Flower beds and flower gardens with their own hands from scrap materials - photos, recommendations

Let's see how you can creatively arrange flower beds and flower gardens with your own hands from scrap materials. We'll see photos of design ideas. We always, everywhere strive to surround ourselves with beauty. Flowers in themselves are an ornament of our country houses, garden sites. Even the garden wants to make beautiful! An interesting frame - the design of flower beds, flower beds only emphasizes this beauty. We will not consider now those cases when a certified specialist in landscape design puts his hand on the design of the site.

Using your imagination and, sometimes, things that are completely incompatible with the flower theme, you can not only decorate your plot, but also give it individuality. The flower beds give completeness to the floral plantations, and also perform a protective function. Thus, the roots of ground cover plants are restrained by the sides of the original fences that do not spread out on the site. In addition, flower beds act as restraints for curious pets who are not averse to frolic in your flower garden. Even a chipped jug, a sawn log, or used out car tires can be used as an option for new design solutions. Consider some of the creative techniques gardeners, summer residents.

Tires or car tires are ready-made small flower beds, which are painted in the desired color, and then installed on level ground. Fertile soil is poured inside the tires, flowers are planted. You can also figure cut top tires or even give it an intricate shape.

Tires generally represent an extensive field of activity for a creative gardener: they are hung on the fence( for ampelous plants), set on top of each other( for vertical gardening), styled to fit various figures.

An old bicycle can also be given a new life, after renewing it with paint. On the trunk, frame, seat, even on the pedals, boxes are installed or suspended, containers with soil, in which flowers will later grow. In this case, the main thing is to secure the bike and its moving parts securely. A metal pin is usually used, which is buried in the ground, and then the former vehicle is tied or welded to it. This mobile bed looks very unusual, while saving space. You can also lean the bike against the fence and properly tie it.

It will be interesting to look like a garden car in the form of a flower bed. It is better to pre-sand and update the old metal construction with paint from a can, the wooden one will look good by itself. Elements of a wheelbarrow can be partially dug into the ground to give it stability.

Old chairs with and without seats can act as supports for small containers with flowers. This bed can be moved anywhere or installed permanently, partially digging the legs into the ground.

Durable option - a bed of stones. In the course are cobblestones, bricks, ordinary stones. Such flower beds can be multi-tiered.

It is also possible to arrange fences for flower beds from plastic bottles half-dug into the ground. They have one after another, the shape of the flower bed can be absolutely any.

Separate containers are used as suspended pots, for example, on the fence - ampelous petunias look good in such a frame. From large five-liter containers you can make mini-flower gardens in the form of animals.

Glass bottle closures are the oldest way to design flower beds and flower gardens with your own hands. Often used for this bottle of champagne - they are thick-walled, they have a powerful bottom. Such a flower bed will serve you more than one year.

In the presence of fantasy, a garden saw and an ax, you can make amazing flower beds from trunks of sawed trees, stumps. A log is usually used in its entirety or sawn into fragments that go to decorate miniature little flowers. The bark is either removed or left intact; this gives even more “naturalness”, decorativeness.

It is interesting to look at a flower garden from logs previously cut and cleared of bark. In the photo below, the flowerbed is stylized as a well.

You can make a decorative fence and fence a flower garden even from a sawn trunk of a medium-sized tree.

Even ordinary wooden boards or fragments of timber can be used to fence flower beds.

You can make a multi-tiered flower garden with several pots put on an iron pin dug into the ground. And if the pots differ in size, it will be even more interesting.

If you have an old bath left after the repair, why not use it as a flower bed, moreover, it is almost ready. You can dig it into the ground at any depth or leave it in its original form. If you paint it in the color you like, the newly-born flower bed will only become more attractive.

Anything is used to create flower beds, from the remnants of building materials you get quite neat fences, fences. If you approach the business creatively, then you can beat any more or less suitable material and give him a new life. For example, from the vine and suitable twigs, you can arrange flower beds, baskets, which will look unusual, but symbolic.

You can also give a second life to things that have long served their own. For example, children's balls, if they are carefully cut into halves and filled with soil, turn into pretty pot.

The old basket, the economic capacity and even children's toys can become a new home for flowers. The photos below clearly demonstrate this.

The variant presented below rather decorates an already formed flowerbed, but the author’s creativity deserves attention. It is possible to select a zone of flower plantings even with the help of disposable spoons, approaching this matter creatively.

From whatever bed was made, it should have good drainage. Excessive moisture and stagnant water are detrimental to plants.

If you intend to create flower beds and flower gardens with your own hands from scrap materials, our photos demonstrate the most common techniques. You can always create something new, and then share ideas with others.

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