Works in the garden and garden in September in the Kuban

Autumn is coming! But work in the garden and garden in September is still so much that my head is spinning! On the one hand, this is a time for summing up, and on the other hand, this is the beginning of preparation for a new crop! September is usually a busy month for gardeners - work is no less than spring. And if we consider that the hot, dry summer in the Kuban brought us force majeure, then there is a lot of work, as if something should not be missed. The most important thing is to help the plants prepare for winter. Where do we start?

  • What can and can not be done in the garden
  • What can be done in the garden
  • How to prepare the cellar for winter storage of vegetables, blanks

As always, first see what the weather expects us. Orient and plan our gardening activities, wherever you and I live, help the site "Well, the weather!" -( Open this page, enter the name of your city or locality - you will know the approximate forecast almostspecifically for your garden-garden for a week, month, quarter ahead. But, again, the forecast is approximate.

Of course, I would like to make a clear work plan for work, but life is full of surprises. For example, the article on garden work in July includes the July forecast, but it only partially came true - the second half of July was slightly hotter than was promised, it did not wait for rain.

I, of course, find it easier for you to paint a plan of gardening works, taking into account the weather for Novokubansky district.

So, September 2016, especially the beginning of the month( first decade), is expected to be hot - 27-32ºС in the afternoon.

The second decade - a little cooler - + 20-25ºС, in places short rains, thunderstorms.

The last decade of September promises 9-14ºС at night, 20-25º during the day. On some days, intermittent rain, thunderstorm.

The average monthly temperature in September 2016 is expected to be near and above the climatic norm( the norm in most areas of the region is 16–18 ºС.

Monthly precipitation is expected to be around and less than the climatic norm.

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conclusions can be drawn from this prediction? It is necessary to water fruit trees. They have suffered so much in this hot summer. Professionals have the expression “water recharge irrigation.” It is obligatory every fall, and this oneI have already written about this, so I will not repeat it.

Please read the article “Watering Trees in the Fall or How to Prepare a Garden for Wintering.” Pay attention to the section on moisture recharge irrigation. By the way, it is relevant not only for gardeners of the Krasnodar Territory, expertsI recommend that it be held in autumn in all regions. I think that the warm autumn that we are promised will allow us to carry it out as it should. Not once did I water the fruit trees even in November, despite the fact that the soil was wet by that time.

By the way, if you have fruit trees with fruits - late varieties of apple trees, pears, then water them until the harvest is done - no need. Watering can cause premature mass fall of fruits.

Pruning trees is still too early - you have to wait until the leaves fall. You can only reduce the amount of this work, cutting off the pruned shoots, if you did not have time to do it in the summer.

While removing the berries of the dogwood, I noticed a fluffy bloom on the green twigs, as well as on the back of the leaves. This, alas, white-bottomed larvae.

Cutting off the hazelnut shoots grown from the root, also noticed the same picture.

What should I think about? The fact that the warm days of September will allow another generation of the white Tsikadki to appear. Therefore, inspect all garden plants. Notice this - should be treated with any drug against leaf-eating, for example, Fufanon, Aktelik.

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What can be done in the garden

After harvesting the last harvest, it is necessary to free the beds from all plant debris, rotten fruits and vegetables. Free plots from dried corn stalks, sunflower.

It is difficult for me to say now when I will restore order in the beds with tomatoes, because while my flowers are blooming, tied, and cherry tomatoes are spiced at the same time. I love these tomatoes - they don’t get sick, the current has adequately survived the inferno, preparations, salads look good with them, they are also delicious.

And the beds with early tomato varieties have already finished to bear fruit. In some places there are still small fruits. They blush, collect them, and then you can remove the tomato bushes from the beds.

It is not yet time to remove the peppers from the beds, I’m not talking about the harvest, but about the bell pepper plants themselves. The heat subsided a bit, they bloomed in me, in some places even new ovaries appeared. If there is no October frosts, then I will wait for the second wave of the harvest. To help the plants cope with the new crop, we must not allow overdrying of the soil on the beds of pepper - it should always be wet. Feed them, too, does not hurt. I think it is enough to feed them( no more than once in 10-12 days) with any universal fertilizer, for example, Kemira Universal.

At the end of September, I think it’s time to take up the bulbous ones - tulips, hyacinths, narcissus transplant, if you decide to plant them in a new place. And it is time to dig up gladiolus, put the bulbs where it is dry, that is, prepare them for winter storage.

Watch the video. Despite the fact that the name of the video includes the word "August", I believe that for the climatic conditions of Kuban, all the tips are applicable for September.

The last thing I wanted to remind.

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How to prepare the cellar for winter storage of vegetables, blanks

Do not forget about cellar in September! It is very important to prepare it for winter storage of vegetables, processed products. Very often, a careless attitude to this question can negate all our garden work.

If the basement is dry, then it is good - already half the work has been done, and if not, then you should open the lid and dry it thoroughly.

I, for example, store potatoes, onions, carrots, beets. What do you usually do to keep these vegetables well? First, we clean the floor, remove a small layer of earth, I fall asleep with a thin layer of clean sand mixed with quicklime. And, secondly, I look at the condition of the ceiling, cellar walls, if, for example, it was too wet last winter, then the white ceiling, walls of quicklime, which, by the way, is also a good antiseptic.

And quicklime is a good moisture absorber, which means that such whitewashing will make the cellar's air a little drier. This will keep your vegetables from fungus. If the whitewash has been preserved well since last year, then instead of a whitewash for additional disinfection I fumigate the cellar with smoke of sulfur checkers.

And now the advice to those who have been struck by mold, rot. First, you need a rough brush to clean the walls, ceiling of mold, rot. Plug the supply and exhaust pipes tightly with something. You can use the sulfur checker, and you can use the old old-fashioned way. Pour quicklime into a bucket. Its quantity will depend on the volume of your cellar, but the proportions are as follows - 2-3 kilos of quicklime is enough for 10 cubic meters. Fill the lime with water and, as soon as possible, run away from the cellar. Close the lid tightly, I still throw the old quilt over the top of the lid so that the gas released by the extinguishing lime disinfects not only the air, but also the walls, the ceiling, the floor.

Edited September 9, 2016


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