Refrigerators Shivaki: reviews, top 5 best models, the pros and cons

Company Shivaki appeared on the art market for about 30 years ago. Originally a Japanese company engaged in the sale of small appliances such as video players and recorders.

Subsequently, large appliances appeared on the market, among which the refrigerator Shivaki immediately won recognition not only ordinary consumers but also the owners of hotels and catering establishments. What is the secret of success of this brand? Consider all of the features in more detail.

The content of the article:

  • Distinctive features of the technology Shivaki
  • Landmarks proper choice
    • Type of coating and outlets arrangement
    • Preferences for energy efficiency class
    • control type
    • The optimum method of cooling
  • Overview of units demanded
    • Single-chamber units in a mini format
    • Compact dual-chamber model
    • miniature bars
    • Roomy and powerful technique
  • Top 5 popular models on the market
    • Refrigerator # 1: Shivaki TMR-091W
    • Refrigerator # 2: Shivaki SBS-550DNFWGL
    • Refrigerator # 3: Shivaki BMR-1881NFW
    • Refrigerator # 4: Shivaki SDR-082S
    • Refrigerator # 5: Shivaki SDR-052T
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  • Which model is the best choice?
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Distinctive features of the technology Shivaki

Manufacturer luring buyers a huge range of products. If we talk only about the refrigerators, the company offers a few dozen every detail thought out models. Each having its own unique characteristics.

Quality advantages of refrigerators Shivaki

Shivaki refrigeration equipment brand attracts an impeccable assembly, long service life, many times exceeding the working life, guaranteed by the Japanese manufacturer

The list of the distinguishing characteristics of Shivaki technology should also be included:

  1. first-class assembly. When ordering products of this brand, you can be sure that it will last more than a year away. The buyer will not face Underturned bolts and the refrigerator did not exfoliate the seal after a few months of operation.
  2. low cost of repair. In case of any problems restoring health technology it will cost a modest sum. Also, find the details will not be difficult.
  3. Reliability. Yes, Shivaki compressors do not offer high performance, but they can serve faithfully for many years.

Particularly pleased with the fact that the order of the Japanese repair techniques can be in any, even a very small village. Many masters have long prilovchilis quickly recover the equipment.

The Japanese are paying attention to the quality of assembly

The manufacturer pays special attention to the appearance of its equipment - Japanese refrigerators differ elegance and minimalism, which makes them a truly luxurious design

Finally, make sure it is worth buying or not the technique, it is possible only after a detailed examination of its advantages and disadvantages. This approach allows you to learn about possible problems and solve them in advance, or to give preference in favor of another model.

Here is a general list of the pros and cons of refrigeration equipment companies Shivaki. The advantages include:

  1. Compact and portable. Mini-fridges can rightly be called a universal household appliances. Due to the rather modest size and low weight, you can at any time make a permutation and you do not even have to involve movers.
  2. Quality. Even despite its small size, this technique well and for a long time, holds a wide variety of products ranging from meat to drink.
  3. Energy efficiency. Buying Shivaki device, you can be sure that they do not require a lot of electricity.
  4. cost of. The manufacturer has done everything possible to get his technique could any average buyer.

The main drawback is the simplicity of the design. Thanks to this device are deprived of opportunities and can not offer a number of additional functions. This is the most simple and durable equipment.

brand products feature a modest size

For Japanese babies characterized by first-class build quality. So today really have the opportunity to buy equipment that will not need to repair the first 5-7 years of operation

Landmarks proper choice

Just a huge range - it is an occasion to understand in more detail the intricacies of selecting a refrigerator. After all, not every consultant can advise is really the best solution in any given situation.

Therefore, you can count only on themselves, and before going to the store, it is desirable to understand the main technical characteristics, to whom should be given due attention.

Type of coating and outlets arrangement

Mostly Japanese company Shivaki offers refrigerators, where the freezer compartment located at the top. Therefore, such a decision is typical of the brand. It's pretty convenient and practical to use.

With regard to coating, it is usually a black, silver or white plastic or metal. The last option is ideal for those who want to buy the most reliable technology and is ready to overpay a little. But plastic device is a budget, but very short-lived solution.

Preferences for energy efficiency class

Japanese engineers are always trying to make their equipment maximum energy efficiency. This also applies to premium devices, and quite expensive.

Therefore it is not surprising that the vast majority of models of refrigerators from Shivaki companies in their energy efficiency meets the requirements of category A +.

Refrigerator easily fit in a small communal room

Inexpensive, but at the same time cost-effective technique - a rarity today. But if you prefer Japanese products, you can buy a device that will work day and night and require a minimum of electricity

control type

Yes, today there is a trend in modern technology and touch screens. But such solutions significantly increase the cost of equipment. Therefore, cooling equipment is equipped with an electromechanical control Shivaki type. Such a solution is not a bad one.

After all, the buyer will get a fairly reliable and trouble-free system which will work for many years.

Electromechanical control type refrigerator

Japanese company presented to the sale of units of both electro-mechanical and electronically controlled. In the line of mini refrigerators bulk of controlled electromechanical devices

The optimum method of cooling

Almost all models of the Japanese mini-refrigerators need to be defrosted manually. But thanks to the small dimensions of art, this will not take long. In addition, due to the small size of defrosting takes only 2-3 times a year.

Overview of units demanded

Small coolers - a practical and fairly easy decision. Especially if you know how to give preference to models and what features they have. Consider five of the most popular mini-units offered by Japan.

Contrary to its low popularity in the CIS with production of the Japanese manufacturer's worth getting to know. Shivaki offers a superior refrigerators produced in the mini and full-size format. The range is dominated by compact single and dual chamber units have large, three-compartment model.

Single-chamber units in a mini format

Single chamber refrigeration equipment thoroughly thought out on aspects of ergonomics. All the details, the location of control knobs, shelves and boxes carefully considered. Therefore, the user will receive a pleasure.

Single-chamber refrigerator model Shivaki

The inner space of single-chamber models are well thought out. The height of the shelves, which can be moved, and the tray can accommodate the maximum possible amount of products

Unicameral Shivaki different top location of the freezer capacity. Usually it is not more than 10 liters, which is more than enough. On the right side of the freezer compartment located thermostat, which allows you to choose one of 8 settings.

The advantages of the model also is attributed:

  • an interesting case color - gray metal is a universal solution that fits in absolutely any interior, whether classic or luxury strict modernist;
  • quality - used in the production of only reliable and durable materials, so the refrigerator does not hurt if he accidentally trip over;
  • modern compressor - its life span is about 10 years;
  • economy - model enables good savings because compact models Shivaki meet energy efficiency class A +.

Disadvantage is the high cost - mini-refrigerators are sold from $ 230, which is higher than the price of competing models. Also, they can not offer any additional options.

Compact dual-chamber model

The Japanese manufacturer produces mini-refrigerators and for those who need a separate freezer, but is not interested in a bulky full-size units.

The offer for sale of the line there is a miniature dual-chamber model. The truth regarding color manufacturer does not pamper customers. Hue can be black or silver.

Dvukamernaya mini refrigerator model Shivaki

In dual chamber models the freezing compartment is separated from the main volume and is provided with a separate a door, so when using a cooling chamber on the microclimate of the freezer is not effect

Volume of the freezer compartment is sufficient for stacking packaging ravioli or dumplings, storage 3 kg meat or fish pieces.

Among all the advantages of dual-chamber compact Shivaki particular should be highlighted:

  • Displacement of the cooling chamber. Inside the compartment will fit not only fruits, vegetables, cheese and sausage. Optionally, you can rearrange the metal grate and to accommodate an entire pot of soup;
  • mechanical control. Thanks to this feature, the device can be used in any environment, even in small size and remote locations. After all, no need to find a master who can fix newfangled technique;
  • cost of. Models are sold at relatively modest cost, and accessible to everyone;
  • Build quality. Absolutely all the details from the compressor and ending with sealing rubber bands are made of decent materials and are distinguished by their reliability.

If necessary, the door can outweigh. This makes compact models Shivaki even more versatile and convenient to use.

Noisy mini refrigerators

The only drawback the manufacturer in relation to the two-chamber and single-chamber compact models is poor sound insulation. So be prepared that the mini-unit is quite noisy during the work

Also in the upper part of the refrigerator compartment is present with low temperature zone. Here you can store products that require a stronger cooling.

miniature bars

This is the best choice if you need to quickly prepare ice, cool drinks or to save a small amount of products. The inner part of the device is divided in two shelves.

Accordingly, the user has at his disposal three storage areas, which is quite convenient and practical solution. On the door also has two shelves, where you can also store some of the products or bottles of drinks.

Owners of refrigeration toddler identify the following features:

  • small size allow you to install the unit in any convenient location - it is a good choice for home, office or hotel;
  • in its energy unit corresponds to class A +, so the buyer does not splurge on electricity bills;
  • if necessary, can outweigh the door, so that the device can be installed anywhere and in any way.

Mini bars are equipped with a mechanical control, which greatly improves the reliability and extends the service life. In addition, if necessary, repair cost is quite modest amount.

Technique for arranging Shivaki buy hotel rooms

Drawback is the noise. The manufacturer does not pay enough attention to soundproofing device - the volume is not critical, but it is better not to put it at the head of the bed

Roomy and powerful technique

In this case, the company increased manufacturing volume and the size of the aggregates. This solution would be ideal for those who need a full-format product required for installation in a dedicated permanent residence apartment or a country house.

Compressor for full-size models, is characterized by its performance, but it's a little noisy. engine power enough to catch the inside the cooling and freezer compartments a sufficient amount of cold.

Full-sized refrigerators category of Shivaki have the following advantages:

  • Price quality. Used for the manufacture of truly durable and pleasant to the touch material. All collected just perfect, and the price will please absolutely every buyer.
  • Ergonomics. Zoned space perfectly. Inside there are shelves that can be moved. In addition to the door as the trays are present in the form of strong "balconies", which increases the useful volume.
  • electromechanical control. If the home there are frequent failures in the power supply, the refrigeration equipment from Shivaki is the ideal solution. Even with frequent crashes and unstable voltage it will serve faithfully.

The Japanese manufacturer offers a fairly comfortable and practical option - the possibility pereveshivaniya door. This kind of function enables you to set the equipment where it is really needed.

Refrigerators with economical energy consumption

Full-size models of refrigerators Shivaki quite economical to operate. To work require very small amount of power. Therefore, the buyer would not be a shock when receiving bills for light

As for the drawbacks, in this case, no complaints there. Shivaki the company's engineers have tried to perfect and were able to come up with a comfortable, technological and practical refrigerators. The only thing that deserves attention - a manual defrost. But in the case of the Japanese units such care will require no more than twice a year.

Top 5 popular models on the market

Not that Shivaki refrigerators were widely represented in the domestic market. However, there are models, which could meet Russian buyers and consumers of neighboring countries.

Let us examine the proven refrigerators of this brand, confirmed the flawless operation of the manufacturer's reputation.

Refrigerator # 1: Shivaki TMR-091W

Double chamber version of the mini-fridge - a great solution for offices, studio apartments and hostels. Total volume Shivaki TMR-091W is only 87 liters, of which a door equipped with its own allocated freezer 26 l.

The refrigerator and freezer compartment is cooled in a static manner, i.e. movement of the air mass within occurs naturally, and is not stimulated by the fan. Due to the difference in temperature in such systems falls condensate which drains into kondensatopriemnik and more volatile in the device. Such systems are also called drip or weep.

Condensate droplets are freeze properties. Because the cooled droplets by refrigeration equipment must be defrosted regularly to remove frost and ice crusts. Defrosting manually.

Managed by the model simple and reliable electromechanical device. According to the data on energy consumption this refrigerator is assigned to class A +. The noise it produces 42 dB.

Refrigerator # 2: Shivaki SBS-550DNFWGL

format model Side by Side - a real giant in the line of the Japanese manufacturer. Each of the two chamber compartments of the unit has a separate door. Displacement useful space is 527 liters, of which are arranged on the side of the freezer allocated 183 liters. Freeze it can be up to 10 kg.

Both cameras Shivaki SBS-550DNFWGL cooled dynamic manner. Air movement inside stimulated fan, whereby there is no difference in temperature at the upper and lower shelf unit, so no drops and condensate freezes. Defrosting to remove snow buildup in such refrigerators is not carried out.

Managed model with French door electronic system. There is a display showing the temperature readings and other performances. Noise is 43 dB. When the door is open the unit makes a sound. Able to perform superzamorozku, a generator of ice. According to the test results on the energy consumption of refrigerators got A + grade.

Refrigerator # 3: Shivaki BMR-1881NFW

Japanese full-size two-compartment refrigerator presents potential hosts 295 liters usable space. Of them located on the bottom freezer employs 76 l. The unit is capable of producing superfreezing products, which preserves the maximum of nutrients and nutritional properties.

Refrigeration and freezer Shivaki BMR-1881NFW cooled by No Frost technology, that is, the cells no condensate and the results of its freezing. This model does not require the forced defrosting for removing snow coats, it is carried out from a purely hygienic purposes and quite rare.

e-government, on the front surface of a display unit, by which is convenient to monitor the performance of the device. He noise 40 dB. Class A + energy consumption.

Refrigerator # 4: Shivaki SDR-082S

Single chamber refrigerator with highlighted above low temperature zone suitable cottagers and office workers. From the impact of external factors on the contents of one door separates. Total displacement useful space is 93 liters and 10 liters freezing box set aside.

Compact unit Shivaki SDR-082S cooled static method, means, requires the forced defrost. Managed by the model simple and reliable electromechanical device.

Noise miniature machines at 42 dB. According to the results of testing for economical power consumption model has a class A +.

Refrigerator # 5: Shivaki SDR-052T

The novelty in the assortment Shivaki attracts body, stylized natural solid wood. Mini bar has a total of 45 liters, of which the low-temperature separation allotted 5 liters.

Miniature Shivaki SDR-052T cooled static method, therefore, it will be defrosted manually. Note that while such dimensions, this process will not be too time-consuming.

Managed compact cooler electromechanical system. Noise when operating at 42 dB. According to the data on the consumption of electricity mini bar was a class A +.

Which model is the best choice?

Not every buyer has the opportunity to purchase equipment worth a thousand dollars. Many users are very limited in the budget.

In this case, the ideal solution would be a compact model. It has excellent technical characteristics, but because of its small size can fit in any convenient place.

When selecting necessarily need to take into account that the device works quite noisy. In addition, add a manual defrost problems. But this disadvantage of this solution to an end.

If we talk about price-quality ratio, the two- and three-compartment modification of Shivaki refrigerators companies are good choices. All offers only drawback - a little noisy compressor. In all other respects, they have proven to be reliable and easy-to-use technology.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video review of Shivaki cooling equipment:

Concluding, we can say with certainty that the brand refrigerators Shivaki is a technique that certainly deserves attention.

Having spent quite a modest sum, you can rely on first-class assembly. Yes, the devices have their drawbacks, but they are not significant, especially if you look at the benefits. Therefore, in no way surprising that the Japanese mini-refrigerators are in great demand in the current market.

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