Gas boilers for heating a private house - how to choose which one is better

We ask a lot of questions, considering gas boilers for heating a private house - how to choose the necessary power, what type to give preference to, what will be the dimensions of the unit. Let's consider in more detail the subject of discussion - we will find all the answers.

  • Wall gas boilers for heating
  • Floor gas boilers for heating

The construction of a country or capital country house is associated with multiple construction stages, among which heating takes one of the first places. The installation of a heating system is the most important component of future comfort for us, our loved ones. According to world statistics, half of all acquired heating systems operate on gas.

Floor gas boilers, photo:

Today a wide range of gas boilers for domestic use is on the market. These modern systems are able to provide our home with hot water all year round, they can be set to the "winter" or "summer" mode. The compact wall unit is suitable for a small house, and a powerful outdoor unit can warm a huge living space. To ensure smooth operation, it is necessary to periodically inspect the boiler and, of course, strictly follow all rules when installing it.

Each type of boiler has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you choose the right choice, you can always find an option that perfectly meets your needs. As for the manufacturer, you can pay attention to the world-famous, well-proven companies such as Bosch( BOSH), Ariston( Ariston), Beretta( Beretta), Electrolux( Electrolux), Buderus( BUDERUS), BAXI( Baxi), others. Also, do not deprive of the attention of the domestic manufacturer, the company Lemax, Aton, Proterm produce high-quality heating equipment.

Floor-mounted boiler BAXI, photo:

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Wall mounted gas boilers for heating

These boilers are single-circuit or double-circuit. If you already have central water supply, but there is no heating, buying a single-circuit boiler will be relevant. Wall-mounted gas boilers for home heating, dual circuit, are a very good option, as they perform a dual function. The first is that the water of the heating system is heated, maintained at the required level, the second is the heating of water for household needs. Such units do an excellent job, their power output varies from 12 to 35 kilowatts, they can provide up to 400 m² of heat. As for the rate of heating of water, the compact wall version is absolutely not inferior to the gas column( 9-12 l / min).

Wall-mounted gas boiler, photo:

Among the models on the market from well-known manufacturers, you can always find a double-circuit gas boiler for heating a private house. Wall options can be installed in any room( kitchen or bathroom), they do not take up much space, have an attractive modern design, low weight. The pricing policy of this equipment is very loyal. Despite the fact that the installation of a wall-mounted boiler is not particularly complex, it is still better to entrust this work to gas specialists to professionals. The mode of heating water in modern wall-mounted boilers is flow-through, but it depends on the model, that is, the combustion chamber can be open or closed.

Gas boiler with an open combustion chamber, photo:

If the gas boiler will be located separately, that is, a separate room will be allocated for it, then it is better to choose a model with an open chamber. If the unit, for example, is installed where there is no chimney, it is better to opt for the option with a closed combustion chamber.

Automation is responsible for the workflow, thanks to which you will be able to maintain the required temperature conditions inside the house. With the help of the timer, you can set the required temperature for a particular room or for a certain time period. If you plan to equip a “warm floor” in a private house, it can also be connected to this heating system. In the absence of gas, the wall-mounted boiler is turned off automatically, and, likewise, is turned on when it enters( automatic ignition).Automatic devices also responsible for the presence of chimney thrust.

Current models continue to work even with significant differences in gas supply. The power of the burner can be changed depending on the need, the presence of the required degrees of protection allows you to use safely all the advantages of the boiler. Individual devices are equipped with a magnetic system for minimizing scale, which significantly extends the life of the unit. Depending on the capacity indicator, the manufacturer, the brand of the product itself, you can provide with heat and hot water a room from 50 to 400 m².

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Floor-standing gas boilers for heating

Gas boilers for heating home floors differ in their power from wall-mounted models. They are able to provide hot water, warm home with a large area. Externally, they quite comfortably fit into the appearance, interior of the room, since all the connecting systems, nodes are hidden inside the installation case. Such a boiler looks a bit like a refrigerator, but it has a completely opposite principle of operation.

Floor gas boiler, photo:

Floor models are characterized by a long operating life, ensure long-term operation of the heating system. Compared to wall options, such boilers are heavy, they need to be pre-leveled the base on which they will be placed. When planning the installation for this equipment is often allocated a separate room, this is done for convenience, safety of operation of the gas unit. Such boilers require an appropriate chimney - un-married and not having more than 2 knees. They are reliable, easy to manage, have an automatic system to maintain the required temperature, shut off themselves, if the gas supply stops or there is no thrust, the efficiency is 90-92%.

Floor gas boilers are double-circuit or single-circuit, as in the case of the wall-mounted analogue, some can heat the room, provide you with hot water, others - only to heat the house. For a private house, it is more expedient to purchase a double-circuit option, it will provide you with water and heat, minimizing energy costs as much as possible. Gas double boilers for heating home floor can heat water, both in the flow mode and in the storage( as a boler).Depending on the model, the power of this heating equipment varies from 10 to 700 kilowatts, the combustion chamber can also be open or closed, the maximum area for heating a room is from 20 to 800 square meters.

The heat exchanger for outdoor boilers can be steel or cast iron. Cast iron is usually thicker, but more vulnerable( formation of microcracks, destruction due to overheating).Steel analogues are much more practical, more reliable. Burners for such boilers can be atmospheric or inflatable( fan).Atmospheric burners are characterized by quiet operation, simplicity, lower efficiency compared to inflatable ones. Boilers with inflatable burners are more expensive, their power can be several thousand kilowatts, and the unit with atmospheric analogue has a capacity of from 10 to 80 kW.Thus, according to your individual needs, you can choose the best option for heating equipment.

These units can have one or two power levels( one-stage or two-stage), as well as the possibility of smooth control of this power( modulation).At full capacity, the heating of a private house using a gas floor boiler takes about 20% of the time of the entire heating season. That is why you should look at the two-stage boiler models - this option is more profitable, more economical.

Gas heating of a private house provides for an individual development of a heating system, this issue is solved at the stage of calculating the building plan. When choosing a gas boiler takes into account the entire area, which it will provide with heat, all the nuances. Sometimes it is possible to observe the so-called combined options - a floor boiler for heating the rooms and a mounted unit for providing the dwelling with hot water( installed in the same house).

Gas boilers for heating a private house, how to choose which parameters to pay attention to? Based on the above information, one can identify the main selection criteria: the type of equipment itself, power( with a range of regulation), fuel consumption, type of burner, tank volume, type of heat exchanger. Approaching the choice of the unit correctly, thoughtfully, you can get the best option, solve many problems.

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