For proper site planning, it is important to know how many meters in a sotka of land

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Usually the old generation knows all this. And they can calculate the number of meters in the weave for a long time. Representatives of the younger generation, most often, did not hear the word "weaving" at all, and they do not know the methods of calculations. After all, in official land documents it is generally not customary to use this concept, where the area is calculated only in hectares, not even in arachas. So, what is a weaving of the earth and how to calculate it?

Simple form area

There are different parts of the earth. Usually they are simple geometric shapes: squares or rectangles. But there are exceptions when the site is a trapezoid or a parallelogram. On a land plot that has a rectangular or square shape, a hundredth of the earth is much easier to count. Only one geometric formula will help in all sorts out. The formula of the area of ​​a rectangle or square of a square.

The area of ​​a hundred square meters - and there is a hundred square meters.

As is known, special items are used to calculate the area of ​​land. They are found in agronomists, cartographers and other workers who are engaged in such measurements. You can say that you are one of them. But in order to calculate a hundred square meters of land, do not worry about the absence of any complicated tools. They just will not be needed. All you need is:

  • four any peg;
  • Roulette (not too short);
  • pen and notebook.
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Install pegs in all corners of the land. From the peg to the peg, measure the roulette all the boundaries of the site. If all sides are the same in length, then this is a square. If two short sides are equal, like long sides, then - a rectangle. Record the results in notepad. Let's say one side is 30 meters and the other side is 40 meters. Then we must multiply these numbers by one another. It turned out 1200 square meters. One hundred square meters is 100 square meters. 1200 divide by 100, we get the number 12. All the size of the land was 12 hundred. If the sides are the same (square), then any two of them multiply one another and divide by one hundred.

You can not use roulette, and build your own wooden meter-shaped compasses with your own hands. Starting from the peg, meter by meter, walk and count. It is important that the distance between the ends of the legs of the compass is exactly one meter! In one hundred square meters of land 100 square meters.

Areas of complex shape

Sometimes it happens. When a site has a complex shape (not a square and not a rectangle), for example, a trapezoid or a circle. Here come to the aid of other geometric formulas. For example, the section has the form of a parallelogram.

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You need to find just the length of the larger side. But now you have to find and height. The area you get is if the length is multiplied by the height. This is the simplest way to calculate the area of ​​a parallelogram. It is also true for calculating the area of ​​the diamond.

The height should be perpendicular to the larger side. That is, to form with it an angle of 90 degrees, at least to the eye.

If you have a trapeze, you will need to find the lengths of its bases. Basics are two parallel lines. Only after that look for the height. The area you will find by the formula: half of the sums of bases is multiplied by the height. On a calculator this will look like this: base plus base, multiply by height, and multiply by 0.5. Everything, the area is.

There are round sites, but this is very rare. It is necessary to find the center of the circle. The radius is the distance from the center to the boundary of the circle. The area can be found by the formula 4 (Pi) multiply by the length of the radius, squared (multiplied twice by itself).

The same rare are ellipsoidal (oval) areas. Even more difficult, you will have to look for the center of the oval and the length of the axes. Multiply half of the larger semiaxis by half the smaller, and then multiply by, 4. Done.

There are quadrangular areas where the parties are all different. That is, for example, one 19 meters, the other - 27, the third - 30, and the fourth - 50. It is best if one corner is straight. It is necessary to measure all sides. There, most often, sinuses and cosines are used, which can not be calculated on the site. However, there are online calculators that allow you to search for the area of ​​such quadrilaterals on all sides.

When the area is too large, the size is calculated in hectares. 100 hectare = 1 hectare = 10 000 square meters.

Hundreds and area

The size of the plot in the weave can be found from the documentation or measured independently, taking a meter in hand.

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If the number of hundred parts is known

If you know the number of hundreds of cottages or garden, but you suddenly wanted to calculate the area of ​​the site, then use the reverse calculation. For example, there are six hundred. Multiply six by one hundred. It turns out 600 square meters, - this is the area. If the size of the plot is 10 hectare, then in meters it will be 1000.


When there is no data

If you do not know how many acres, or square, then in this case you will need to know, of course, only the area. Recognize also: pegs, dimensions of sides and arithmetic. You will know both the area and the number of hundred, if you want.

Find out: how many meters in a hundred square meters of land you can and using an online calculator, driving in the number of hundred. For example, 6, weaving. The area will be , 50 square meters.

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