Basic rules for installing a bike computer

Basic rules for installing a bike computer


A cycling computer is an electronic small device that can determine the speed of movement, the distance you traveled, the driving time and some other parameters. The main question is how to install a cycling computer on a bicycle, what place to do it is better to choose and how to fix it.


  • 1Components
  • 2Setting the main unit
    • 2.1Video: wired device installation
  • 3We put sensors and magnets
  • 4How to arrange the wire correctly
  • 5If the device is wireless
  • 6Settings
    • 6.1Video: installation and setup of a bike computer


To begin with, you need to study the instruction, because everything is detailed in it - what to hook onto a bicycle and where to screw it. But if the instruction is in a foreign language, then the task is slightly more complicated. In this case, you should inspect all parts of the system, and understand their purpose.

A cycling computer usually consists of:

  • the main unit with a monitor that looks like a rectangular clock;
  • a wheel sensor (reed switch or coil) transmitting a signal from the wheel to the main unit;
  • a cadence sensor that determines the speed of rotation of the pedals;
  • magnets mounted on the spoke and on the connecting rod of the pedal system.

During the rotation of the wheel, the magnet will move closer to the reed switch, the contact will be triggered, and thus it will be possible to determine the speed at which the bicycle travels and all the parameters that follow from it.

The signal to the main unit can be transmitted from the sensor via wires or via a radio signal. The second option is for obvious reasons more convenient, however, the battery in the wireless model will have to be changed much more often. Other advantages of a wired bike computer: simple operation and cheapness.


The purchase set necessarily includes fasteners. These are special flagella or clamps, which help to firmly fix all the details on the bicycle. The cadence sensor, which determines the speed of the pedals, may not be in the set.

Setting the main unit

Virtually all models today are removable structures. This means that they can be moved to a convenient place for you, shoot, repair, etc. First, a pad is attached to which the main unit will be installed. The site is located:

  • on the outside of the steering wheel;
  • in the center of the rudder;
  • on the edge of the handlebar (they are also called influenza).

The central part is the most optimal. It is convenient to install a cycling computer with a large monitor. The inconvenience will be felt if you move the bike, and if you want to place a holder for a mobile phone there. On the edge of the bicycle's flu screens, it's easy to touch your hand. But many people like this place, because it is easy to press the buttons of the cycling computer, to study the information in the process of movement.

The platform must be securely secured so as not to slip. To do this, apply the rubber bundles included in the kit. It is possible to install an additional rubber substrate that hinders sliding.

Video: wired device installation

We put sensors and magnets

This is a very important process, because the correctness of their installation on the bike will depend on the computer's performance. Let's see how to properly fix the magnet and sensor.

The system should be placed about 10 cm from the wheel axis. First, fix the sensor on the plug closer to the bushing, and then the magnet on the spoke is attached as close as possible to it.

The sensor is fixed with a clamp or tows so that it is deployed to the magnet. It is necessary that when the magnet is closer to the sensor (reed switch), they are practically a right angle to each other, although a slight deviation will still be due to the location spokes. The magnet must be tightened to the stop, so that during the movement it does not move and does not come off.


Most often the system is installed on the front wheel, although it is possible to place it on the rear wheel. If the sensor is incorrectly turned in relation to the magnet, it will operate once or worse, and the speed will greatly decrease.

How to arrange the wire correctly

The wire must be connected and positioned in such a way that it does not interfere with movement, repair, does not rub and does not spoil the appearance.

  • First determine the length of the wire from the plug to the main unit with the monitor without tension and cut off with a margin of 10% or slightly more.
  • Screw the contacts on the pad of the unit.
  • Lay the wire on the steering column or on the brake cable.

When laying on the steering column, it is necessary to make an allowance in the frame area so that the wire does not tear when the steering wheel turns. Fastening is carried out by bundles. It is easier to navigate along the braking path, since all the overlaps have already been taken into account. Wrap around the hummock wire is not necessary, although some do so for beauty and reliability. You can simply attach the wire with electrical tape.

In some models, the wire is already screwed to the block, and it does not need to be cut. The length is changed by additional winding around the fork, or by rewinding the excess part and fixing it in the lower part of the rod.

If the device is wireless


In the case of a wireless device, the installation of the bicycle is further simplified. There is no need to stretch the wire. It happens only that the reed switch and the radio emitter are made in separate cases and must be connected. Check that there are batteries in the radiator and in the unit.

With a wireless system, the monitor can be mounted even on the hand. It is only necessary that the signal of the radio beacon be strong enough and reach the hand.


After fixing all the elements, you need to set up the cycling computer. To do this, define and enter the length of the circumference of the bicycle wheel. The length of the circle can be measured with a thread, and then attach it to the tape measure. The second way is that you put a mark on the tire and a mark on the track, combine them and roll the bike so that the wheel makes a full turn. Then measure the distance between the two marks on the track. This is the length of the circle. This method is more accurate.


An even simpler way is to look at the wheel marking. There is a special table in the instruction that helps to translate the wheel dimensions in length. In many bicycle computers it is also enough to enter only the dimensions of the wheel, so that everything will work correctly.

A bicycle computer can also have other useful functions. Some models allow you to determine the maximum and average speed with which the bicycle moved, count the number of calories burned. Many models are equipped with clocks, and the most advanced ones are equipped with a positioning system in space (GPS), a pulse counting system, a thermometer. They are able to turn an ordinary bicycle into a real measuring center.

Video: installation and setup of a bike computer

In general, a cycling computer is a rather useful, though not vital, thing. It is quite simple to install it, and it is very interesting to study the indicators. People who are purposefully engaged in cycling, necessarily install it on their vehicle.

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