Petunia Typhoon - the main characteristics of the plant

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Modern petunias Typhoon is a family of annual or perennial plants that have thin stems and bright memorable flowers. The presented culture has a specific shape of a bush, while its branches can reach 15-20 cm in height, and the leaves - 6-13 cm in diameter.

What type of petunia is Typhoon?

Reputable experts identify only two key types of petunias, such as:

  • multi-flowered petunia( Multiflora);
  • large-flowered petunia( Grandiflora).

Large-flowered analogue of petunia boasts the presence of one( maximum two) large flowers, the diameter of which is estimated at 8-10 cm. They are very demanding to the soil, and also poorly tolerate cold, so it is strongly recommended to grow them in hanging baskets. In addition, the fragile leaves of this culture are susceptible to damage from heavy rains, as a result of which they must be planted under roofs or sheds.

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The many-flowered plants, to which the petunia Typhoon belongs, have a developed root system, many stems and small leaves. Their numerous flowers usually reach no more than 5-6 cm in diameter and are characterized by various attractive colors, ranging from pure white to rich scarlet or brown shades. A multi-flowered petunia is considered to be an amazing plant that can decorate an alley, summer flowerbed or greenhouse.

The main characteristics of petunia Typhoon

One of the main varieties of multi-flowered petunia is “Typhoon”, which has long stems and a lot of flowers of various shades. They are appreciated, above all, for the abundant prolonged flowering and pleasant smell, which extends a few meters from the plant. The considered culture prefers sunny areas along with light loamy or sandy soils that do not hinder the development of its root system.

However, petunia Typhoon does not like excessive moisture, and when nitrogen-phosphate fertilizers are abundant, the foliar system can suppress flowering.

Watering the crop should be done only at the beginning of growth, but when the plant reaches standard sizes, they should be stopped, because this kind of petunia can tolerate heat and lack of moisture better than its excess.

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Petunia Typhoon Silver and Tornado

Petunia Typhoon Silver was perhaps one of the most popular varieties of this plant, an extraordinarily powerful culture that blooms throughout the summer season, forming a network of thick stems over 1.5 m in length. It quickly recovers after heavy rains and strongwinds and other damage, and its flowering with proper care continues until the first frost.

Giant petunia Typhoon Cherry is also very popular among domestic gardeners. It has a unique speed, forming a dense shrub with hundreds of flowers within a few weeks after planting. This plant is very unpretentious in the process of growth, and a developed root system helps to obtain moisture from the deep soil layers.

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Another remarkable plant that can often be seen in country gardens is Petunia Typhoon Tornado. It also forms a shrub with stems up to 1.5 m long, and its small flowers can be of various colors( pale pink, white, red, purple, etc.).This culture is planted in early June at a distance of at least 30-40 cm from neighboring plants.

Thus, the unique Typun petunias will be an excellent decoration for both the country house and the city balcony, allowing you to admire the beautiful flowers for a long time.

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