Dimmer for LED strip: types, which one is best to choose and why

In recent years, demand for LED strip as light source was higher. And there is nothing to be surprised - the functionality, efficiency and longevity often exceeds that of conventional lamps.

In addition, any interested person will be able to further enhance the ability of the light source by buying a dimmer for LED lamps. We'll show you what it is, we show you how to correctly choose the device. Independent master we will find valuable tips on installation.

The content of the article:

  • What is a dimmer?
  • Popular types of devices
  • Control device subtleties
  • Types of devices by way of installation
  • Rules of choosing the best option
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

What is a dimmer?

This electrical device designed to control the emission brightness of all kinds of LED strips wherein preferably monochrome. For what it is mounted in the circuit.

Mounting location can be any, but connection should take place only between the power supply and a light source.

LED Strip Light

Any LED ribbon economical, durable and functional, but well-chosen dimmer is able to further expand its capacity

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Such a sequence is defined by that lighting devices are operated at a voltage in the presence of 12 or 24 volts, so Dimmer It must have similar characteristics.

As a result, it should be arranged for the power supply, which converts standard 220 V to the desired parameters and LED front ribbon to be able to control its illumination.

Popular types of devices

In fact any standards and stringent rules governing the division of dimmers, no. Therefore, any such procedure is considered conditional. Nevertheless, for convenience we highlighted two major subspecies of modern lighting dimmers.

Namely, they are divided into the following:

  • analog - allow you to change modes by means of a decrease / increase the voltage;
  • digital - in this case to control the LED strip uses pulse-width modulation, represents a sequence of command signals of varying duration, which leads to a change brightness.

Since each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, the manufacturers sometimes supply the market with a combined analog-to-digital dimmers. They are more effective and have fewer disadvantages than devices belonging to certain types. But the cost is much higher, so such products are not the most popular.

Lighting via LED strip

When using dimmer tape becomes more cost-effective light source. In addition, their share often provides a lighting device a longer life. In addition, it is possible to obtain different lighting effects

Relating to both subspecies devices can perform various tasks, which, in addition to brightness control LED backlightIs the reduction of energy consumption.

Moreover, the tangible results achieved in various premises: commercial, residential, any other. In either case, you can reduce electricity consumption by 30-35% essential.

Besides, dimmers for LED lighting have the following advantages:

  1. Increase the duration of the lifetime of your LED strips - load reduction reduces the probability overheating of lighting, which is one of the main reasons for reducing their duration operation. But these opportunities can only please the owners of digital models.
  2. Provide easy control of LED tape - to improve comfort are often used by remote controls. Additionally, there are different options for signal transmission.
  3. It allows you to create color effects, illuminations.
  4. Allow the use of the tape together with the security systems of buildings and premises. For example, dimmers often connected to the sensors and the volume in the case of triggering LED strip immediately turned ON, which deters intruders.

Often dimmers with lighting fixtures are used to simulate the presence of the owners of the apartment, house - this is done to mislead criminals.

An important factor - the presence of programmability and durability under normal use. At the same time, both analog and digital dimmers have a number of features that are unique to them, you should know. This will help to make a choice about which the buyer will not have to regret.

Rotary dimmer with the scale

Mechanical rotary, push and tilt-and-push models are characterized by simplicity, efficiency, and moderate cost, so they demanded

Analog LED devices provide a stable tape feeding current. In this case, the power loss will be relatively small. The disadvantage of this species is only one, but very important - they are, as opposed to digital counterparts significantly warm LED strip that does not contribute to longevity.

Moreover, the elevated temperature reduces the quality of light, the result is a change in color temperature provided by the manufacturer. This fact of the owner, to choose a tape with regard to its taste, not happy.

Combined bill dimmer

Combining the advantages of different types of management makes regulators more comfortable, functional and practical, while at the same time increases their value

Digital tools provide any LED strip ideal working conditions. As a result, the power loss will be minimal, and the supply current is characterized by stability.

The same can be said about the characteristics of the emission spectrum. That is the person who has bought a tape with LEDs, can be sure that its color temperature will not change during operation. What's that favorably affects its durability.

A major shortcoming may have only cost adjustments of this type. The reason is that they cause LED flickeringIt leads to eye fatigue, headaches, a noticeable decrease in performance. That is, the quality should not save.

design dimmer

Although mechanical overhead products are the simplest of all kinds, but the well-known manufacturers are able to give them a modern and spectacular view, as evidenced by the photos

In addition, the device is still divided on a number of important features. This is done in order to facilitate selection, so future users should become familiar with the information.

Control device subtleties

For ease of management is carried out in various ways. Several of them and each has its advantages and disadvantages, which can significantly affect the feel and comfort of use, cost and even prestige.

According to the characteristic features dimmers are:

  • push;
  • swing;
  • rotary pushbutton;
  • electronic;
  • sound;
  • remote.

All are commercially available, push the product on the basis of the action as much as possible similar to traditional and upgraded switches. Desired manipulations in this case, performed by pressing and holding the key.

Touch dimmers overhead

Touch dimmers overhead easy to operate, durable and look impressive their mechanical counterparts, which makes them all the more popular

Swivel type characterized by the presence of only one control body, which is the controller. All manipulations are carried out by moving it from side to side. For convenience, the panel surface is sometimes applied to the scale, which enables more accurate and faster to carry out the necessary adjustments.

Various embodiments of the rotary pushbutton are hybrids of the two previous types. As a result of the procedure on / off is done by pressing a familiar person, and brightness adjustment - turns.

All subspecies listed above are mechanical. They do not have any significant drawbacks, in addition, their cost is the most accessible. But to carry out control by means of these dimmers is not as convenient as using a device belonging to the other groups.

Electronic controllers are controlled by sensors of any other significant differences from the mechanical counterparts, they do not have. But a more modern look, and in some cases the presence of an informative display, makes this species more marketable.

Beskotaktnoe dimmer control

Remote controls are the most convenient way to control the light source, although not the cheapest. But as the comfort is worth it, people buy them often

Dimmers are controlled by acoustic signals are mounted sensor that responds to any noises exceeding the set manufacturer or by the owner level. The command for switching on / off a person can apply arbitrarily, e.g., cottons, speech, and other similar methods.

Devices of this type are not less reliable and effective than all the others, but not practical. Since they will be periodically operate on sounds which publishes TV, hi-fi system or a normal conversation in a raised voice.

This is not exactly comfortable, but with one exception, which are noisy parties - the device that receives commands from the sound signals, reacts to loud music, so it is a good alternative to light-music, since illumination is worthy level.

But for the sake of the rare holiday is hardly any need to buy a device that functions in this manner. Although the output of the position may be to use a combined control.

Remote control by means of the usual all consoles. They are often supplied and provide an opportunity to perform the necessary manipulations with the convenient location. This variant differs comfortable, though the buyer will have to pay more money than a mechanical analogue.

combined dimmer

Combined administration is the most modern, functional and practical, especially when used in conjunction touch panel and a remote

The most common and popular are remote controls that transmit the command signal using an infrared beam. But the potential buyer should be aware that he can acquire the device, carry out its functions and with the help of radio signals.

In this remote control can perform control with different locations of the building, and even beyond. While infrared ray can effectively cope with the work only at its precise aiming at the sensor receiving a signal within a room.

This is a significant advantage, but for the opportunity to control the illumination by means of radio signals have to pay more, and much more. In addition, the panels are touch or push button. None of the front of the other obvious advantages, disadvantages, has not. Although the sensor devices more modern.

Remote control can also be performed using smartphones, tablets. To this end, the dimmer must take command signals transmitted via Wi-Fi. In this case, the brightness will adjust to any location.

Surface mounted dimmer with remote control

In the photo waybill pressure regulator, additionally equipped with remote control. This combination is the most accessible type of remote control, the functionality will be sufficient

Also, users have the ability to perform the necessary manipulations with the computer. To do so, it wired or wireless connection to the device.

At present, it has become increasingly popular dimmers that can be controlled in several ways. For example, using the keys and remotely, using one of the versions of consoles. Mixed Management called combined and it is reliable, practical.

Types of devices by way of installation

In order to solve various problems and easily to enhance comfort, modern dimming can be installed in different places. In addition, this feature makes them easier to manage.

Dimmers are the following:

  • overhead;
  • built-in;
  • modular.

The most simple at installation overhead are appliances that shape, dimensions similar to conventional switches and are fully capable to replace them. The installation procedure they too similar, and similar to the control principle.

The dimmer is equipped with remote control with radio signal

Using radio allows control from any corner of the room, building, and, if necessary, due to their limits

The main feature of all kinds of built-in dimmer is that they are mounted in a junction box or a specially made niche. What and indicates the name of the variety.

The modular units are designed for installation in switchboard on DIN-rails. This feature is due to the fact that they are distinguished by large size, high power. That in everyday terms allows them to be used for control by several power lines.

Future users should be aware that modern dimmers, regardless of the type of installation, connected to the chain, or integrated into it between the LED ribbon itself and its power supply.

Then there are other options can not be, that must be considered for ease of installation and management. And uncommon division controls on the number of operating channels, the protocol used.

Built-in dimmer

Any built-in dimmer does not have high aesthetic properties, but its functionality will not give their overhead counterparts

But, in most cases, a simple user is of little interest, as structurally complex models Residential, small commercial and office buildings are rarely used because of its considerable value.

Rules of choosing the best option

Buyers can purchase two types of LED strips, so-called monochrome, ie single color or three-color RGB. In the latter case, all colors can be connected individually to mix, to obtain various effects.

compact dimmer

Dimmers can be of different sizes, the power that allows the interested person to choose the right product for any LED strips

And the future owner should know that to manage multi-color ribbon will need to purchase a special RGB-controller. Since control capabilities for full control of the light source is not enough.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the technical parameters of the device. Since the power of any of the control device must be greater than that of most LED strip, it is necessary to consider such a feature before purchasing.

And the options are as follows:

  1. If the landlord does not plan to increase the longer the length of the LED strip and, consequently, its power, then this characteristic in the dimmer should be higher by 20-30% and is at a minimum, and best of all half. What will help prolong the service controller, eliminating the possibility of rapid deterioration with subsequent breakage.
  2. If you plan to increase the capacity of LED strip, the device must be purchased with this in mind. Or later, will again have to be spent on the purchase of a new regulator. Moreover, the power supply should be calculated with regard to the provisions of 20-50% for the stock.

When a potential buyer incorrectly calculates the power, the device will not be able to fulfill its function, so I just will not turn on. And it is the most favorable outcome, as often happens in such a way that overloading leads to an immediate exit from the building.

installation of the dimmer

Installation of any type of control is simple, so that in many cases the user will be able to perform such a procedure on their own

In addition it is important to determine the type of control. Any one of them (mechanical, electronic, remote) is safe and allow a person to effectively perform the manipulation of brightness LED strips.

Therefore, everything will depend on how many people are willing to pay. If he decides to save, then the optimal solution will be the most affordable model with a mechanical type control.

When the user at the disposal of the future more funds, then you should give preference to a device with an attached remote control. As it increases the comfort, which is a significant advantage.

In addition, the choice do not skimp on the quality of the dimmer, it should be only from a reputable manufacturer. Which the company Osram, Gauss, Philips, a number of others.

If you still have a desire to cut costs and acquire the Chinese product, it is worth remembering that this purchase may result in headache, loss of the working capacity and a number of other problems health. Other features in the selection are not so important and it all depends on personal preference.

Who gather Dimmer with their hands on our website will receive a detailed guide. We recommend you visit very useful article.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The first movie will close the person to get acquainted with the controls and learn some of their features:

The following video material provides information which allows a better understanding of the advantages of remote control, to understand how it is done:

The video will help you understand how to improve the functionality of LED strips and learn about the benefits of sensors:

Dimmer is designed to adjust the brightness of the tapes - a practical device that can significantly reduce energy consumption in any room, as well as to increase the comfort in it. But for this a person needs to make the right choices and do not forget that the desired result is obtained only when purchasing a quality product.

Please write comments, ask questions, post a photo located in the block below. Talk about how to choose a device for dimmable LED lighting band in their own house / apartment. It is possible that your recommendations will be useful to site visitors.

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