Installation and connection of video intercom with electric lock: do it yourself

Installation and connection of video intercom with electric lock: do it yourself


An intercom system is a system that transmits a signal from a calling block to a talker and allows access to the building to be controlled. It is for this reason that the video intercom began to be installed not only at the entrance to the apartment building. Often the owners of dachas and private mansions think about installing an electronic system.


  • 1Need to install a doorphone in a private house
  • 2Types of electronic systems and their connection schemes
    • 2.1Photogallery: wiring diagram of video intercom
    • 2.2Home Intercom Device
    • 2.3Types of system locks
    • 2.4Step-by-step connection of the audio doorphone
  • 3Device and features of connecting a video intercom
    • 3.1Video: doorphone installation

Need to install a doorphone in a private house

The video phone functions both as an electronic audio system and as a display device for objects on the display, making records, which means it can be an excellent way to secure living in a private home to make it calm.

The device will not let people inside who are not expected at all, and protect property from theft.

Any visitor can contact the owners by pressing the call button and ask them to enter the house

Due to the installation of the intercom, the owner of the dacha or other premises can:

  • To see people approaching the house on a special screen, since the calling panel is equipped with a video camera, mounted on the gate;
  • open the front door or wicket at a distance by pressing the button on the receiving device that is in the house;
  • get information about the reasons for visiting the owners of the cottage or dacha remotely, that is, without going outside;
  • ignore the visitor who may be a complete stranger.

Types of electronic systems and their connection schemes

Video intercoms differ from one another in the way they are connected and according to the type of monitor:

  • wireless systems - a good option, because when installing them you can do without laying the cable. In addition, intercoms of this type are able to send a signal to an object distant to half a kilometer. Wired connection is characterized by a shorter range (50-100 meters) and much more laborious;
  • colored intercoms provide a better picture, but black and white models are much cheaper.

Photogallery: wiring diagram of video intercom

. . The signal from the calling panel can be received from a monitor or audio tube.. With a certain configuration of the system, you can receive a video image at both points of the call reception.. If there is a block of video memory, the owners will be able to see photos of visitors who came to their absence.. Adding an electric lock to the circuit allows you to control the opening of the entrance door or the gate from the house.

Home Intercom Device

The main elements of the system, allowing to communicate between the owner of the house and the guest standing at the gate, are:

  • a calling device attached at the entrance to the territory of the house;
  • Locking lock, installed on the entrance gate;
  • interphone (or video intercom), mounted on the wall next to the wicket;
  • A power supply unit that provides continuous power supply to all elements of the system.
    The video intercom is connected to the calling panel with a four-wire cable, all the other elements require two wires

The wires and cables of the device can be called auxiliary elements.

Types of system locks

The lock can be of two types:

  • electromagnetic, which is a magnet with a significant tear force and is popular because of the strength and stability of the work;
  • electromechanical, which looks like a modification of a conventional lock, having a retractable latch, opened by a key or supply voltage.

In private homes, it is customary to install electromechanical locks that do not leave the door open when electricity is cut off.

The electromechanical lock remains closed when the power is turned off

The electromagnetic device can be selected only if the owner of the cottage has the opportunity to equip the intercom with a power unit that operates without failures due to the installation of a battery.


However, even an electromechanical lock can not be relied on completely. This device for locking the gate, like any mechanism, can break. Therefore, it should be periodically lubricated and adjusted. If the state of the electromechanical lock is not monitored, then it will fail much faster than the electromagnetic device.

Step-by-step connection of the audio doorphone

The installation of the electronic system starts inside the room, and then goes to the street. Step-by-step connection of the intercom is the following work:

  1. At home, near the distribution board or near the conversation tube, install the power supply, which is connected to the electrical network using a plug and socket 220 B. This element will provide power to the calling device and the doorphone lock.
  2. In a suitable place, which usually serves as a wall at the door leading to the yard, mount an audio-tube. In the marked places holes are drilled into which dowels are inserted, and then a tube is screwed to them.
    The doorphone is usually located near the front door
  3. The tube is connected to the system by a two-wire cable. Any electrical wire or twisted pair can be used.
  4. Further work is carried out outside the premises. The calling device is attached to the entrance to the territory of the house, but not to the gate, because this will require arrangement of additional flexible communication and will cause a decrease in reliability and increased wear and tear wires. Therefore, it is more reasonable to install call devices on a pole near the entrance or on the fence. The panel is secured with self-tapping screws.
    The calling panel is installed at a height of one meter from the ground and is fixed to the wall by self-tapping screws
  5. Electromechanical lock is located in the "hard" place of the construction of the gate. In this case, the mating part is mounted on the frame. A cable with two cores is fed to the lock, which is enclosed in terminals. The wire should be laid in channels of plastic, and the place of transition of flexible communication - in a plastic pipe with walls in the form of "accordion".
    Wires should be laid in cable channels, and in the place of passage through the door jamb - in metal hose
  6. It is better to mount the wires during the construction of the gate and the house. In this case, the sources of electric current can be hidden in the wall, avoiding spoiling of the room. If the installation of the doorphone is carried out after the construction works, then it is not necessary to punch the grooves in the walls, because you can use special channels for the cables.

Device and features of connecting a video intercom

Video intercom, used instead of a tube, is arranged in a special way. For example, Quantum QM-4HP system involves the connection of one calling panel, video memory block and additional audio signal. The doorphone of this brand is equipped with a monitor and works on four wires. The device shows a black and white image, and is attached to the wall.

Video intercoms, in contrast to the audio tube, are connected using a four-wire circuit

To connect a video intercom, it is necessary to prepare, plan the installation of the device before the finishing works, lay cables in the wall, install the intercom in the right place and check how it functions. In this case, the owner of the house must perform all of the following:

  1. Choose a place for laying wires and installing the power supply unit together with the panel before decorating the hallway, as this will hide all the elements of the system in the wall.
  2. Provide for the installation of a redundant power supply in the absence of voltage, which will guarantee the autonomous operation of the door phone when the electricity is cut off.
  3. Mount the call panel and cameras at a height of 1, 6 - 1, 7 m in places where there are no obstacles to view the image on the intercom.
    For convenience of fastening of the monitor of the video intercom in the complete set of delivery there is a metal arm
  4. Route the wires using a circuit that uses 4 rather than 2 wires, as in the case of an audio pick-up.
    To connect a video intercom, a four-wire cable is used, one core of which must be in a shielding braid
  5. Conclude the wire that transmits the picture to the braid, in order to reduce the interference from passing through the veins. To connect a video intercom, you can use a combined cable for CCTV systems of the brand KVK-P 2х, 5.

Competent connection of the video intercom is a guarantee of the stable operation of the electronic system.To install the device without errors, the masters are advised to place the monitor and the calling panel at a distance not exceeding 40 meters.Otherwise, the signal will disappear, not reaching the object.

Video: doorphone installation

Installation of a door phone is a good thing. The device acts as an obstacle for those who are not invited to visit, and thieves. Due to the intercom, the events occurring outside the door can be viewed on the screen at any time.

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