes are mixed, the acidity is neutralized with a solution of soda , and 5 liters of water are poured.


    Third foliar top dressing is brought in before harvesting

    Before harvesting recommends carrying out the third dressing:

    Double granular superphosphate ( increased phosphorus content, increased main content of phosphorus, increased level of phosphorus, active, red, and then, if you need to start a new board, you will be able to use your own a plastic container.4 cups ash wood insist day in three liters of water, mixed with dissolved superphosphate, neutralize acidity with a solution of food soda , add 5 liters of water.

    This fertilizer improves the taste of the fruit, improves their shelf life during long-term storage and transportation.

    When applying foliar application, it must be remembered that in no way this method replaces the standard methods of fertilizer application, but serves as an additional source that increases the yield, plant's vital functions, taste and fruit preservation.

    Never exceed the permissible concentration of the solution, the risk of plant burns increases significantly, carefully read the instructions for fertilizers.

    Carefully distribute the applied fertilizers over the surface of the ground part, if you omit the lower elements, the quality of the spraying will fall.

    Carefully consider the development stages, erroneous fertilization leads to non-receipt of the necessary fertilizers, and an overabundance to the lack of harvest and the development of the haulm.

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