What to do if the seedlings are grown zucchini

Zucchini seeds got to Europe from subtropics of Latin America. Italian cuisine first appealed to overseas wonders. Unripe fruits are not only tasty. Supporters of a healthy diet rated a low-calorie zucchini rich in dietary fiber and trace elements. Useful vegetable is quite unpretentious. The main problem - at a temperature of +14 degrees the growth of the bush stops. In less than 3 months of summer, the plant will not have time to form a healthy shrub and give a full harvest. Only one way out - to grow zucchini through seedlings, but it can stretch out and you need to know what to do.

Temperature below +5 degrees is destructive for a plant .Growing zucchini in the open ground in our climate is possible only from the first days of June, when the threat of return frost is over. And at the end of August even in the middle zone and near Moscow night temperatures are possible a little higher than 0.

Table of contents

  • The main reasons why seedlings of zucchini can stretch
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    • Too early sowing of seeds
    • Unsuccessful choice of a place for growing
    • The lack of nutrients of the companies.seedlings
    • What to do if the seedling material has outgrown
      • Preparing for transplanting
      • Deepening overgrown plants
      • Planting in wells
    • Post-plantingcare

Main reasons why seedlings of zucchini can stretch

Summer residents can not wait to get an early harvest. As a result, inexperienced gardeners get additional problems instead of early vegetables. Pale elongated seedlings - the result of too early onset of cultivation. Weak seedlings appear as a result of the repetition of the traditional mistakes of novice gardeners.

Too early sowing of seeds

In the conditions of short daylight hours the seedling simply lacks light, which is why it can be pulled out.
One of the most frequent reasons for pulling out seedlings is lack of lighting.

For a young plant, sunlight is not as important as water and root nutrition. If the seeds are planted too early, the seedlings need to be artificially illuminated.

Too early sowing of seeds has another consequence for the summer resident - in the phase of 3-4 true leaves of seedling should be determined to a permanent place .If there is a greenhouse, it is necessary to plant according to all the rules.

It is absolutely contraindicated to plant gourds before setting the average daily temperature above + 12-14 degrees.

Unsuccessful selection of a place to grow

Sown on time, but placed poorly, seedlings will also feel a shortage of sunlight.

Inexperienced gardeners sometimes do not measure what is possible with what they want. As a result, transfer boxes are not installed in the most suitable places.

Lack of nutrients

Quite a rare situation, as the gardeners prepare the ground for seedlings with special care. It happens that is completely unsuitable for the melon crops purchased substrate is used for planting zucchini seeds.

For seedlings of zucchini it is obligatory to use specialized soil

Useful recommendation

It is not at all difficult to calculate the time when zucchini seeds are planted. For example, you are going to plant seedlings for a permanent place on the bed June 1 .It takes 30 days to grow seedlings: 5 days for seedlings and 25 days before the appearance of 3-4 true leaves. Conclusion - the seeds are put into the soil for the May holidays .

Is it possible to plant overgrown seedlings

Do not worry too much if the seedlings are stretched from a lack of light or outgrown due to too early planting of seeds. All gourds, including squash, have a remarkable property - rapid formation of additional roots on the stem .

What to do if the rassadny material has outgrown

If it is not possible to plant a seedling at a permanent place, artificially slow down the growth of the plant to correct the situation.

A heat-loving vegetable marrow is practically suspended in development at temperatures of + 14-17 degrees .

If you live in a private house, seedlings should be put on an unheated veranda( watch the temperature - locate a thermometer nearby).City residents can place boxes with overgrown seedlings on the glassed-in balcony.

Preparation for transplanting

If the boxes were kept in a cool place to slow down the growth of seedlings, the seedlings underwent a good tonic hardening. Similarly, it is necessary to prepare for life under the open sky and untransfected seedlings with 3-4 leaves.

In addition to quenching seedlings, it will be useful to get a comprehensive root feeding. Approximately 1 week prior to planting seedlings at a permanent place, squash should be poured with solution of nitrogen fertilizers .

If possible, use organic matter - feed the sprouts with fermented infusion of mullein diluted with at least 1:10.

Composition is very strong. It is better to use top dressing with a lower concentration than overdose to burn the roots of a young plant.

It is much easier to use standard ready-made mixtures such as “Master” or “Kemira” .The industry produces water-soluble fertilizers balanced in elemental composition. To prepare the working solution is very easy - in 2 liters of water 5 grams( 1 teaspoon) of fertilizer from the bag is easily dissolved.

Kemira - ready feeding for seedlings of zucchini

For uniform distribution of liquid fertilizer it is necessary to water directly before feeding and immediately after it .

Depth of overgrown plants

Pumpkin plants, including squash, quickly form adventitious roots at the point of contact of the stem with the ground. These roots develop from miniature villi on the stem of the zucchini and after 1-2 weeks, a stunted sprouting sprout can outrun its neighbors by the force of growth.

Deeper overgrown plants are produced within reasonable limits - is enough up to 1 sheet of .

A little about the intricacies of transplanting a zucchini:

  1. The best way to grow seedlings is to use peat pots .Without the slightest stress for the plant, plant the bush to the desired depth along with the pot.
  2. Grown in a common landing box, zucchini seedlings must be replanted with a clod of land .The more this lump will be, the better the recovery process after the “operation” will be. Small suction roots are damaged in any case - the plant will “hurt” until they are fully restored. It is necessary to water before transplant the day before. The plant must be saturated with water, and the clod of earth must acquire a friable structure.
For the cultivation of zucchini seedlings it is ideal to use peat pots

Planting in the holes

Already found out that the seedlings will have to be buried no more than 5-7 cm .Approximately with this calculation should be prepared and the wells.

Zucchini is a strong-growing vegetable with a very powerful bush. When planting by the breeding method, the distance between the holes should be about 1 m .Your zucchini has already suffered once from lack of sunlight - let them grow normally in the garden.

Zucchini prefer light nutritious soil, well seasoned with organic matter in autumn.

If the garden bed is prepared in advance( since autumn) by all the rules - you can plant squash without additional feeding. In the area with depleted land will have to add fertilizer to each well.

  1. Supporters of organic farming for 2-3 seedlings planted at a distance of 20-30 cm( triangle), use 1-2 buckets compost or rotted manure and 1-2 glasses as fertilizer. Everything is mixed well and only then seedlings are planted.
  2. Holidaymakers of the day off, city dwellers, prefer to use factory-made chemical mineral fertilizers. The method of application is indicated on the package and it must be strictly followed in order not to receive a product hazardous to nitrates.
Holidaymakers of the day off prefer to use ready-made fertilizer

The most convenient way is to use complex feedings of the finished composition like “Kemira” or “Master” indicated on the packaging by the method of preparing the working solution. Only for open ground solution will require much more. Per well 1 liter of solution is given per well.

In future it is undesirable to cook it, however, you can feed any tree or shrub in the garden with unused one. At 10 liters of water( 1 bucket) requires 20-25 g of fertilizer.

As already noted, needs to be watered before feeding and immediately after it. This contributes to the uniform distribution of fertilizer in the soil.

After planting

Properly planted seedlings take root quickly and after a week start to grow. What should be done for the successful acclimatization of squash in the garden.

  • For the first 2-3 days, it is advisable for to fit the landing .Agrofibers are best suited for this purpose. The fabric stretched on the arc can not be removed the whole season - it will reliably protect the plants from the burning sun and possible night cooling.
  • The easiest method is to protect the saplings from the sun with green branches, in wet soil the branches will hold on in a “live” state just those 2-3 days that so affect the survival rate of the seedlings.
  • Watering should be done 2-3 times a week at least 10 liters( 1 bucket) per well.
To reduce watering, you can make mulching of squash plants

Such popular among truckers loosening after watering is much more effective to replace with mulching of holes .The well itself is filled with a layer of at least 5 cm of mulch - with straw, old sawdust, husk, crushed bark, etc. The result is that you can water less often( it is convenient for citizens), there are no weeds.

Do not despair if the seedlings have outgrown - a few simple tricks will make the zucchini bush even stronger:

  • hardening with the cool air of a veranda or balcony;
  • deep planting in nutrient soil;
  • optimal lighting conditions;
  • competent watering;
  • mulching.

Errors of that and are valuable, that learn to find the decision and not to repeat them in the future.

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