Do-it-yourself installation of an intercom: wiring diagrams and installation recommendations

Recently, to protect their property at the entrance to a private house or on the doors of apartment buildings began to install intercoms. Having such a device, an unwelcome guest cannot enter the house or apartment without your knowledge. Installing an intercom with your own hands is not such a difficult task. For self-installation, there are several connection diagrams, here we look at the most commonly used configuration.

  • How to install an intercom: device types
  • How to connect an intercom: basic examples of
  • schemes Do-it-yourself intercom installation:
  • workflow conclusionsthe place where surveillance cameras are installed. Thus, the owner of the house can not only hear, but also see the visitor - this is an important aspect, if we consider the safety of life of the residents or the house itself. Installing a video door-to-door speakerphone is not very different from the technical parameters of a standard audio intercom.

    Any modern intercom system should fulfill its main functions and missions:

    • dialing from the street to the room;
    • high-quality two-way communication between the visitor at the entrance and the owner of the house or apartment;
    • video link availability;
    • possibility of remote opening the lock on the front door.
    The principle of installing an intercom in a private house
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    How to install an intercom: device types

    This convenient communication tool is of two types:

    • wired,
    • wireless.

    Wireless analogues are installed quickly, effortlessly, after which they are immediately ready for operation. Such systems are connected to a conventional electrical outlet or powered by a small battery. To install a wireless intercom, a system is selected with the required number of substations that are connected to an outlet or battery, after which the setup is made according to the attached instructions. After all the manipulations carried out the device can be used.

    Separately, it is worth mentioning the possible problems that you may encounter if you choose the wireless model.

    In wireless intercoms, the main “disease” is the loss of communication with the monitoring device with interference that can be created by powerful Wi-Fi routers and other wireless radios. Therefore, it is extremely important to take all these factors into account when tuning, selecting frequencies. Also, if the house has a security service with its radio connection, then this is another reason that interferes with the operation of the wireless intercom.

    The undoubted “plus” of wired intercoms is that they do not require recharging, they are not threatened with disconnection if the owner forgets about them for some reason. A wired system is best laid during repair work.

    If the decision to install the intercom with your own hands came much later, then you will have to deal with all the features of the cables that go from the main station to the substations.

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    How to connect an intercom: basic examples of

    circuits Connection diagrams that can be done by yourself are divided into three categories:

    • of high complexity,
    • complex,
    • normal.

    Highly complex schemes are commonly used in homes with many apartments.

    A more simplified version implies interconnection in one chain of intercom and lock.

    The so-called, the third type of circuit is extremely simple, a person can even deal with it with basic electrical skills.

    Connecting an intercom in a high-rise building is a complicated scheme, which should also be mentioned as an example of connecting a large number of devices into one network. Such global systems have a high cost, which is why they are established by the total cash investment of all residents of the house.

    Intercom connection scheme for an apartment building

    The interconnection scheme of an intercom with an electric lock shown below is considered to be standard for the installation of communication systems in private homes.

    The standard scheme for an intercom with an electrically controlled lock.

    . Through this scheme, the intercom and the door( gate) electric lock are most often connected to a common circuit.

    Knowledge of basic fundamentals in electrics is quite enough to make an independent connection of an intercom.

    Thus, the receiver itself is located indoors, a pair of cables - three-core and four-core - are laid from it. A three-core wire is needed when additional installation of a surveillance camera is implied. Also, an alternative can serve as a single stranded cable, in which case you will have to coordinate the connection of the video intercom with the color of the wires. The veins are connected in turn, according to the scheme. In addition, the power supply to the image sensor and the door station call panel should be supplied through the step-down power supply unit.

    The example of the following diagram is quite simple. The lock is not provided here, the connection of the intercom with your hands is provided with the help of four wires.

    A simple wiring for an intercom without using an

    lock. Thus, coordination between the outdoor call unit and the internal response unit is performed. Two cables are responsible for the power supply, the other two are responsible for audio and video. The contacts of the indoor and outdoor units are interconnected by a separate wire, which makes it possible to see, hear what is happening outside the gate.

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    Do-it-yourself installation of an intercom: work sequence

    Whatever connection scheme you choose, installation technology, work sequence look about the same. The whole process can be represented by such steps:

    1. Cable laying.
    2. Installation of the outdoor unit intercom.
    3. Installing the indoor unit.
    4. Wire switching.

    Cabling, which will connect the outdoor and indoor intercom units, is the most convenient route for you. In the room, the wire is held on the grooves or cable channels.

    Before you install the intercom in a private house, you need to decide on the method of installation outdoors. On the street using an air strip on the basis of a tension cable or underground.

    With regard to the outdoor method, then you need to consider the possibility of wire breakage in strong winds, as well as lightning striking it during a thunderstorm. Underground laying is more expedient, since with proper protection of the wire, compliance with the ПУЭ( rules for electrical installations), the system will work without interruptions and malfunctions.

    The cable for underground works must have reliable protection( sheath) against moisture and mechanical damage. For these purposes, suitable wire VVG, PVA, SHVVP.

    Wires for underground installation

    The depth of the underground cable must be at least 0.75 m. Also, as an additional protection, you can use a HDPE pipe or a special tube.

    At this stage, you should take care of the set of tools that you will need when installing the device:

    • construction knife;
    • insulation tape;
    • electric drill;
    • pliers;
    • screws;
    • plug;
    • screwdriver;
    • special nozzle for an electric drill( for wall chroming);
    • alabaster;
    • pencil;
    • level;
    • voltmeter.

    Installation of the outdoor unit intercom is made in any place convenient for you. More often it is an entrance gate or an intake pillar near the gate. From a practical point of view, it is not recommended to install an intercom on the wicket, as its regular opening and closing leads to rapid wear and subsequent cable break.

    The fence post, which is located at the entrance gate, looks like a more attractive prospect. For reliability and long-term operation, it is better to place the unit inside a niche specially made for this. A special box is initially installed in it, and the block itself is already placed in it. The specifics of the work resembles the installation of an ordinary electrical outlet and a receptacle, where all the necessary wires are connected.

    If the presence of an additional video camera and / or an electrically controlled lock is implied, then the installation box displays five more wires. Two wires will provide electricity to the outdoor unit and the lock system, the other three will work on an additional surveillance camera. These three wires are connected to the indoor unit, but they can also be pushed past the box of the external unit, directly connected to the installation site of the video camera.

    Intercom Connection

    Installation of the intercom system is facilitated by the fact that it does not require built-in( hidden) installation. The unit itself is something like a videophone, which you only need to securely fasten( hang up) at a pre-selected, convenient place for you. This unit includes two parts - a video phone and a power source, which can be additionally equipped with a battery. Double unit can be placed in any desired location, taking into account the laying of wires from it to the videophone. A thin cable of 12 V is quite suitable for this purpose.

    Indoor unit intercom

    Before you connect the video intercom, you need to thoroughly examine the attached scheme, to understand the principles of switching wires.

    If you encounter a similar question for the first time, you naturally may have difficulties. However, it is worth noting that almost all manufacturers of such equipment always attach a detailed wiring diagram to the device, where they describe, indicate all connection points, terminals, and their functions.

    At this stage, the main thing is not to confuse the wires and methodically connect them one by one. For example, they took the blue wire, brought it to the terminal of the outer, and then the indoor unit, followed by the wire of the next color. The connection is made up to the moment when all the wiring will be connected to the places specified in the diagram, after which the device is checked for operability.

    Connecting wires
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    Choosing a place to install the indoor unit, make sure that it is always in sight, or, as they say, at your fingertips. In most cases, it is mounted where the host spends the most time. Often you can see intercoms in the hallway.

    If you carefully study the technical documents attached to the device, examine the wiring diagrams, then installing an intercom with your own hands will not be too difficult for you.

    However, complex security systems must be handled by specialists; in such cases, a large team of service engineers with the experience and thorough knowledge of the technical base must interact.

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