Characteristic and description of tomato variety novice

Tomato Novice is a real find, both for experienced gardeners and beginners. The crop is fruitful, suitable for greenhouses and open ground , the crop is harvested up to the most frost. The description and characteristics of this variety of tomato can be found below.

Contents: Fruits are red and pink , similar in taste. Consider a tomato novice pink.


The variety is middle-ripening, it takes about 100-110 days from transplanting to fruit ripening, Novice pink is grown in glass, polycarbonate greenhouses and in open ground .Tomato is resistant to many diseases.

Productivity can reach 10-15 kg per square meter.

The ripened fruits become pink. Tomatoes weighing 100-150 grams , small oval.

Description of the variety

A compact bush with an average number of leaves 60-90 cm tall. Tying and removing of stepsons is required. After 5-6 sheets, the first brush begins to form. In a brush about 6-7 tomatoes. The second brush is formed after 1-2 sheets.

The color of tomato fruits Beginner is red or pink, and, according to their characteristics, they do not differ among themselves.

Tomatoes are oval in shape, soft, even, fleshy, have excellent taste. Suitable for fresh consumption and for canning.

Pros and

disadvantages Among the advantages are the following :

  • High-yielding grade
  • Excellent palatability
  • good storability , possible transporting fruit
  • versatility : is used in the fresh form, suitable for preserving
  • cold resistance and drought
  • Maturation fruit chorus
  • Ability to grow in greenhouses of all types of and in open ground
  • Tomatoes do not over- and do not cracktsya

According to reviews of people involved in the cultivation of this tomato, deficiencies variety Beginner pink has not been identified .The only minor drawback is that the lack of dressings can negatively affect the taste of the tomato and the yield.

Cultivation of

Special rules for the care of the variety Beginner does not exist

There are no special techniques for cultivation, the Beginner goes through the same procedures as the rest of the tomatoes. Like every variety, this type of tomato has a number of features of , which must be considered in the growing process.


There are no special ways for a tomato to grow different varieties. The complex of activities includes : soil preparation, planting material, planting, planting, regular maintenance, harvesting.

Growing: Step-by-Step Process

Growing from Tomato Seed Novice Pink consists of the following steps :

  1. First you need to prepare seed .In order for the seeds to germinate together, it is necessary to weed out substandard ones. This is done like this:
    • 0,5 tspsalts dissolve in 0.5 st.uncooked products, lower the seeds for 20 min.
    • Wash with clean water
For a friendly shoot of tomato seeds Beginner need to discard them and disinfect
  1. The seed is ready. Getting to the preparation of the soil. The easiest way to buy ready-made soil is to shop e. It already contains all the elements necessary for the growth and development of seedlings.
  2. Preparation of containers .All sorts of pots are used, wooden and plastic boxes, juice boxes, cups from yoghurts and cream machines are suitable
  3. cream is poured into the container, watered, at a distance of 2-3 are placed seeds, sprinkled with a cup of tea-sugar, 2-3 cm, the seeds are placed , sprinkle with a cup of tea on top of a table 5-10 days seedlings appear, optimum germination temperature 23-26 degrees
  4. seedlings dive when three true
  5. leaves appear. seedlings are planted when the threat of frost
is planted.ground
Tomato Novice is a heat-loving variety, it is necessary to monitor the temperature regime.

Care of the variety Beginner also includes a number of standard procedures :
  • Watering of
  • to observe the correct watering and temperature mode , to do top dressing.

    In greenhouses, plants can be affected with lung disease , in which the leaves are covered with brown spots. Special drugs will help fight it. They are sold in

    stores. Slugs and spider mites attack plants in open ground. A soap solution or a chilli pepper solution will help fight them.

    From aphids use tobacco dust, infusion of garlic. Colorado potato beetle is afraid of dill, it is enough to plant dill around the perimeter.

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