3 ways to insulate garage doors

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  1. What is the purpose of warming the garage doors?
  2. What is the best way to insulate the garage doors?
  • Additional insulation of garage doors
  • Warming of garage doors with polystyrene foam
    • Stages of laying foam plastic
  • Warming of garage doors with extruded polystyrene foam
  • Warming of garage doors with foamed polyethylene foam
  • Conclusion
  • What is the purpose of warming the garage doors?


    First of all, the insulation of the garage doors is, of course, a concern for its "four-wheeled friend". Ifcreate good conditionsfor your car, then it will last much longer. After all, cars can also "catch cold" and "get sick" from too cold or damp rooms. And like every patient, he will require a treatment that costs a lot of money. Therefore, it is cheaper to warn the "disease" in advance and not to allow its occurrence.

    Garage can be used not only as a parking lot, but also as a warehouse for old things or even a place for a man's personal space. There may besmall workshopwith a set of different tools for creating different useful things or repairing. And even just a rest room for spending your leisure time among friends. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the insulation of this room and garage doors, in particular. That the winter was warm, and in the summer cool, that is to create the most comfortable conditions for finding inside.

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    According to the laws of thermodynamics, heat through the garage door will be transmitted in two ways, which we will discuss below:

    • The first way- this is actually the surface of the flaps (we are considering the gate, which are closed by the flaps), by transferring heat from the warm body to the cold one. Under the cold is meant the external environment, and the gate surface is respectively warm.
    • The second way- a convention of warm air with a cold, which occurs by opening and closing the doors. In this case, a huge amount of heat is lost. In places of loose fitting of the valves to the wall opening, there is also a considerable loss of warm air.

    Therefore, the solution of these two problems minimizes the loss of heat and creates comfortable conditions for staying inside the garage at any time of the year. To solve this problem it is necessary to puta reliable barrier between heat and coldor vice versa depending on the season. The construction norm of SNiP 21-02-99 says that in winter, for optimal car location in the garage, it is necessary to maintain the temperature at +5 degrees Celsius. This will make it possible to start the car without any problems and moisture will not condense in its internal cavities.


    What is the best way to insulate the garage doors?

    For high-quality insulation of garage doors, the modern market of materials for the preservation of heat will provide a wide field for selection. It is best to choose traditional to date heaters, such asStyrofoam, extruded polystyrene foamandfoamed polyethylene foam. These three heat-insulating materials will perfectly cope with their task. Below we will consider each option separately - the properties and the phased process of laying the heat insulator on the surface of the gate.

    Some may wonder why it was not mentionedmineral wool. Very simple,it is better not to usethis material is for the insulation of garage doors, although many do so. Mineral wool has the property of absorbing moisture well. And since the garage is a place where the humidity level regularly will exceed the normal value, thereby contributing to its concentration in this insulation, which loses its properties from this.

    Additional insulation of garage doors

    There are several ways besides laying the insulation, which will help reduce the care of warm air outside, thereby creating comfortable conditions inside the premises.

    • itconventional curtains, only not like in an apartment, but from dense material, which is well restrained by the cold and does not immediately let it into the room. To build them is very simple - pull first a steel thread or a thin rope, and on it with rings attached to a dense material, for example, a tarpaulin, then you catch a cloth. This is useful for those who often open the gate or, due to circumstances, one leaf must be open.
    • At the first stages of building a garage or installing a gate many car owners do not take into account, the fact that through a small hole takes less heat than if to open the gate completely or partially. That is, it is better to build a smalldoorway at the gate, then you do not need to open up the whole garage to just take, for example, a hammer-type tool for hammering nails. Therefore, when ordering the gate, ask for separate doors.
    • You can additionally insulate the joints between the gate and the wall, and also put the paddles, so that the heat less escapes through the cracks. This is good for thisvinyl materialcorresponding to the thickness and size. Attach the vinyl tape around the edges of the joints, where crevices are formed with the help of nails or mounting glue. This will create an additional barrier to heat loss.

    Warming of garage doors with polystyrene foam

    Polyfoam is the best option for the insulation of garage doors, as it hasgreat qualities of heat preservationand thus does not absorb moisture. Also, this material is fairly easy to lay on the surface and very light, which is important for the total weight of the gate wings. At the same time, polystyrene is the cheapest insulating material that is available to everyone.

    Stages of laying foam plastic

    • At firstTreat and thoroughly clean the inside of the iron door surface of rust and paint residues. Then paint them or waterproof them with bituminous mastic, you can also put polyethylene, but it's up to you. You can not do waterproofing of the gate, because the foam does not react at all to moisture and does not lose its properties.
    • Second phaseis to create a crate of wooden blocks between which you will lay cut to the desired size sheets of foam. To do this, fit planks size 50 × 50 millimeters, depending on what thickness of the corners (sides) at the edges of the gate. Do the crate in steps of approximately 30-50 cm, decide for yourself based on your case, since the gates can have different configurations.
    • Thenmount between the bars of the battens themselves foam panels, previously cut into pieces of the right size. You can glue the material to the iron surface of the door leaf with a mounting foam, which is also a good insulator, whether it's moisture or sound. Or use any convenient adhesive that is available at the nearest construction store.
    • Final stage- this is finishing with one more material. For example, sheets of plywood or plastic panels, which creates an additional layer for the preservation of heat and will give an aesthetic finished look.

    Warming of garage doors with extruded polystyrene foam


    The creation of a protective barrier against heat loss using extruded polystyrene is the best option, since it has several advantages. Unlike foams, this insulation materialhas good rigidityand the best physical indicators for keeping heat inside the room. If you buy extruded polystyrene, as this thermal insulation material with one foil side is called, then waterproofing is not required at all.

    In this case, for laying the insulation on the surface of the garage doordo not need to createsystems of wooden laths (crates), because the high density of this material allows you to directly mount the panel on any surface. To fix the metal gate requires a good mounting adhesive, preferably which is designed specifically for such works. Liquid hardening nails are quite suitable. It is better to choose an import manufacturer, for example, from Germany, to be 100% sure of the quality of the adhesive.

    Cut out the desired size sheets of extruded polystyrene foam and glue to the surface. It is desirable to seal the joints with mounting foam, it can also be used for gluing panels onto metal. Then create another layer of plywood, wooden slats or plastic panels, which is more like it. You can paste at least wallpaper, but it is desirable then zashpaklyayte surface cement.

    Warming of garage doors with foamed polyethylene foam

    The last type of insulationUsed more often in combination with other insulation materialsand, for example, with already presented foam and extruded polystyrene foam. Of course, you can only apply this one material, but if you want more effective insulation, it is better to combine the two options. Heat insulation is a foam polyethylene on one side of which is a layer of foil. This gives not only excellent thermal insulation, but also good waterproofing. It is often used for the latter, along with the properties, to keep the heat well.

    In order to insulate and waterproof foamed polyethylene, lay the material directly on the previously cleaned metal surface of the garage door. In our case, you can simplyglueits goodadhesive composition, such as instant "fast nails". The material is quite flexible and easy to lie down even in the most inaccessible places. If you do not use additional heaters in combination, then insulation work from heat loss is completed.

    If you combine foil-foamed polyethylene with other heaters, thenon top of it lay foam plastic, if you chose it, pre-erecting the lathingorreinforceextruded polystyrene foam. After that, you can create another layer of expanded polyethylene foam to achieve maximum thermal insulation and waterproofing, too. Get a kind of triple sandwich, which will be a fairly effective barrier to the escape of heat from the room. Your garage will be warm and cozy, if there is additional heating inside the room.


    In the complex, all the tips and options for the insulation of garage doors will help create a really good thermal insulation, which at the same time will last a very long time. Since all the materials presented have a long service life of about 50 years.

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