How to connect a Bosch dishwasher to electricity and communications

In this article we will look at how to connect a Bosch dishwasher to communications. It should take into account its type, size, installation methods - the proper connection of the Bosh dishwasher depends on the correct connection. In the store you will be offered to use the services of a wizard, but if you want to save money, follow the instructions and our prompts.


  • 1 How to installin a new kitchen set, it is enough to order a niche of the required size. The layout of the communications is already foreseen on the room layout. But if you need to install a built-in dishwasher in the old headset, it is important to consider the placement of outlets, water supply system.

    Ideally suitable place near the sink. It is possible to prepare a cabinet for the placement of the "Bosch".For this, the door is removed, the shelves are removed. If you do not want to remove the back wall, make holes in the side panels for pulling out the hoses.

    The advantages of such placement:

    1. When connecting, use the “native” hoses that come in the kit. You do not need to additionally buy a fill and drain hose.
    2. Quick and convenient connection to the drain. Therefore, the waste water will quickly go away.
    3. Ease of use. Dirty dishes from the sink is transferred to the machine without any extra effort.

    Bosch SKS51E28EU Compact Dishwasher fits perfectly under the sink. If there is not enough space, change the siphon to a compact version with additional drainage.

    It is not recommended to install appliances near heating appliances and electric stoves.

    How to connect the PMM to electricity correctly

    Decided on a place? Time to think about the electrician - not everything is so simple. It is recommended to connect powerful equipment to a separate network with a typewriter and stabilizer.

    It is important to place the socket at a level of 25-30 cm from the floor, because the cord at the dishwasher is short. Do not undertake to run the wiring with your own hands, entrust this business to professionals.

    Here is what a specialist should do on site:

    • prepare a groove in the wall for laying three-core copper wire;
    • lay the wire and connect difavtomat;
    • install a grounded outlet( necessarily moisture resistant, European standard);
    • organize the connection of the voltage regulator.

    It happened that for improper connection of the Bosch machine to the network, users were deprived of warranty.

    Then a drain is arranged. It is better to replace the old siphon with a new one or two taps. So you can connect not only PMM, but also a washing machine.

    Tools and parts for do-it-yourself installation

    To successfully position and connect the dishwasher, you need:

    • brass threaded tee;
    • corner tap( in case of leakage will help to quickly shut off the water);
    • set of cross and slotted screwdrivers;
    • coarse filter( if not already installed);
    • pliers;
    • horn keys;
    • tape for waterproofing;
    • building level.

    An optional cleaning filter can be installed at the point of the inlet hose connection. So the heater will last much longer.

    Connecting Bosch PMM to communications

    If you got a freestanding dishwasher, it is important to level it up, adjust the legs. Technique must stand smoothly, without distortions.

    Embedded technology will require more effort, because it needs to be fixed in the headset and organize outlets for hoses. You have two options for connection:

    1. Immediately connect all communications, and then embed the machine into furniture.
    2. First install in furniture, but then the connection will be more problematic.

    Water supply

    It is necessary to connect to cold water. To do this, follow the instructions for use or read our recommendations:

    • shut off the water supply by tightening the inlet valve;
    • unplug the henka( connecting tube) of the mixer and remove the waterproofing;
    • to the outlet of the water pipe attach tee;
    • to the tee - filter: a filler hose is installed at one outlet, the other is directed to the mixer.

    The joints for fastening securely with a fum-tape, winding it in 10-15 layers around the joint.

    Why is a cold water connection recommended? Because the quality of cold water is much higher than hot. She immediately begins to run through the pipes after switching on, while the hot comes with a delay.

    Important! Look at the technical specifications of the dishwasher. Some manufacturers "Bosch" indicate the water inlet temperature of +20 degrees. Therefore, connecting to the hot water supply, you risk losing the warranty.

    Organizing the drain

    By installing a new siphon, you can connect a drain hose to one of the branches. The diameter of the drain must match the size of the hose. It is important to follow the instructions in the manual to avoid unpleasant smell from the sewer.

    It is recommended to position the hose with a slight bend to the floor. Make sure that he does not twist and pinch. Otherwise, further problems will arise with the diversion of water.

    Seal the connection with a clamp. Strong pressure can easily break the connection, which will lead to a flood.

    After finishing the dishwasher connection, check its stability, conduct a test run. Watch how water is collected and drained, how heating and drying work.

    Remember, it is strictly prohibited:

    1. Use extension cables to supply the outlet.
    2. Connect the dishwasher and the stove in one socket.

    It is easy to install the MMP yourself if you follow the instructions. In order to consolidate knowledge, watch the video on the topic:

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