Petunia - planting and care, color photo, design options

What are we going to talk about? But what. .. The main character - a petunia plant, planting and care. Take a look at the photo, admire it. .. It is the leader among the most popular garden flowers. It is rich in its multicolor, harmoniously combined with other summer flowers. Petunia is a real decoration of our beds, balconies, summer cottages. The lush bloom of this bright flower lasts all season, but besides the beauty, it is famous for the fact that it is easy to plant and grow.

  • Proper Petunia Seedlings - How to Grow
  • Petunia - Care and Growing
  • Planting Petunias in the Open Groundgrades, color shades, forms. Most often, petunia is divided into two varieties - bush and ampelous. Kustovoy we most often make out flowerbeds or plant it in boxes-pots. This variety is unpretentious, it is sown in early spring - March-April.
    Cachepoon with petunia

    Ampelnaya is a floral "waterfall".It is more suitable for hanging or forming garden compositions. Windows, balconies, pergolas are also suitable for decorating with such plants. These varieties need to be sown before bush species, approximately the beginning of February.

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    Proper seedling of petunias - how to grow

    Petunia seedlings

    Most varieties of petunias are quite unpretentious. Even if with the onset of heat( March-April) you sow the seeds in the open ground, ensure regular watering, it will grow, bloom. But if you want to get lush, well-groomed bushes, then you have to try a little, “conjure” over a little seed.

    . Methods for planting petunia seeds:

    1. . The simplest option is sowing in a shallow container or box. Seeds fall asleep is not dosed( by eye).The most important rule - do not bury.
    2. The use of peat tablets gives excellent results of growing seedlings - it is very convenient, practical. Each tablet pre-soak, place there one dragee seed or 2-3 ordinary seeds. Petunia seedlings in peat tablets do not require a subsequent dive. With this method of planting bushes( along with tablets) are subsequently transplanted.
    3. Cassettes for seedlings are also convenient, cultivation with their help does not provide for picking seedlings. Thus, each seed is placed in an individual cell( 20 or 50 ml), and after 20-30 days it is transplanted into a pot, where the petunia can grow until the first flowers appear.
    4. Also practiced sowing seeds in the snow. A layer of ordinary clean street snow is laid on top of the ground, and the seeds are piled on top. When the snow melts, it is absorbed, automatically attracting the seeds to the ground( to the required depth).

    No matter what method is used for sowing, the seedlings need the right temperature( + 23. .. - + 25 ° С), film cover, timely watering.

    Petunia seeds are usually sown with regard to the variety group( March 20th), in order to get flowering bushes by the beginning of summer. If you want to see flowering earlier, then it is better to start planting in late January - early February.

    A nutritious, loose soil with good water-holding properties is suitable for it. Strongly acidic or alkaline soil mixtures should be avoided.

    Against the background of the story about the details of growing petunias, it is still worth mentioning the possibility of acquiring ready-made seedlings. Cases are different: someone just does not have enough time to engage in this process, but I really want to have a fragrant flower.

    For such cases, petunia seedlings are sold, which can be bought on the market, shop, floristic center, even an online store.

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    Petunia - care and cultivation

    For the first time after sowing( the first 7-10 days), seeds will not be interfered by regular spraying with a weak-borne solution of potassium permanganate. At the expiration of this period, with the advent of the first crooked sprout, you can enter the feeding. At the very beginning it is advisable to use foliar funds - irrigation with mineral compounds. If the situation requires it, then a plant growth stimulator, such as "Epin-Extra" can be used 1 or 2 times.

    Seedlings should be provided with a sufficient amount of moisture, but do not be too zealous, as excessive moisture provokes disease. In case of oversaturation of sprouts with moisture, it is necessary to stop irrigation with water. At the same time, it is necessary to moisten the soil only by watering along the walls of the containers so that the water is minimally in contact with the plants.

    Sprouts after picking

    When the sprouts have a pair of full-fledged leaves, start picking. To do this, seedlings are seated one by one in special containers or disposable 200 gram cups( very convenient).The cups are filled with the same nutrient primer as was used for sowing. After planting, the bushes are watered, covered for 1-2 days with some non-woven material( for example, Spunbond).

    For the first time after the wizard, moderate soil moisture, periodic loosening, is important for petunias. If the seedlings need additional feeding, then it can be done 7-10 days after the picking( 1 time per week).

    Before planting petunia bushes to a permanent place of stay, take care of its hardening. To do this, pots of seedlings must be periodically taken out into the cold( but not into the frost), providing fresh air.

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    Planting petunias in open ground

    It’s time to swoop

    This flower likes loamy fertile soils. If you plant compost or humus before planting a future flower bed, the petunia will bloom more actively and more magnificently. Make sure that the place for plants is well lit by the sun. Most often, bushes are planted around the 20th of April( in the Kuban), after frosts are left behind.

    For planting, seedlings need to be watered well, so that it is convenient to remove them from the pot. Together with a lump of soil to land on a flower bed. The step between the bushes should be about 30-40 cm. Then the plants are watered and mulched again( the next day).

    Planting seedlings

    Aftercare for petunia includes:

    • regular watering,
    • loosening the soil,
    • getting rid of weeds.

    However, the most important factor is fertilizing with complex and organic fertilizers, which must be introduced on day 8 after planting. Potassium feed needs to be made every 10 days. We advise to continue them until August inclusive. You can also use organic fertilizers, such as humus.

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    Designing the suburban area with petunia - photo

    The richness of colors and varieties allows you to create incredible combinations of shades, various designs. Multicolor flower beds, flower cascades, fragments of trees equipped for flower beds, even car tires are a field of activity, a source of inspiration for the summer resident.

    Petunia is perfectly combined with other colors that complement each other in flowerbed compositions( see first photo).For these purposes, you need to choose the same non-capricious, sun-loving plants( for example, snapdragon, salvia, calendula, levkoy).When making a summer cottage with petunias, one should not forget about sunny places, since in the shadow areas it simply cannot gain strength and fully bloom. For this plant are ideally suited well-lit, slightly shaded areas.

    Some design options:

    1. Vertical beds - an amazing sight that is very easy to create in your country house. To do this, the frame is made of a rolled metal mesh, which is carpeted from the inside with agrofilm. It turns out a kind of pillar, which is filled with soil. In the holes of the mesh holes are made where the seedlings of petunias are placed. This is followed by the appropriate care of flowers.
    2. Petunia trees look impressive. In order to make such a "tree", you will need a welding machine, metal pipes of different diameters. First of all, a pipe is installed on the ground, and then, from thinner pipes, “branches” are welded to it — stops that will hold pots of flowers. Pre-prepared pots round the dense wire( to get the form), and then its ends are also welded, forming a pot stand. The trunk and branches of such a tree are painted in green paint.
    3. Flower beds from the boxes - look very nice under the windows of a country house or even on the fence, placed in a staggered manner or as you like. There are no difficulties at all, you just need to get boxes. The boxes can be wooden, earthen, with a forged border - it all depends on your imagination.

      The main decoration of the

    4. section of the flower bed is the widest field of action for the creative summer resident. They can be multi-tiered, round, square, in the form of a floral stream, even repeating any patterns. No matter how large the dacha is, there will always be room for a petunia flowerbed or a small floral rug.

      Petunia islets do not take up much space.

    5. Flower cascades are made of amber variety petunias( dangling, with long stems).To obtain an excellent result, it is enough to place such a flower in a pot and hang it. Such compositions of hanging pots are one of the most popular methods of floral decoration of suburban areas.

    Already in itself is an ornament amunium petunia, how many pieces to plant in pots - determines the size of the tank, for example, 4-5 bushes with a diameter of 20-30 cm. With the onset of spring, shopping centers start selling pots 22 cm in diameter, in which 3 are comfortably locatedbush.


    Despite all the subtleties, nuances, to grow, plant a petunia is easy - it is quite under the power of any novice florist. Attention to seedlings, appropriate care will bear fruit. If you at least once grow from a small seed a magnificent, fragrant beauty, then you will never refuse from her presence at your summer cottage.

    The path of flowers

    Do not forget to feed fertilizer on time, water this amazing flower - it will delight you with its flowering until the cold.

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    Petunia - photo

    House wall decoration
    Multi-tiered flowerbed
    Fence decoration
    House porch decoration
    Holiday place decoration
    Multi-colored petunia island
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