Dracaena sander and her amazing properties

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video Among the room green friends, the Sander drama is given a special place. The most unpretentious variety dratzen called bamboo of happiness. If desired, the trunk can be grown without foliage, reminiscent of bamboo. Only on the upper part will be a crest of leaves. Dracaena Sanderiana develops in the ground and in hydroponics; from several trunks in one pot, fanciful compositions are created. Purchase and propagate Sander easy. Caring for her is easy.

The bamboo or dracaena sander in the composition

The Feng Shui teaching, according to which everything in the world is connected and in harmony, gives plants a special place in the house. Rituals associated with the cult of bamboo, gradually spread throughout the world. But to grow natural bamboo at home is difficult. Bamboo happiness everywhere, including China, is considered to be a plant dradersen Sander depicted in the photo.

Three bamboo shoots are presented to a pleasant guest with a wish for well-being in China. Financial success will bring five stems. Seven shoots will be a guardian of health and longevity. For complete family well-being, the talisman will be the presence of 21 stalks. If to decorate compositions with satin ribbons, to put in transparent vases, all kind fairies will fly to this house.

The difference between Sanderiana and bamboo is that its stem is not naked:

  1. In each waist, there can be cuttings.
  2. The stem can be cut into cuttings and get a few new plants.
  3. Top with leaves easily rooted in water. In the place of the cut grow new shoots.
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Bamboo grows into one stalk with a very high smooth stem.

Therefore, speaking of the bamboo of happiness, they mean the dragon flower of Sander. You can grow leafy ornamental plant with variegated foliage around the stem. Attracts an unusual composition, when bizarrely curved trunks of different heights create an ornament.

You can grow sunderian in water, hydrogel or in a normal substrate. At home, the plant reaches a meter height, grows slowly.

Dracaena Sander care at home - photo

Bamboo happiness grows well in water, provided the stems are immersed 1-2 cm. But the water must be distilled with the addition of special fertilizers for bamboo. You can use melted water after freezing the bottle in the refrigerator for 2 days. Any water is changed regularly in two weeks, or earlier, if it turns sour.

The plant develops beautifully in the substrate, from sand, leaf and sod land. It needs to be a little heavier by adding garden soil. The flower is watered after drying the top layer of the earth.

Dracaena Sander plant does not need to spray the leaves, dry air does not interfere with it. Dust from the leaves must be removed, opening the pores for breathing.

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A lover of warm content at a temperature of 18-30 degrees, diffused sunlight, Sanderiana can settle in the bathroom. From the lack of light, the leaves will turn pale, but they will develop normally.

Permanent removal of young unwanted shoots from the main trunk is one of the main techniques in the care of the dragon tree Sander . If you grow bamboo happiness, it should match the name. However, there are leafy forms of the plant. They require other care. Spiral stems are obtained if during the development of a young plant it is placed in a special case.

With good care at home dracaena sander leafy looks amazing, which can be clearly seen in the photo.

How to multiply draderu sander

Bamboo propagates happiness only in a vegetative way. Big problems in obtaining new plants does not happen. Correctly choose a substrate for planting easy. It consists of turf, leaf soil and sand in a ratio of 1: 2: 1.Soil acidity should be at the level of 5-6 units. At home, Dracaena Sander breeds:

  • by dividing the stem;
  • rooting shoot in a horizontal position;
  • cuttings and upper shoots.

The division of the stem into parts occurs only with a sharp knife, as even as possible. The rods are installed in a container with softened water. The upper sections are covered with wax, but not hot, so as not to burn living tissue. In this state, the roots will first have roots, and then the kidneys will wake up in the upper part, not far from the cut. Now the plant can be transplanted to a permanent place.

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If this is a vessel with water, the requirements for feeding and changing the liquid with washing the vessel and pebbles are met. If dracaena sander lands in the ground, you should choose a suitable pot and follow the rules of maintenance.

An interesting way is rooting in a horizontal position. At the same time, half of the cut is covered with wax on both sides. The roots of the rod will be given in a flat plate so that the bottom is in the water. Then the rooted stem with sprouted buds is transplanted into the ground, getting a plant with a common root and several trunks.

Propagating Dtrazenu Sander by cuttings and shoots is easy. Cut off the tip of the shoot or side cuttings. They can take root in water or in the ground. The main thing, after the operation, you need to coat with wax open sections on the uterine plant. Under the plastic cap or can, the plant will produce new shoots in 4-6 weeks.

Dissolve bamboo at home and bring happiness and well-being to the family.

Dracaena Sander at Home - Video

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