Garden and garden in the fall - tips on what you can and should do before winter

Our garden and garden in the fall require no less effort from us than in the spring. Tips, I think, will not be superfluous. No one article has already been written by me that we can even have time to make it before the winter. Therefore, I decided to collect small announcements on these materials in one place, so that it was better to navigate, it was easier to find the necessary material.

1. When watering trees in the fall and whether it should be done

Emphasis is placed on the obligation of water recharge irrigation of fruit trees in the garden in the fall. It is important even when the earth, in our opinion, is wet. It is a mistaken opinion that autumn watering will adversely affect frost resistance. On the contrary, watering will reduce or completely eliminate the freezing of the root system of trees in harsh winters.

2. How to care for a garden in autumn - protection, fertilizing, watering

What will you learn? On the protection of fruit trees from rodents, on the need to protect the bark of trees from frost, on how to treat the trees of the garden in the fall. Special attention is paid to the feeding of fruit trees at this time of the year. Do I need to dig the soil under the trees in the fall? You will also find the answer here.

3. What to do in the garden in September in the Kuban

September is the first autumn month. In Kuban, most often, the weather in September is not much different from summer. We continue to harvest, rejoice in even a slight decrease in temperature - the heat, the inferno left behind. It became easier for us and the plants to live and breathe. Note will remind you that you need to have time to do - the garden and garden in the autumn can not be ignored.

4. Planting garlic in autumn, care, cleaning, storage

Autumn is the right time to plant winter garlic in the garden. You will learn how to prepare the soil, planting material for planting, about the optimal timing of planting garlic, about the rules and patterns of planting cloves, whether it is possible to plant single-teeth in the garden in the autumn before winter.

5. Is it possible to plant carrots, beets, radishes, parsley, celery, coriander, dill

about the winter? On the advantages of underwinter sowing, planting vegetables in the late autumn in the garden. Answers to the questions, what crops can be planted before winter, when to plant, at what time, how, when should the site be prepared for underwintering.

6. Onion sets - planting in autumn, as well as how to grow it from seeds( chernushki)

Autumn months - October, and sometimes even November( in the Kuban), are most preferable for planting onion seedlings for the winter. Here the most important thing is to plant in time for the onions to take root, but not to grow. After reading the information, you will learn about the timing, seeding rates, the need to process the planting material before planting, about the features of agrotechnology of growing onions through the sevok in the fall in the garden.

7. Honeysuckle edible - features of autumn planting, useful properties

If you decide to plant honeysuckle bushes at your summer cottage, then autumn is the most suitable time of year for this. What do you learn? What soil is suitable for this plant. Is it enough to have one shrub honeysuckle on the site. What grades of honeysuckle exist. Information about the beneficial properties of honeysuckle will help you decide if you need it.

8. Strawberry - planting seedlings in the fall, leaving, features of the choice of seedlings

Autumn, or more precisely, the month of October( in the Kuban) is the most suitable time for laying new beds with strawberries. How to choose a place for new beds? What kind of soil does strawberries like? How to get good seedlings in the nursery, on the market or prepare them for planting on your own site? How to plant strawberry seedlings so that it would take root?

9. How to apply fertilizer according to the rules - recommendations, dates

Organic fertilizers, in particular manure, are best applied to the soil at the site in the autumn. How to do it right in the garden or in the garden under the trees?

10. Fighting weeds in the fall - how effective is it

We, gardeners, struggle with weeds almost the entire season. But I want to draw your attention to the fact that in the fall this can be done with greater effect. So, the garden and garden in the fall - how to effectively deal with weeds.
11. The effectiveness of the autumn struggle with wireworm on potatoes

The article proposes an effective way to combat wireworm, which is best applied in practice in late autumn.

12. Preparing autumn furrows for planting potatoes - how does this affect the yield

I was not mistaken in offering you to read this article now. The fact is that this method of growing potatoes - in the furrow, implies the obligatory preparation of a vegetable garden, cutting furrows in the fall. In the spring you will only have to spread the seed tubers, cover them with earth.

13. Planting tulip bulbs in the fall, how to do it correctly

In the middle of summer, you dug, dried, sorted tulip bulbs. In autumn( September, October) it is time to choose a place and plant these beautiful flowers, which are among the first to decorate our flower garden in spring.

14. Do not forget to dig up the dahlia tubers in the fall.

The dahlia tubers will not withstand frost, being in the soil in winter, so you should definitely dig them up. The article will tell you when to do it best, how to save the tubers before planting.

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