Best Outlet: operating principles, types and review of the best outlets with a GSM control

Smart devices, providing a comfortable environment for human life, filled with home, office, cottage. They help to control certain processes take on the execution of the functions, reducing the number of daily hassle. For example, SMS plug-controlled GMS itself off equipment at the scheduled time.

To discover the principle of operation, the device features and operation of the smart outlet. You will learn how to use smart devices. We will tell you about the popular types among consumers and advise you how to choose wisely.

The content of the article:

  • What is it - sms socket?
    • The structural features of the device
    • Types of devices managed by SMS
  • Features of use of smart devices
    • The principle of operation managed by GSM device
    • Proper installation of the device SMS
    • Rules GSM socket configuration
    • The specific use of SMS device
  • Features of the device of choice
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

What is it - sms socket?

The time when you no longer have to leave the keys to neighbors, leaving on vacation / business trip, arrived. Now control the temperature of the air in the apartment, office or cottage can be a smart device - SMS socket.

It not only responds to changes in temperature, but also to inform the owner about it, sending a message corresponding to the content.

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The principle of the device SMS sockets

Inside the outlet, controlled by SMS or phone call, there is the SIM-card with a disabled PIN code request. Devices are configured via SMS commands

Overhead model SMS sockets

Outlets having the ability to enable / disable the electrical via SMS messages or calls are released in the trim and form stationary. Overhead like ordinary adapters

Built in SMS plug in the smart home

If the SMS sockets are installed permanently, carried out alteration wiring. The location and number of outlets planning and management in a cabinet or in the house put the controller

The use of master and slave sockets

If desired to form several power point management system applies one master socket into which the inserted SIM-card. To her subordinates connected "slave" socket category, which can be up to 10-15 pieces

The implementation of multi-management scenarios

In most models SMS-sockets was originally built in temperature sensor. But in addition to temperature control device can close the curtains, turn off the TV and other electrical equipment, slowly extinguish the light

Best-in socket arrangement

SMS-outlet is one of the main components of the organization of space in a "smart home". Selection of the scripts and functions performed by a mobile application designed specifically for these devices

electrical management within the estate

Permanently fitted sockets SMS-suited for controlling equipment, roaspolozhennym on the street. They enable and disable fountains, watering systems, festive or a standard backlight, etc.

SMS device in the management of heating, garage

False options of smart outlets do not require the design of their location, can easily be transported in any room that requires control of appliances

The principle of the device SMS sockets

The principle of the device SMS sockets

Overhead model SMS sockets

Overhead model SMS sockets

Built in SMS plug in the smart home

Built in SMS plug in the smart home

The use of master and slave sockets

The use of master and slave sockets

The implementation of multi-management scenarios

The implementation of multi-management scenarios

Best-in socket arrangement

SMS-socket arrangement in a "smart home"

electrical management within the estate

electrical management within the estate

SMS device in the management of heating, garage

SMS device in the management of heating, garage

The structural features of the device

Among the rich assortment of sockets look very nice model, driven by GSM. They are one of the representatives of intelligent devices designed to make a more comfortable human life.

Gsm remote control

To send commands and receive responses on their performance can be from any distance - most importantly, to present gsm bond

So, if you suddenly lost electricity in the country, the assistant-socket send SMS owner of the event. There are models, which in this case will ensure the inclusion of backup power. And that's not all possible outlets controlled by SMS.

SMS Management socket

SMS Remote Control socket is enough to have the easiest mobile phone with a working SIM card (+)

GSM is a controllable outlet device, visually resembling adapter. Its appearance is quite presentable. This device from any manufacturer looks stylish and neat - it can be safely used in any interior.

Stylish gsm socket

A variety of models from different manufacturers allows you to choose the most stylish option for your interior

SMS controlled device has the following components:

  • housing;
  • the internal components;
  • additional sensors.

Housing intelligent devices of this type, regardless of the manufacturer, formed from high-quality plastic. This material is able to withstand high temperature. But it does not protect the contents of the internal moisture.

Options SMS sockets

Operating temperature and humidity levels that can support the device, indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions

Most of the CMC socket have protection class IP20. Therefore absolutely contraindicated include such models, if possible of their irrigation water, dust or direct sunlight.

The front housing portion is a connector for electrical appliance plug with earth and at least 3 indicator signaling:

  • for inclusion in the network itself outlet;
  • the existence of GSM communication;
  • the filing of the output power.

Depending on model, can be present and other indicators, the appointment of which you can read in the instructions that are provided. There are devices controlled by how SMS or via the Internet. Here, no Wi-Fi indicator is not enough.

SMS indicator light socket

Number of lights that signal certain processes that occur with the CMC socket, depending on the model and manufacturer

On the back of the case is a plug for connecting to the network, a slot for the SIM card of the mobile operator, closed the lid and may be additional buttons or switches.

Manual override device, input to include additional sensors and service connector for data exchange can be on a side or front side. It depends entirely on the modification and the imagination of the designer.

A slot for a SIM card

A compulsory component gsm models is a slot for a SIM card. Its location is determined by the developer

The internal contents of SMS outlets also depends on the model and its features. Mandatory for SMS control models is the availability of the GSM module. In some embodiments, there is a built-in battery, temperature sensor or other functional modules.

Internal components sms socket

Number of built-in components and modules and sensors depends on the functionality of the smart device

Often included are supplied additional sensors - temperature, humidity, motion, noise, and others. Depending on the model, these sensors can be both physically plug to an apparatus and contactless.

Those who wish to build smart home certainly need except SMS sockets intelligent switches, Disassembled and thoroughly described in the article submitted to your attention.

Types of devices managed by SMS

Manufacturers of sockets with a remote control to delight their customers with new and more advanced models. They leave the best characteristics, adding to the updated versions of additional useful features. And technical progress dictates its conditions.

All SMS outlet on the market, differ in functionality, appearance mean number of controlled terminals, the power, control method, the number of slave devices and value.

Options gsm outlet

Any device for remote control definitely comes in individual packaging. Included with it is a guide to the technical characteristics and features of the configuration and management of the model and warranty card

Depending upon the number of available functions and control methods will vary and the unit price. More skillful and capable models are significantly more expensive than their counterparts with reasonable control channel GSM.

By the method of the outlet control SMS are:

  • with manual control and without it;
  • management through SMS messages and phone calls;
  • with an additional control channel for Wi-Fi.

The most convenient models, which provide the ability to use all three control options.

SMS plug in the connector 3

If a room is planned to connect multiple appliances, it is best to choose the option SMS connector sockets for 3 and more

SMS-controlled sockets can be of different types:

  • network extender, each jack which can be controlled separately;
  • controller unit to a terminal board mounted on the DIN rail. It is also often referred to as GSM socket, because he has a 3, 6 or more lines controlled by SMS;
  • a single outlet in the form of an adapter with a connector for connecting a single device;
  • single device or unit with outlets for connection of three or more devices having a universal connector for different types of plugs.

With terminal block can hardly be called a complete socket, because he has a completely different appearance and installation method. This GSM controller controls the operation of devices connected on the monitored lines.

Completely incorrect to call it an SMS socket. To it is first necessary to connect a conventional power outlet, then it can be controlled by operation of GSM communication.

CMC block with terminal blocks

SMS unit with terminal board is designed for a maximum load greater than the independent outlet. This enables you to control a group of more powerful electrical appliances

Depending on Management embodiment emit:

  • independent models;
  • control or they are called master sockets;
  • submission - slave sockets.

In reporting to the master socket can be located up to 10 slave models. They require a SIM card, because the slave receives commands from the controlling via Wi-Fi channel.

Gsm kit master + slave

Kit master + slave should be used to control devices in different rooms or on different floors

All about the types and features of operation socket with remote control you will learn from the article that we recommend for the inspection.

Features of use of smart devices

With SMS homes managed device, you can turn off the light without getting out of bed, or turn on the coffee maker, while the bathroom. The socket receives a command in SMS message and perform accordingly to enable or disable the device.

This is not all of its features. For example, incorporation may be programmed watering infield, if the air temperature and humidity is below or above the specified value.

Remote control socket gsm

You can surprise your friends by turning on a few minutes before returning home coffee maker. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee that carry on an apartment, do not leave guests indifferent

The principle of operation managed by GSM device

A clever device is clearly performing the commands, deservedly enjoys strong demand in the market outlets. Indeed, the use of options not to consider - not only at home, but in the country and in the office. This does not need to be near. Enough to GSM had a stable relationship desired mobile operator.

Obtained in the SMS command message from the owner leads to an automatic closing / opening the power circuit internal GSM relay sockets. About the command it sends a response to the owner of the house. You can also send a command by calling to mobile phone SIM card inserted in the socket.

Outlet with SMS signaling keyfob

Some gsm models can further be packaged keychain alarm that can be used as a panic button

Proper installation of the device SMS

If we compare the socket with remote control via SMS with other clever fellow, you can select its ease of setup and connectivity. Since its installation the strength to handle a person who is not familiar with electrical wiring and no special tools and skills.

The first step, even before you buy a smart device, make sure that the house where it will be installed in a stable GSM connection. Then will buy a SIM card of the mobile operator and the very outlet. You should definitely check to the tariff plan called for sending and receiving messages.

Next, add funds to the card purchased and disable password or PIN at the door. Now, read the instructions that came with SMS socket, inserted into the appropriate slot on the SIM card. It remains to establish the unit in the workplace.

Installation diagram SMS block

Installing the SMS unit with terminal blocks involves the use of specific tools and application of knowledge (+)

it is necessary to insert it into an ordinary plug outlet that will connect the electrical device requiring a remote control for the use of SMS outlet. After turning on the lights in the network indicator light to notify of the event.

That's it - setup SMS managed devices is completed.

Rules GSM socket configuration

Connecting the outlet to the network, will produce the desired configuration parameters. To do this, make sure that the GSM-module works - the corresponding indicator light should be on. Now you need to bind the SIM card number to the device, follow the instructions to the acquired outlet.

Sensors to gsm outlet

Proper connection of sensors and socket configuration management is described in detail in the manufacturer's instructions

Depending on the model SMS outlet will differ nuances of its programming. Everything will depend on the manufacturer, some on this socket - independent or set of master + slave.

To properly set the desired parameters for a particular device, it is necessary to examine in detail the accompanying manufacturer's instructions. This is important, because the socket of different firms are set differently. Also depending on the number of performed functions and additional sensors will be different to the number of tasks determined by the device.

The specific use of SMS device

For maximum efficiency SMS controlled outlet will follow certain rules on its use.

Firstly, you need to carefully study the technical characteristics, with special attention to the maximum load. After all, if the outlet, designed for 1.5 kW connect the heater consumes 3 kW, it will not break down and burn.

To protect themselves and their families, should not exceed the maximum value that can withstand SMS outlet. Most often, this type of device is 3-3.5 kW, rarely seen on the 5 kW. This characteristic is necessarily contained in the instructions.

Suitable inclusion SMS outlet

Some manufacturers specify the maximum permissible load on the rear side of the socket, next to the fork

Secondly, it is impossible to connect these sockets in the open air, next to a cooker or a sink. Water and dust will lead to malfunctions. A too high temperature exposure may provoke an explosion of the internal components.

The operating temperature of these devices different - from -20 to +99 degrees. These values ​​may vary depending on the model, but to throw into the fire any SMS outlet is impossible.

Third, each model is able to accept commands from a certain number of control rooms. It depends on individual technical characteristics of each outlet. To prevent a reaction to calls and messages to unknown callers, you must change the internal memory of the desired numbers.

Some models of sockets SMS provides protection from accidental calls and spam. They realized the function of perception and answer only those subscribers whose numbers are included in the internal memory. All others will be ignored. It is a pity that such a possibility is not at all outlets.

Fourth, if you are using a set of master and slave sockets, then do not forget about the maximum and minimum distance for their location to each other. These values ​​manufacturer specifies a list of the technical characteristics of the device. Otherwise, nothing will work.

Fifth, necessarily requires a good GSM operator covering. Remote control from a mobile phone is impossible without good communication.

Smart socket with external control

Some models of the smart sockets do not support management via SMS. To send a command and control over their execution using special mobile applications

Sixth, in the presence of external sensors, you need to properly set up the team, using the instructions from the manufacturer to the socket fire as it is necessary to the user.

Features of the device of choice

When choosing home for your SMS controlled socket, you need to determine for themselves the basic criteria that it must meet. So, it is important to decide what functions it will perform, because of this will depend directly on its value.

You also need to immediately determine how many and which sockets have to buy. This will be a block in the form of an extension cord to connect groups of electrical appliances in the same room, master suite + slave to be placed in different rooms, or a single model.

If you just want to experiment with the possibilities of the conventional SMS socket, making sure it turns on and off Heater or electric kettle / iron, it will be enough to buy an inexpensive model with minimal features. It makes no sense to overpay for additional sensors and other "bells and whistles".

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Turn off electrical appliances when surges

Before buying the device should define the tasks that he has to decide, for example, turn off appliances when surges

equipment management in the absence of owners

Almost all models provide the ability to control heating or individual heating devices at a distance

Apparatus for economical energy consumption

Smart socket with control via SMS to help significantly reduce energy consumption due to the transfer of equipment in standby or reduce the intensity of the light flux

outlet temperature sensor with control by SMS

When controlling the heating of the house / apartment CMC socket can switch on / off devices after a change in temperature or the timer

Turn off electrical appliances when surges

Turn off electrical appliances when surges

equipment management in the absence of owners

equipment management in the absence of owners

Apparatus for economical energy consumption

Apparatus for economical energy consumption

outlet temperature sensor with control by SMS

outlet temperature sensor with control by SMS

In case you plan to leave GSM controlled outlet on the equipped smart devices for the control of the cottage independent heating and fault notification in the power supply, it is better to pay attention to the model, equipped with a backup battery.

you should choose the one that suits the individual requirements of a particular customer - battery capacity can be radically different.

Intelligent socket do not need owners GSM-module for boilers. In our proposed article presents in detail the equipment management process from a distance.

This is a good option that allows an outlet for several hours continuously work on their own power source during a power failure. It can not only send an emergency notification of the incident, but also have time to turn on the backup battery, if installed in a particular country house.

Also, if you plan to use SMS outlet on a specific schedule, drawn up on the week / month in advance, then you should choose a model with a non-volatile memory. To a temporary lack of electricity knocked planned in advance the timetable for action.

One of the most important criteria when choosing a SMS controlled outlet is its maximum working load. There have to take into account the power consumption of the device to be connected through it. In the case of the purchase of GSM-managed line filter should be considered the maximum load per channel and a total for the entire device.

SMS sockets with universal connectors

SMS sockets with universal plugs for different forks can be a real boon if the house has appliances acquired in different countries. So, you do not have to buy an additional adapter to use it at home

It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum specified in the instructions to the device. It is better, if it is to remain in power reserve of 30%.

Additional sensors and functions affect the increase in the cost of GSM outlets. But at the same time, they allow you to create additional conditions for comfortable work without making much effort. For example, the built-in microphone and motion sensor will help to understand if outsiders are present in the office / home while the user is away.

SMS-controlled sockets produced by many companies as domestic, Western and Chinese. The most popular device manufacturers such as SenseIT, ReVizor, iSocket, ORCAM, Telemetrika, Sapsan, Smart Security, Proline.

Less easy to use, but still showing the progressive achievements in the field of electrical installations Timer switches. We recommend to familiarize with the peculiarities of their work, devices and operating rules.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Detailed video clip, helping to collect SMS outlet independently:

Video review of configuration and management GSM socket on the 3 outputs:

An illustrative video about ways to manage SMS socket:

Clear video on the SMS selection rules sockets:

Knowing the characteristics of the work, set up and use SMS outlets much easier to pick up for your home the best option. Ease of installation and reasonable price attracts new users who want to make their lives more comfortable.

Easy management by sending commands messages makes the device available to each owner of a mobile phone, regardless of age and gender.

Please write comments in the box located below. We look forward to the stories of the acquisition and operation controlled by SMS outlet. Ask questions, share useful information, news and pictures of the article.

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