Useful properties and contraindications of black chokeberry

The black( black) and red rowan are distant relatives. Both plants belong to a common family, but different genera. Red - to the genus Rowan( Sorbus), black-fruited - to the genus Aronia( Aronia).

Rowan "Black Fleece" is called only because of the external similarity of inflorescences and seedlings: juicy false drupes, collected in a brush. Another unifying feature is the benefits and healing properties of the fruit.

Further in the article we will consider the beneficial properties of the black chokeberry, learn about the dangers to health and the medicinal properties of the berries.


  • chokeberry Aronia or chernoplodki
  • composition of chokeberry
  • Treatment black rowan
  • Red rowan
  • composition of fruits of red berries and benefit to the organism
  • Medicinal properties and contraindications of red rowan
  • Harvesting and storage of fruits rowan

chokeberry Aronia or chernoplodki

Cultural chokeberry widelycommon in Russian gardens, the brainchild of Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin. Her ancestor is a wild North American shrub( Aronia Aronia) with poor edible fruits, which is considered to be a malicious weed in its homeland. Having received its seeds, the Russian breeder began lengthy experiments on the hybridization of the “American”.

According to various sources, the crossing went either along the Aronia black choke line - Aronia slivolistnaya, or along the Aronia black choke line - Ashberry. As a result, a new plant appeared with tart, slightly dry fruits, which are called “apples” in fruit growing. In honor of its creator, it received the name of Aronia Michurin.

The harvest of fresh black chokeberry berries

Composition of black chokeberry

We begin with the question of how useful chokeberry? The dark purple, almost black color of the fruits of chokeberry speaks for itself: they have a lot of anthocyanins. These substances in the plant not only play the role of a pigment, but also protect tissues from oxidative stress. How is this important for a person? The fact that anthocyanins are those notorious antioxidants that are included in the lexicon of cosmetologists and pharmacists. They neutralize oxygen free radicals that can cause cellular mutations.

The astringent taste of black insects is a merit of tannins. These are the so-called "tannins", which bind carcinogens and reduce the risk of tumor formation.

Favors of the calories, 100% rich in calories,

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Vitamin

Macau, 2 mg









28 mg 14 mg 55 mg

4 mg

1,1 mg

fruits chernoplodki accumulate iodine, which is absorbed by the roots from the soil. Thus, the content of this trace element depends on the region of growth: the richer the soil is in iodine, the more it is in the fruits. And the greater the usefulness of the berries.
Aronia berries on the bush, ready to harvest

Black ashberry treatment

And now we will consider the healing properties of a black wolf. The fruits of chokeberry have long been adopted as a medicinal raw material. Special attention should be paid to people with cardiovascular problems and diabetics. If you eat only 100 grams of black apples daily, you can quickly adjust your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The use of these fruits for medicinal purposes is shown in many diseases:

  1. Hypertension .Aronia has a diuretic effect, due to which the blood volume decreases, and the pressure decreases.
  2. Atherosclerosis .Flavonoids and vitamins C, E and A strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  3. Reduced immunity and inflammatory processes. Aronia anthocyanins are also able to help with infectious diseases of bacterial etiology.
  4. Hypoacid gastritis .The fruits of chokeberry increase the acidity of gastric juice.
  5. Sleep Disorders , nervousness. Aurus reduces excitability by acting as a natural sedative.
  6. Toxicosis of pregnancy. The hepatoprotective effect of chokeberry fruit helps to cope with nausea.
  7. Diarrhea. Tanning agents have an astringent effect, normalizing digestion.
  8. Visual impairment. Vitamin A, which is part of the visual purpura, normalizes many processes. Especially useful for the black eye "senile eyes", reducing the risk of glaucoma and cataracts.
  9. Fruits of chokeberry is recommended for people affected by radiation or living in areas with poor ecology. In this case, you need to ensure that the fruits used are grown in safe regions.

The benefits of chokeberry are obvious, but safety measures should not be forgotten. People with thrombosis, ulcerative processes of the stomach and intestines, with colitis, constipation, hyperacid gastritis and hypotension should be consumed with caution.

In order to preserve the fruits of black chokeberry for the winter without losing its healing properties, it is best to dry them. Do not freeze: frost destroys valuable tannins.

Red Rowan

Red Rowan is a familiar element of Russian phytocenoses. It occurs everywhere, includes many types and two life forms: shrub and woody. But it is almost not planted on personal sites. And in vain.

First, the rowan tree is perfectly shaped and can become an interesting accent in decorative plantings. Secondly, its fruits are no less useful than the widely used fruits of chokeberry.

Red Rowan Berries on an

Bush Composition of red berries and benefits for the body

Red Rowan berries are bitter, and that is good. Parasorbic acid, a substance with a very high antimicrobial activity, gives them bitterness. Back in the middle of the 20th century, Mikhail Mikhailovich Shemyakin, a legendary biochemist and scientist, conducted experiments with mice infected with salmonella. After the introduction of 1 mg of diluted para-orbic acid into the peritoneum, the experimental animals recovered.

Other valuable substances found in rowan "apples" are flavonoids that can increase the body's resistance to radiation, and pectins. Gelling properties of the latter are used not only in cooking, but also in medicine - for binding and removing toxins.

Calories of mountain ash fruits - 50 kcal per 100 g. They are invaluable as a multivitamin raw material. Rowan - record among other plants in many respects.

content in 100g

vitamin C

Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2

vitamin B9

vitamin E, vitamin PP

beta-carotene 70 mg

1500 mcg

0,05 mg

002 mg

0,2 mcg

1,4 mg

0,5 mg

9 mg Minerals:

potassium calcium magnesium


sodium iron manganese

copper zinc

2 230 mg 331 mg


17 mg

10 mg

2 mg

2 mg

120 mkg

0.3 mg

The chemical composition of the fruits of red rowan clearly shows that this plant will give odds to carrots in carotene and vitamin A content. Rowan juice contains the greatest amount of vitamin C among all fruit juices.

The percentage of vitamin C in rowan leaves is even higher than in fruits. During the flowering period, 108 mg of ascorbic acid per 100 g of raw material is concentrated in them.
Harvesting Red Rowan Berries

Healing Properties and Contraindications of Red Rowan

And now consider what diseases rowan cures. In the old medical books you can find many recipes for the treatment of the fruits of red rowan. Since ancient times, they were considered a panacea for dysentery, scurvy and hemorrhoids, used as a disinfectant, diuretic, laxative, choleretic and anti-inflammatory agent. With , modern research confirms the findings of traditional medicine. Today, red rowan( dried and fresh) is used in cases where:

  • requires a rapid strengthening of immunity during viral or other infection;
  • need anti-inflammatory supplement medication therapy for sore throats, bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis, otitis, and so on;
  • is required to strengthen the vascular walls;
  • requires a remedy for anemia;
  • is required to stimulate the appetite and increase the tone of the intestine;
  • requires a natural wound healing or antimycotic agent.

Contraindications to eating red rowan fruits are hypotension, thrombosis, hyperacid gastritis, gastrointestinal ulcers, diarrhea, ischemia, heart attack, pregnancy and early childhood.

Unripe fruits of red rowan cannot be consumed. There are their "from the branch" only after the first frost.
Red rowan jam

Harvesting and storing rowan fruits

Black chokeberry fruits are harvested from mid-September until frost. It is better not to delay too much with the collection, because these berries are readily pecked by birds and fall off when overripe. Gather them by cutting off the fruitpot from a branch entirely, and then they pick berries in dishes. Then washed and sent for drying.

It is best to collect Red Rowan at the end of October or in November, when it is slightly touched by frost. Such fruits are not stored, but they are guaranteed not to be toxic. After collection, they should immediately be recycled. For example, you can make rowan juice with pulp for the winter.

RECIPE. The berries freed from the stalks are washed and blanched for 3-4 minutes in boiling water, then rubbed through a sieve. Sugar is poured into blanching water and boiled at 20% syrup. Connect it with rowan puree, warm up, not allowing to boil. Poured into sterilized jars and clog.
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