Plum - harm and benefits, advice, answers to questions

What is valuable plum? The harm and benefits of this fruit for our diet - what exactly? Let's figure it out. Many of us love to feast on juicy fruits. Especially tasty fruits from their own garden. Someone likes a sour variety, someone loves the honey sweetness of this popular fruit.

  • Characteristics and definitions of plum
  • Plum - useful properties of
  • Plum - health benefits and harm
  • Can a nursing mother plum?
  • Plum during pregnancy
  • Plum stones - the benefits and harm, which is more

In addition to the excellent taste, plum really contains a lot of useful trace elements, vitamins( B, A, PP, E, C).This common, popular stone tree is of West Asian origin. Widely used fresh, dried, dried, canned. Compotes are made from fruits, jam is made, savory sauces are prepared, and many other different, delicious dishes are prepared. Despite the wide variety of varieties, this fruit is a mine of useful ingredients in any of its manifestations.

Another name, even a synonym for plum, is the word green. Further, I will mention this definition as a generalized concept for garden varieties.

Universal President variety, photo:

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Characteristics and definitions of plum

People often ask themselves: is plum a fruit or a berry? Logically, if a tree is defined as fruit, then its fruit will be fruit. A plum is a tree, not a shrub, and the fruits growing on the trees are called fruits, not berries. If the fetus has one large bone, it will be considered a stone. On this basis, the greengage is a fruit and a stone fruit at the same time. For comparison: berries are called multi-seeded fruits, such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, currants, watermelon can also be counted among them.

Often the question arises for those interested in: plum and cherry plum - what's the difference? These trees are representatives of the same family, but it is plum that is a subspecies of plum. The fruits of the green leaf can be of a different color, since there are more than one hundred varieties of this crop. Cherry plum is also one of the varieties of plum, that is, two different representatives of the same family. In terms of taste, cherry plum is more acid, it is ideal for making various sauces, such as Tkemali, Satsebeli, Moldavian sauce, various Asian sauces.

The maturity of these two representatives is also different: plum is ready for harvest by the end of August / beginning of September, but her relative has ripened much earlier. The greenstone color varies in shades of blue, violet, and cherry plum is often bright yellow or yellowish red. The fruits are oblong, and plum is always round. As for cultivation, here plum shows a more stable immunity to disease. It is often used as a stock for various varieties of plums.

Plum, photo:

In fact, wild plums do not exist in nature. There is an assumption that this fruit is the result of crossing a blackthorn( prickly representative) with cherry plum. Cherry plum is a wild crop, this additionally explains the fact that its fruit is smaller in size than that of a blue-violet relative. Today, the works of breeders have already cultivated worthy varieties of cherry plum, which can compete with green tea in taste indicators. It is worth looking at the cultivated cherry plum variety “Kuban comet” - it has an interesting taste, it is larger than the usual wild cherry plum, it is more resistant to frost.

How many calories are there in a sink? This question seriously worries people watching their diet, as well as women who care about their figure. Since the hero of our article is one of the most delicious, inexpensive fruit at the price, this issue becomes especially relevant. Juicy renklod contains very few calories( 100 g / 42 cal), but along with this factor it is very useful. It contains vitamin P - a rare substance that the human body does not produce on its own. Rutin( vitamin P) does not disappear from the fruit even after heat treatment, it is able to normalize pressure, strengthen blood vessels. Calorie fresh fruit is low, but if the fruit is dried, it will increase significantly( 230 cal / 100 g).

Fresh as well as dried fruits have a delicate laxative effect - this feature of the fruit is well known to those who watch their weight. The use of low-calorie green food will help to quickly get rid of extra pounds, excess water, salt. Calorie plum - not the main advantage for the human body. It is incredibly useful, has a cleansing effect, contains a significant percentage of carbohydrates compared with the concentration of fats and proteins.

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Plum - useful properties of

No matter which sort you prefer, they all have the same beneficial effects on the body:

  • optimize the work of the digestive system;
  • have a cleansing action;
  • have a strengthening effect on the heart muscle, nervous system, blood vessels, capillaries;
  • boosts immunity;
  • normalize the functions of the kidneys, liver;
  • has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, horn derivatives - nails and hair.

Renclod - a source of vital vitamins. By consuming it, you provide yourself with the required amount of iron, fluorine, copper, nickel, zinc, and many other necessary ingredients that strengthen the “shield” of your immunity. The body will be much easier to resist viral infections, various seasonal colds, ailments.

Fruits on the tree, photo:

Plum properties are useful for manifestations of hypertension( high blood pressure), love these fruits, eat them more often. As for strengthening the vessels, increasing their elasticity, here the blue-violet fruit also demonstrates its potential as a source of essential trace elements. The frequent use of these fruits balances the nervous processes, the presence of potassium favorably affects the work of the urinary system. Renklod also contributes to the normal production of bile, facilitates the work of the liver.

The benefits of plum are manifested in the normalization of the pH of gastric juice - this factor is very helpful in the treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers( along with the general drug therapy).Excretion of excess salts, as well as cholesterol, a pronounced anti-edema effect( due to the sodium content) are additional advantages of the use of this fruit. The coumarins contained in the fruit work to expand the coronary vessels. Thus, with frequent use of green tissue you produce a kind of prevention of the formation of blood clots, helping the body to “dissolve” the already formed ones.

How is plum useful? What else can supplement the list of benefits of this fruit? It is successfully used by cosmetology( mainly home) for the preparation of vitamin masks that improve the structure and condition of the skin of the face. The combination of fruit pulp with other useful products only enhances its beneficial effects on skin turgor. These masks help to get rid of pigmentation( with sour milk), moisturize the skin( with sea buckthorn oil or rye flakes), remove acne( with garlic or onion juice).

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Plum - the benefits and harm to health

As for the benefits - we have already figured out, but in addition it is worth mentioning the well-known laxative qualities of green ads. Since the fruit contains a large concentration of the klechatki, cleansing the body of toxins will be quite soft. Active trace elements normalize the work of the intestines, help to get rid of constipation( even chronic, with regular use), strengthen peresaltika. Fruit, as mentioned above, improves metabolism, allows you to get rid of excess weight, and in the form of a bonus gives a healthy complexion, vigorous state of health.

Grade "Red Ball", photo:

Sometimes in the relevant forums you can see the following question: is the drain strong or weak? Given all the above, now we can give an affirmative answer - yes, it is weak, but gently, “natural”, without causing stress to the body. It can be given even to children, starting from 9 months of age, but very carefully, preferably after consulting a doctor. One fruit per day will be quite enough, thus, the baby will receive useful elements, vitamins without harm to the stomach. Greengrass is equally good for children and adults, even compote made from fruits has a delicate laxative effect.

However, this fruit can cause problems to the body - it will be fair to mention this. Contraindications to use is a more precise definition, as initially useful, a good product cannot objectively be harmful.

When, who should not use green tea:

  1. Suffering from obesity, diabetes( high sugar content in the fruit);
  2. Children - a large number threatens with diarrhea, stomach pain;
  3. Patients with gout( due to the diuretic effect);
  4. Those who suffer from rheumatism( the fruit removes a lot of fluid from the body);
  5. Categorically it is impossible to use unripe fruits;
  6. With exacerbation of gastritis or peptic ulcer disease( due to the content of organic acids);
  7. Individual allergic reaction.

Plum - the benefits and harm of its use is moderation. An overdose can badly affect the condition of your stomach, intestines, and heartburn or diarrhea will spoil your mood and well-being. If there are even the slightest prerequisites for the manifestation of allergy to this fruit, you should first consult with a competent doctor( allergist).

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Can a nursing mother plum?

Maternity changes the life of a woman, change also affects the diet. Some foods have to be excluded, some, on the contrary, enter into the diet. The use of fruits should be given special attention, as they can cause allergic reactions in the baby. Given the rich vitamin, mineral composition, these fruits are recommended for women during pregnancy, but nursing should be careful.

Plum during breastfeeding is permissible in the form of complementary foods at 8 or 9 months of life of the child - its flesh can be added to cereals, mashed potatoes. Compotes from this fruit can also be given to children. It is because of the laxative effect that vigilance should be exercised; however, if the infant suffers from constipation, his mother is even recommended to eat several green leaves. Again, everything should be in moderation, the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to provoke diarrhea.

The fruit consumed must be of exceptionally good quality, without the presence of pests or suspicious spots on the skin. There should also be a discount for the age of the child: the younger the child, the less should be the portion of fruits for his mother. It is best to start with one fruit, while looking at the reaction of the child, his health. If rnklod is introduced into the diet for the first time, then along with it you should not use any new, still untested products. This is necessary in order to understand the correct reaction to a plum.

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Plum during pregnancy

The nutrition of a woman during pregnancy is the most important factor influencing the health of the unborn child. Is it possible to use these fruits while waiting for the baby? The answer is positive, since this fruit contains a large number of useful components, which was written above. Firstly, it improves the bowels( an important factor for pregnant women), secondly, it contains iodine, potassium, iron, vitamins, which are simply necessary for the normal development of the fetus. The presence of vitamin E is especially valuable, since in this case it works to strengthen the vessels of the placenta, reduces the risk of its detachment.

Folic acid contained in rencode suppresses toxicosis( or significantly reduces them).Iodine has a positive effect on the formation of the skeleton of the child, as well as on the function of the brain. Iron fights against anemia, and potassium helps to normalize the water-salt metabolism, thereby exerting a beneficial effect on the kidneys. These blue-violet fruits are an excellent natural antioxidant, have a cleansing effect on the body of a woman and her future baby. Summarizing all the above, we can safely say that the green leaf is a natural, tasty, useful fruit for future moms.

The basic rules of caution are:

  1. Only healthy, high-quality fruits can be consumed;
  2. Ripe or not ripe fruit - taboo;
  3. Exclude overdose - no more than 150 g of fruit per day is allowed;
  4. You should thoroughly wash the fruit before use, and it is better to pour it with boiling water;
  5. If there are complaints of rheumatism, it is better to exclude this fruit from the diet;
  6. Diabetes mellitus or overweight( obesity) - taboo;

As an additional recommendation, it is worth noting that it is most useful to use fresh fruit, since after heat treatment some of the useful components are partially lost.

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Plum stones - the benefits and harm, which is more

Sometimes it happens that a child swallows a bone while eating, what to do in such situations? It is not recommended to immediately raise a panic, but it is not worth letting this situation happen to chance. The bone, whatever one may say, is a foreign object, especially the greenstone bone has pointed edges. With a favorable outcome, it should leave the body in a natural way, but it will never be superfluous to consult a doctor as soon as possible. The first thing to do is to track the child’s behavior and well-being, to track how he goes to the toilet.

You need to sound the alarm if a child swallows a bone from a plum. The following symptoms are observed:

  • presence of blood in feces;
  • persistent vomiting;
  • complaints of abdominal pain;
  • inability to swallow( presence of a bone in the esophagus);
  • baby began to choke( bone in the trachea).

The main danger for the gastrointestinal tract is represented by sharp edges, large bone sizes. To assess the incident, to predict the further movement of a foreign object can only be a competent doctor.

You shouldn’t start “helping” a child with laxatives or vomiting-inducing drugs - you can only make things worse. You also do not need to give the baby a bread crust, so that it supposedly pushed the bone away - this advice only works if the fish bones are swallowed and stuck, but not always.

It is not recommended to drink plenty of food or eat food, if you feel normal - wait a while, watch the stool. There are worsening - urgently to the doctor! If 24 hours after ingestion, the bone still has not left, consult your doctor.

Remember that the danger poses not only its sharp corners, but also poisonous hydrocyanic acid, which is able to stand out from the bone when in contact with gastric juices.

Summing up, it can be affirmatively stated that this fruit is not only a delicious juicy delicacy, but also a source of useful, health-improving components. I hope that this article will help you learn more about how amazing the fruit is the plum, the harm and benefit of which should be known not only to every gardener, but also to just a lover of these sweet fruits.

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