Bosch and Siemens dishwasher labeling - what letters and numbers mean

Decided to buy appliances for the kitchen? We will tell you how to do it correctly. Dishwasher labeling is a hidden designation of the capabilities and functions of appliances. To choose the best PMM, learn to decipher these characters, then you will not need any instructions.

In this article, we will analyze each letter in detail in the codes "Siemens" and "Bosch".

Content of material:

  • 1 Labeling of Bosch and Siemens dishwashers
    • Main programs
    • 1.2 Completion PMM
    • 1.3 Since both lines are produced by one concern, the labeling values ​​of these companies are similar. Therefore, we have combined designations for brands Bosch and Siemens.

      Consider decoding model Bosch SPS40E12RU.The first word always means the brand of the product, for example “Bosch” or “Siemens”.Next comes the first letter S - it always means the type of technology. The manufacturer indicates that this is not a washing machine, but a dishwasher.

      The following symbol indicates the type of dishwasher, as well as the production time:

      • P - a narrow unit, body width up to 45 cm. These are built-in models of the latest generation( most modern).
      • R - this is also narrow PMM, but already the first generation.
      • G - 60 cm wide, free-standing appliances, previous generation. Considered standard.
      • M - ordinary PMM with dimensions of 60 cm - the second generation.
      • B is the latest model with a non-standard case height of 85 cm.
      • K is a type of non-standard machines that are suitable for desktop installation.

      The third symbol in the article of the dishwasher will indicate the type of installation:

      • S( Solo) is a free-standing appliance that is placed in the kitchen without embedding.
      • I( Integriert) - partially embedded PMM.Its panel remains open and is not completely hidden behind the headset.
      • V( Vollintegriert) - fully integrated into the cabinet or niche in the kitchen. Often has a special attachment for hanging the front door.
      • U( Unterbau) - the machine is fully installed in the furniture, has its own metal facade.

      The main programs of

      When studying the technical characteristics of the Bosch or Siemens dishwasher, the user pays attention to the number of functions. A standard set of programs includes from 4 to 6 basic modes. You can find out by the following designation, where the number 4, 5, 6 or 8 is indicated: SPS40E12RU.


      Options Additional technology is indicated by the following symbol: SPS40E12RU.For example, the number 8 will prompt the user that the design includes a VarioDrawer basket, which can be moved up and down and adjusted in size. Number 9 - the same technology is present, only the insulation is of higher quality.


      Next you will see the Latin letters that tell you what price category the model belongs to. Bosch and Siemens dishwashers are divided into five categories:

      • E - lower or “junior” class. Accordingly, the cost of technology is the lowest.
      • N - primary or above average.
      • M - middle class.
      • T - the top or highest price category.
      • U - elite, premium class.

      Do not confuse price classes with the designations of consumed resources. Typically, such markings are glued to the body of the machine, which indicates how much PMM consumes energy, consumes water and produces noise.

      The penultimate two digits do not carry information for the user. Therefore, we dwell in more detail on the last two notation.

      Place of production

      Where is the equipment made? This question worries many buyers. Now you have the opportunity to learn the truth from the manufacturer, and not from a consultant in the store.

      The last two Latin letters indicate where the car will be sold. For example, the designation RU says that dishwashers were made for the Russian consumer, and the EU - for the European one.

      Additionally, on the packaging or panel of the equipment, you can consider a label that indicates the place of production:

      • SAS, SLX, SLF - production of Germany.
      • SAE, SOR, SFX - manufactured in Poland.
      • SFO - originally from Turkey.
      • SLM - production of China.
      • SOT - manufactured in France.

      Important! Decoding is relevant for models released after 2006.

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      Now you know what the symbols on the body of the dishwasher mean. We wish you a good choice! If you want to find out more about the differences between the MMP Bosch and Siemens , see our comparative review.

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