Magnolia Sulanzha beauty - planting and caring for seedlings, growing conditions

Useful thing, I tell you, social networks! Not so long ago, talked with amateur gardener Elena. She learned that her first year magnolia Sulanja( tulip) is growing. The first year - and already blooming! I looked at the photo - a blooming magnolia - an elegant garden decoration! A few words of Elena were said about the sapling, but so lovingly, with such admiration that I became infected. .. Now I will not sleep until I put such beauty on myself! I decided to look for information, prepare, find out what kind of plant Magnolia Sulanja is - planting, care - difficult or not.

  • Magnolia Sulanzha Tulip
  • Planting and Caring for the Magnolia of Sulanzha

From childhood I attribute Magnolia to plants that grow on the Black Sea coast.“In the edge of the magnolias, the sea splashes. ..” - a song of my youth, to which we danced on the open dance floor in the park. Indeed, the magnolia - a resident of the southern edges. It grows in all countries with a warm climate. It pleases tourists, locals with its magnificent flowering. Many go on holiday to the sea in April-May, in order to combine the useful with the beautiful - to see the flowering of magnolias.

But it turns out in order to enjoy the flowering of magnolia, not necessarily go to the south. I was surprised to learn that, for example, a magnolia garden was laid in Minsk Botanical Garden in Belarus several years ago. So, magnolia, this is a southern plant, can be successfully grown in more northern latitudes.

Worldwide, magnolia is known not only as a very decorative, but also as a medicinal, even a magic tree. There is a legend that if an unmarried girl embraces, touches the trunk of a magnolia, she will very soon find her constricted.

In nurseries or garden centers you can find not a single species, a magnolia variety, with crowns of different shapes, for example, bush or standard crowns, with flowers of different shape, color — there are white, pink, pale yellow, dark red-violet, there is a cup-shaped, saucer-shaped, tulip-shaped or goblet-shaped.

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Magnolia Sulanja tulip

This is not a very tall shrub or tree. The height of the tulip magnolia depends on the conditions and climate of the area where it grows - varies from 2-3 meters to 8 meters. Blossom begins at an early age. Magnolia Sulanzha tulip tolerant to different soil and climatic conditions, can grow even on clay soils, but does not really like calcareous soil. In early spring, attention is drawn to the spectacular fragrant flowers in the shape of a tulip or a glass, which bloom on bushes before the leaves appear. But even after flowering, the magnolia looks beautiful with dark green obovoid leaves.

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Planting and caring for the magnolia of Sulange

I think you already wanted to have this plant in your garden. First see if you can find a suitable place for it. What should this place be? It should be covered from the scorching rays of the sun from the south side, protected from the wind. Plant a magnolia tulip in the penumbra. Best if your pet sapling will be open to the sun in the morning.

The landing features of Magnolia Sulange are as follows. Dig a landing hole spacious enough, with a diameter of at least one meter. But before planting, fill it with a previously prepared soil mixture, in which there must be peat or compost, turfy or deciduous soil, sand. The ratio of soil mixture is 2: 1: 0.5.

In the care of seedlings, adult plants have some special features. Do not dig the ground around the trunk of Magnolia Sulange or plant something in the near-stem circle, close to its roots. Try to remove the weeds with your hands, and not with a hoe - do not dig the soil around the trunk of a tree. Even to loosen the soil is not recommended, since the root system of these plants is wide, superficial. For this reason, the soil should always be wet, but moderately wet. Magnolia Sulanzha equally badly tolerates stagnant moisture, dryness. The mulch will help to keep moisture. Mulching in the spring of the wheel circle is mandatory. As mulch, you can use peat, rotted compost, dry grass.

Magnolias are very fond of not only moist soil, but humid air. In the summer, with insufficient humidity, they may suffer from dry air. At this time, the leaves of magnolia dry around the edge, and some may even crumble. From time to time you should water the magnolia over the leaves in the evening or early in the morning.

Regular pruning of tulip magnolia shoots is not needed. But to prevent any branches growing inside the crown is not worth it, it is desirable to remove the tops damaged by frost or dry branches.

Thaws are frequent in the Krasnodar Territory in winter. This is one of the dangers for Magnolia Sulange. Since flower buds at such a time can start growing, and sudden frosts will ruin the flowers.

Magnolia of Sulange can be propagated with green cuttings or layering. But, I think that it is safer to buy a sapling. Experts advise to acquire tulip magnolia saplings in early spring. It is better if they are already with flowers or buds.

If you provide your pet with suitable conditions, caring care, Magnolia Sulanja will no doubt delight you every spring with a delightful flowering, delicate aroma.

And if you already have a tulip magnolia magnolia in your garden, you can boast a picture of a pet. The form of comments on our site provides for the possibility of posting photos.

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