7 tips for choosing the corrugated board


  1. №1. What is made of corrugated board?
  2. №2. Which protective coating is better?
  3. No. 3. Dimensions of corrugated board
  4. №4. The main types of corrugated board
  5. №5. What are the most popular types of corrugated board?
  6. №6. What else to consider when choosing?
  7. №7. What manufacturers can be trusted?
  • TOP 5 world manufacturers of corrugated board
  • Top 5 Russian manufacturers of corrugated board

Light, durable, inexpensive and attractive-looking corrugated board is very popular today in the organization of roofing, erection of fences, garages and warehouses. Such a wide scope of use of the material due to its structure and the presence of a profiled sheet of different thickness and width, with different coatings. How to understand the huge modern assortment and choose the profiled sheeting, which will meet the requirements to the maximum. Our advice will help you navigate and approach the purchase of this building material fully armed.

№1. What is made of corrugated board?

Profiled sheet, or corrugated sheet

Is a sheet of cold rolled steel coated with a protective layer of polymer, zinc or aluminum. The profile of flat sheets is attached to the forming rolls of machine tools, it can take the form of waves or trapezoids. Its purpose is not only to improve the decorative qualities of the material, but also to obtain additional strength properties.

The main advantages of corrugated board:

  • resistance to corrosion, adverse effects of the environment;
  • durability. The service life reaches 50 years;
  • strength;
  • fire resistance;
  • simplicity of installation and maintenance;
  • wide choice of colors;
  • affordable price.

Among the minusescall a high noise level when falling on the sheets of corrugated rain drops, as well as heating the material in the sun. These shortcomings can be reduced to a minimum, if the construction does not forget about the soundproof material and properly collect the roofing "pie".


By its basic properties, the corrugated board is verysimilar to metal siding, but these materials have differences. Profiled sheeting does not copy the structure and pattern of stone or wood, but it will cost the buyer several times cheaper, and even mounting it is much easier, which becomes a significant advantage for those who perform construction work with their own hands.

Profiled sheeting has a greater length and sheet area, which speeds up its installation and reduces the number of joints. The scope of profiled sheeting is wider than that of metal siding, because it can be used not only for facade cladding, but also for roofing and as an independent material for erecting fences and garages.

№2. Which protective coating is better?

To protect the base of corrugated steel from steel used protective coatings, which are used as polymeric materials or metals.The most common types of protective coatings at the moment are:

  • zinc coatingare hot-rolled by immersing a steel sheet in molten zinc. The thickness of the protective layer is 25-30 microns. Such material is cheaper and used during restoration and repair work;
  • aluminum zinc coatingconsists of aluminum, zinc and silicon. Profiled sheeting, coated with such a composition, gets good protection from corrosive substances, so it is used for roofs in areas of location of large industrial enterprises, busy roads or the sea coast;
  • polyester. This is the most popular coating, it is used in 85% of cases to protect the roofing sheeting. The polymer reliably protects against corrosion, frost and heat, resists mechanical damage and long retains its original color. Separately, it should be noted frosted polyester coating, which looks especially advantageous;
  • plastisol. The thickness of this coating ranges from 175 to 200 microns, due to which it perfectly tolerates mechanical damage and the influence of corrosive substances. But here the level of resistance to high temperatures and color resistance, this polymer is inferior to other types protective coating, and therefore found application in the northern areas with not very intense solar radiation;
  • pural. The coating on the basis of polyurethane was developed by Ruukki. Thanks to the addition of polyamide and other substances, the material has been resistant to sunlight, corrosive substances and corrosion. Due to their excellent appearance, such sheets can be used not only for roofing, but also for facade cladding;
  • polyvinyl tetrafluorideperfectly protects steel from all atmospheric phenomena and corrosion. The original color is perfectly preserved for a long time, therefore such material is often used to decorate facades;
  • acrylic and polyvinyl chloridewell protect the material from corrosion, and corrugated board with such a coating is inexpensive.

Large producers of corrugated board have research laboratories in their structure, therefore they develop new polymer coatings consisting of several components. The secrets of their compositions are not disclosed, but thanks to them it is possible to obtain a profiled sheet with unique qualities and decorative properties.

No. 3. Dimensions of corrugated board


The parameters of the corrugated board vary widely. Widthis between 113 and 120 cm, andlengthcan be from 30 cm to 12 m. Depending on the purpose, sheets with more suitable parameters are selected. Particular importancesheet thickness, since strength depends largely on it. This parameter ranges from, to, mm. Strength is also affected byProfile height: the higher it is, the greater the bearing capacity of the sheet. The height of the profile is from 8 mm to, cm and significantly affects the scope of use.

№4. The main types of corrugated board

To cover the roof, the construction of the fence or facade cladding is better to choose a different material. The huge popularity of the material has become a catalyst for the emergence ofdifferent types of corrugated board:

  • walled. Used for cladding walls and building internal partitions. The height of the profile is minimal and varies from 8 to 35 mm. It is marked with the letter C;
  • roofing. The name suggests the main area of ​​use of this material - roofing. In addition, such a corrugated board can be used for the construction of non-residential premises, incl. garages and hangars, as well as for the construction of fences. A distinctive feature of the material is a high index of strength, rigidity, ability to withstand heavy loads. Roof profiled sheeting differs from metal tiles in the shape of the profile: the latter resembles a ceramic tile, and the corrugated board is a slate. The height of the corrugation is 44 mm and more. It is marked with the letter H;
  • carrier. This is the most versatile corrugated board, which is used in the construction of external walls, the erection of fences, the decoration of the facades of houses, can be used for the organization of the roof. Such profiled sheeting has a profile height of 35-44 mm, and even grooves have special grooves on the corrugation. The service life of such material is 40-60 years. Marked as HC.

The height of the wave is so important that it is indicated inmark corrugated board. To understand what kind of material is in front of you, you can by the letter designation, talking about the type, and the figure that follows it. The figure means the height of the wave expressed in mm. For example, the designation C8 says that in front of you a wall corrugated board with a wave height of 8 mm.

Sometimes other parameters are indicated in the marking.In this case, the second number will denote the sheet thickness in mm, the third the width, and the fourth the length. For example, corrugated board with the marking C8 -750-11000 will have a thickness, mm, a width of 750 mm or 75 cm and a length of 11 m.

№5. What are the most popular types of corrugated board?

Manufacturers offer profiled sheeting with very different parameters. Some even offer customization, butthe most popular are such types of corrugated board:

  • C8It is used mainly for wall cladding. There are examples of using it as a roofing material: of course, it is better to choose a different kind corrugated board, as for this purpose it is necessary to equip a continuous crate, and the main conditions - a roof with a large tilt;
  • C10It is also used for decorating walls, as well as for erecting fences no higher than, m;
  • C18suitable even for the construction of small architectural forms. If there is a need to equip the roof with this material, then the step of the crate must be 40 cm;
  • C21is used for the construction of temporary structures, the construction of fences. Suitable for roofing, the step of the battens from 40 to 80 cm, depending on the angle of the ramp;
  • C44suitable in cases where it is necessary to build a fence of increased strength, to build a hangar, garage or cabins. Due to the increased durability it allows to build reliable roofs, even with a bridging step up to 2 m, but it is better to use a crate with a step of 50-100 cm;
  • H57ideal for roofing, sometimes used as a fixed formwork or material for fence. The step of the battens can reach 3 m;
  • HC35It is universal in use, often has an additional ribbed surface. With the arrangement of the roof from such a corrugated board, the step of the crate, m;
  • HC44often used in roofing works, has additional stiffeners, which distinguishes it from the C44 and makes it more durable and resistant to loads. The pitch of the battens is -3 m;
  • H60, despite the marking, is widely used in the arrangement of the roof, it can be a basis for soft roofing or an independent material, it is used for the construction of a non-removable formwork. The grating for such a material is carried out in steps of 3 m;
  • H75belongs to the most popular types of corrugated board, as it is versatile in use. In terms of strength, one of the best, which is achieved through additional ribs of strength. The step of the battens for this material is 4 m;
  • H114has two additional stiffeners, due to which the material has phenomenal strength and can be used for roofing with a 6 m grid.

№6. What else to consider when choosing?

It is important to immediately determine the necessary shade of corrugated board, as manufacturers offer about a hundred different colors. Wherever the material is used, to arrange a roof or a fence, it is important that it harmonized with surrounding objects, fit in the chosen color scheme and did not merge with the surrounding medium.

At purchase it is important to visually inspect the material for observing the exact geometry. Correspondence of all parameters declared is a guarantee of simplicity in work and accurate appearance of the finished object.

№7. What manufacturers can be trusted?

Profiled sheeting is produced in many European countries, in China, South Korea, India and Turkey, and production is widely developed in Russia. Products of domestic factories are competitive, wins in quality for many Turkish and Chinese companies. Consider the proven world and domestic manufacturers of corrugated board.

TOP 5 world manufacturers of corrugated board


A well-known Finnish company offers a huge selection of building materials, including profiled sheeting. In the range of material with different thicknesses and different types of coating. Profiled sheeting of the producer enjoys a huge millet all over the world, and offices and representative offices are located in all corners of the planet.


The company originated in Luxembourg in 1976 as a small production, and today it is one of the largest producers of steel and products from it. Production facilities are located in several European countries, the supply of products is carried out around the world. The production includes its own research center, where they constantly work on improving the products. Profiled sheeting of the company enjoys great millet in the domestic market.


This Latvian company started its activities only in 2007. Today it is a huge modern enterprise, producing a huge amount of products from sandwich panels to roof hatches. In the assortment there is a corrugated board of various types and different sizes, there are also all the necessary accessories, it is possible to carry out custom production, so that in the construction of waste there was a minimum.

U.S. Steel

Production is conducted in North America and Central Europe. Over the decades of manufacturing of steel products, the company has entered the world's leaders, and today it is well known in many countries. Profiled sheeting of this manufacturer is also sold in Russia, but the prices for it are quite high.


The Polish company, which has developed into a giant industry and conducts production in many European countries. Everywhere modern equipment is used, and careful monitoring is conducted. Profiled sheeting is one of the key areas of the company. Produced not only wall and roofing corrugated board, but also special-purpose material, incl. transparent and perforated. The Russian market only gets acquainted with the products of the manufacturer and has already assessed its advantages.

Top 5 Russian manufacturers of corrugated board

Metal Profile

Leader of the domestic market for the production of thin-sheet steel products. The company has been operating on the market for 18 years, it has established production not only in Russia, but also in neighboring Belarus and Kazakhstan. The high quality of the products is achieved through the use of modern equipment and quality raw materials. Profiled sheeting is made of various kinds from С8 to Н114, therefore the consumer gets an opportunity to get a quality material with the necessary parameters and an acceptable price.

Steel Plass

The company has been working since 1997 and since then has been a significant place in the domestic market as a manufacturer of corrugated board. There are several production lines equipped with modern equipment, the company's products are purchased by both large construction organizations and private individuals. Profiled sheeting is produced from brand C8 to H158, has a different color and coating.



The company specializes in the manufacture of roofing materials from metal. The main place in production is occupied by corrugated board, which is manufactured here using the latest Polish equipment, taking into account all state standards. Profiled sheeting from С8 to Н114 has excellent operational qualities, and there are a lot of color options.

Prof. SteelRent

The company is considered one of the leaders in the field of corrugated board production. To get high-quality products, European equipment is used here, and steel is purchased from the best domestic and world manufacturers. In the range of corrugated sheets of different colors, with different coatings and with a wave height of 8 to 114 mm, so any consumer can find the material that is needed.

Chelyabinsk Specialized Plant "Profnastil"

The enterprise has been working since 1974 and today specializes in the production of corrugated board. The shops use Italian, German and Finnish equipment, which allows you to receive high-quality products at affordable prices. The pride of the company is a modern automatic line for the application of protective polymer coatings, which becomes the guarantee of the durability of the manufactured sheets.

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